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Comments by Pavel Yermalovich (Top 50 by date)

Pavel Yermalovich 31-Jan-12 5:28am View
This is an existing site and I cannot change url schema as you offer.
Really I have one area 'Products' where I have several brands with the same functionality. So I have the following links:

And now I want to redirect from 'adidas' to 'adidas_new'. It means when the user types '' in browser it redirects to ''
Pavel Yermalovich 29-Mar-11 2:58am View
Pavel Yermalovich 28-Mar-11 15:13pm View
This is what I'm looking for. Thanks.
Pavel Yermalovich 28-Mar-11 15:13pm View
This is what I'm looking for. Thanks.
Pavel Yermalovich 28-Mar-11 13:37pm View
It doesn't matter. I need generate at least some Excel version's file. I meant some wrapper for COM. I found different libraries but they generally suports queries but not creating.
Pavel Yermalovich 28-Mar-11 3:02am View
Script or API(dll)?
Pavel Yermalovich 25-Mar-11 11:02am View
Use Google!!!
Pavel Yermalovich 25-Mar-11 8:53am View
Bad request
Pavel Yermalovich 25-Mar-11 8:41am View
I don't understand you. Clarify your question.
Pavel Yermalovich 25-Mar-11 8:39am View
You should be ashamed to ask such simple things
Pavel Yermalovich 25-Mar-11 7:57am View
A ton of code to answer about enabling/disabling just one button.
Pavel Yermalovich 25-Mar-11 4:50am View
Pavel Yermalovich 25-Mar-11 4:49am View
Pavel Yermalovich 24-Mar-11 6:28am View
Rewrite your question. It's difficult eveen to guess what you mean.
Pavel Yermalovich 23-Mar-11 8:06am View
How? I forgot how to do it
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 11:11am View
Clarify your situation more exactly
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 9:21am View
Is 1.22.11 a floating number?
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 9:16am View
Have you tried to debug your program?
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 6:10am View
How are you going to be a developer if you ask to do your project?
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 6:06am View
Vote if my answer helped you
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 6:05am View
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 5:23am View
Explain in another way. Not clear. Why and where you need to refresh the page? I see you are a novice in MVC and you don't have a solid understanding MVC core.
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 5:08am View
You've got the answer form OriginalGriff. But if you are going to continue be a developer you don't need to say you have no time and 500 pages is so much for you
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 4:56am View
It's unreasonable in my opinion.
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 4:35am View
Bad explanation
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 4:34am View
Lazy student
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 4:26am View
In every case somehow you need to define the role. And where are you going to store the information about users' roles? In script?
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 4:25am View
Not clear for me
Pavel Yermalovich 22-Mar-11 4:20am View
Here is an example ot SmartUI antipattern.
Pavel Yermalovich 7-Feb-11 5:30am View
You need to learn the basics of Web Services. You will find this information almost in every book about ASP.NET.
Pavel Yermalovich 18-Jan-11 4:28am View
Thnks. I was in a hurry.
Pavel Yermalovich 26-Dec-10 6:02am View
First check JavaScript errors in your browser
Pavel Yermalovich 7-Oct-10 3:16am View
To store information about marks you can create the property of List type in Student class and for student address you will create the property too. I don't understand why you want to apply this pattern for student details. I see just one case. And this is the situation when your class will have f.e. two properties for addresses and marks that will be collections and you want to implement IComposite interface for these collections to carry out CRUD operations.
Pavel Yermalovich 7-Oct-10 3:02am View
Can you give me more detailed description of your task? Describe your domain and general goals and i'll try to help you.
Pavel Yermalovich 5-Oct-10 7:01am View
It's quite difficult to understand what you want to implement. Try to give detailed explanation.
Pavel Yermalovich 5-Oct-10 5:13am View
When you select some row in GridView control you can get data from every column
Pavel Yermalovich 5-Oct-10 4:57am View
What do you need to export? Which kind of data?
Pavel Yermalovich 4-Oct-10 8:05am View
Pavel Yermalovich 7-Jul-10 3:27am View
First of all, which type of application are you developing: winforms or website?
Pavel Yermalovich 7-Jul-10 2:58am View
I use string as a sort expression because i need to sort almost all data in my application. Let's ignore the moment with capitalized letters. These are not essentials. You wanted to say that i need to create an enumeration for every class to implement sorting? So, please, give me the alternative decision without BAD code. Thanks in advice.
Pavel Yermalovich 6-Jul-10 10:07am View
In this case I would create ParentCategories table to implement MANY-TO-MANY connection where you will store categories ID and their paterents' category id
Pavel Yermalovich 6-Jul-10 8:11am View
Don't look at GameID. This is just for my process
Pavel Yermalovich 6-Jul-10 7:36am View
Which programming language do you use?
Pavel Yermalovich 6-Jul-10 5:56am View
May be you mean BIND?
Pavel Yermalovich 13-May-10 12:40pm View
I just needed to attach to Help button the handler to onclick event for opening Help page in new tab or window. And first I thought to use written by me method for page. I have already understood to act another way. Just it :
Pavel Yermalovich 13-May-10 12:17pm View
In my case, there is "Help" LinkButton at the MasterPage. And I want to attach the handler to open page (Help.aspx) in new window or tab. Earliar I solved this issue by using shown above method. And now I don't know how to execute JavaScript at master. Give please a piece of advice how to modify my existing method or write new one.
Pavel Yermalovich 13-May-10 8:15am View
Pavel Yermalovich 13-May-10 8:14am View
Thank you
Pavel Yermalovich 12-May-10 13:48pm View
I meant another case. How to fill ReportParameter variable aspx page with NULL value?
Pavel Yermalovich 9-May-10 16:14pm View
The problem is different. And I cant use multiple panels. There can be a thousand of html pages therefore i need to load them by their url. How to make iframe capable of resizing depending on its content length?

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