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Shakti Misra 25-Jan-12 5:48am View
Which IDE are you using?
Shakti Misra 11-Jan-12 3:35am View
You need to have sqlite.dll in the system path rather than same folder.
Shakti Misra 11-Jan-12 3:33am View
What kind of error/exception you are getting?
Shakti Misra 11-Jan-12 1:47am View
Valgrind is a system emulator. They work on different principle. Better to use new handler as proposed by stefan. But what is the problem statement? Is it a need or is it some requirement?
Shakti Misra 11-Jan-12 1:42am View
I second that.
Shakti Misra 11-Jan-12 1:14am View
The question I feel is vague. The link you have shared is a barcode generator in Java. Scanner is a device. Do you have a barcode scanner device? The question does not belong in a C++ forum.
Shakti Misra 6-Jan-12 5:45am View
Please post in a solaris forum.
Shakti Misra 4-Jan-12 10:03am View
This is a C++ forum. May be this question belongs some where else too. I am not sure.
Shakti Misra 2-Jan-12 10:22am View
Hello Mobilat. This is not to discourage you. Sorry if you felt like that. But while you ask question you have to refine your question. Else people cannot help you. Can you answer my question below?
Hey All, I want to build a rocket, what are the steps required?
Learning is a continuous and tedious process. You should not let your ego come in way.
Shakti Misra 2-Jan-12 2:02am View
Nice. My 5
Shakti Misra 2-Jan-12 0:24am View
I agree. This is no place to ask home work questions or "Developer for hire" questions.
Shakti Misra 1-Jan-12 14:20pm View
Thanks, and same to you. Glad I could help.
Shakti Misra 1-Jan-12 1:39am View
A bogus question.
Shakti Misra 30-Dec-11 13:28pm View
I do not suggest always upgrading a library. Be sure to upgrade a library when there is a need. Be sure to review the changes in the new library before upgrade.
Shakti Misra 30-Dec-11 2:12am View
Please post it in a Solaris forum. Remove the C++ tag from it and put a solaris tag
Shakti Misra 29-Dec-11 0:06am View
Are you talking about some example in the book "Learning OpenCV"?
Shakti Misra 28-Dec-11 12:56pm View
If this is a homework, please do it your self. Else you can post in some web site where coders are available for rent.
Shakti Misra 28-Dec-11 6:20am View
Great. Let us know the results also. May be after you try you can contribute an article on MPI programing out here.
Shakti Misra 28-Dec-11 6:18am View
Are you setting the correct path? Do you mean "../ioq3ded.ppc64" instead of "./ioq3ded.ppc64"?
Shakti Misra 27-Dec-11 14:49pm View
Nice links.
Shakti Misra 26-Dec-11 9:31am View
What MPI library are u willing to use? And MPI only? any justification?
Shakti Misra 26-Dec-11 1:39am View
Well you can be more specific. Why you want cluster computing? Have you implemented any image processing algorithms in single computer system?
Shakti Misra 26-Dec-11 1:37am View
Well you need to provide more info.
Shakti Misra 25-Dec-11 12:41pm View
Nice, but you need not use the #include "A_wnd.h" and #include "B_wnd.h" if you want to use pointers. This will reduce some work for the pre processor engine.
Shakti Misra 25-Dec-11 11:33am View
I agree. This book is not very suited for beginners. Better learn C++ through some examples.
Shakti Misra 25-Dec-11 11:26am View
Shakti Misra 24-Dec-11 3:20am View
For what purpose you need the comparison? If you let in detail, people can provide better solution.
Shakti Misra 24-Dec-11 3:06am View
Please try them your self, you will get solution faster.
Shakti Misra 24-Dec-11 3:00am View
I disagree that C# is a safe version of C++. C# is a different language influenced by C++ and Java. All people some how do not realize that "With great Power comes great Responsibility." This is what C++ dictates. It gives the programmer more freedom and power, but all the bug that comes are due to unsafe practice of programmers. People do not use smart pointers because they just "Think" that they are heavy. Wrong design and coding leads to unsafe programs. This can happen with any language C++ or Java or C#.
Shakti Misra 23-Dec-11 12:28pm View
Please try it your self. Its a home work assignment I know of sure.
Shakti Misra 23-Dec-11 9:54am View
My 5 too.
Shakti Misra 23-Dec-11 9:47am View
What compiler are you using?
Shakti Misra 18-Dec-11 12:28pm View
I again disagree that you have to learn C to learn C++. Why I suggested him about learning C first is cause he already knows C#, so has the concept of objects, etc. So learning C will give him more insight into procedural programing. If he can learn C# first, without knowing C/C++ he will not need C to learn C++.
Shakti Misra 18-Dec-11 12:25pm View
I agree. And I also agree OOP is not a solution to everything. What I meant to say is people should not see C++ a better C. If they think this, then they try to use different models. Modeling should be simpler, and according to problem at hand. OOP should not be forced.
Shakti Misra 18-Dec-11 9:53am View
Well I disagree. C++ is not a better C, it just retains backward compatibility with C. C and C++ are different languages. C influenced C++, but after CFront I do not agree that C++ is C with classess. (For example try functional programing with C??)
C++ developers should learn to use STL at least, that makes their life easier.
I mostly would suggest people learn the programing techniques first rather than a programing language. Be it C/C++/Java. A language is just a tool to communicate with the machine in a particular fashion and get your work done.
Shakti Misra 14-Dec-11 1:17am View
What parser you are using?
You basically have to fetch the node, remove it, and add a comment in the xml stream.
Shakti Misra 14-Dec-11 1:16am View
What is the exception you are getting?
May be this
will help.
Shakti Misra 14-Dec-11 1:11am View
No homeworks. I didn't do my home works, why you think we should do yours?
Shakti Misra 14-Dec-11 1:10am View
I think this should not be under C++. This should move to appropriate forum, so that you can get better help.
Shakti Misra 12-Dec-11 3:08am View
Besides assignments should be completed by your self.
Shakti Misra 7-Dec-11 2:49am View
Well referring to a standard C++ text will be more useful to you.
Shakti Misra 1-Dec-11 11:33am View
Well I interpreted the question differently, I thought he wanted something like a just in time. My bad.
Shakti Misra 1-Dec-11 9:55am View
If you want an API to do it, you can use a just in time API.
These are a few examples of the program.
Shakti Misra 27-Nov-11 23:48pm View
I agree. Memory leaks are tricky. Go and check for char* pointer in your code to determine how this is handled. You can use a smart pointer instead of it. But before using a smart pointer be clear of the ownership issue.
Shakti Misra 27-Nov-11 23:44pm View
The main thing about writing an SRS is to understand what the customer wants. If this project is for marks or grades then you have to understand what the teachers want. They may want to see that you have learned certain techniques in class, etc. If this is for your own satisfaction then you have to think why you want a new compiler.
1. You want to learn compiler writing? Then you can go through any book and do the assignments, that will be better than writing your own srs at this stage.
2. If you want to have a improved compiler, then first go through the downfalls of other compilers you want to improve on.
Shakti Misra 25-Nov-11 12:19pm View
I second this. Another thing is as Stefan told, preallocate the vector with the amount of space it needs. You never know how the vector grows itself. So allocate the size for the stack and try again. You have to know that the total vector holds about:
Total value your vector stores = 16000000*32 (int = 32 bit) = 512000000 bits = 64,000,000 bytes (Thks enhzflep) or 488.28125 MB
If its a recursive algorithm you can imagine the load itself.
Shakti Misra 24-Nov-11 13:50pm View
Can you please tell what Client server and what errors?
Shakti Misra 24-Nov-11 13:48pm View
At what point are you confused? Can you point out?
Shakti Misra 24-Nov-11 13:47pm View
I agree with Richard.
Shakti Misra 24-Nov-11 13:44pm View
Well object does nothing in calling a function. Its the compilers job. Compiler puts your function at certain location, and he know where to find it. The location of member function is fixed through out the program no matter where a object is created. When your write p->foo(). Your compiler goes and searches its symbol table to find out the function matching the type SampleCode::foo(SampleCode* const this). You can think it as the compiler rewrites your code as . Then it replaces the call something like
p->foo() <=> SampleCode::foo(p)
Shakti Misra 23-Nov-11 11:26am View
Do you want to know how to compare two programs and find out if they are same?
Shakti Misra 18-Nov-11 12:56pm View
I agree with Richard. Let us know if you get some problem with it.
Shakti Misra 18-Nov-11 0:41am View
Well thanks for your suggestions. I have 2 parts to the solution, one is the first part and then the assembly. If some one doesn't want he can omit looking at it. I gave it here so if some one again asks this question I need not write it again.
There is no guarantee that he know assembly, but there is chance. I learned ASM, C first and then C++. Knowing in details help. I gave it cause I learned it that way.
Beside Solution 1 and Solution 2 answer the question that was asked in simpler way, so I didn't want to answer the same thing just for sake of earning points. I appended the answer with more details. So now a beginner can understand (Just looking at 1 and 2 solution) and also some one who know assembly can also understand.
Shakti Misra 17-Nov-11 14:00pm View
Ya I guess so. Next time I will be more careful.

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