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Comments by jean Davy (Top 13 by date)

jean Davy 30-Mar-11 12:57pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
Why so complicated ?
Have a look to my alternate...
jean Davy 1-Feb-11 14:17pm View
Yes, of course sorting point is like "put the finger in a gear", you know when it starts, not when it ends...
In fact I did that for pedagogy, as if he reads documentation on set container, a whole world will open before him ! Gloria, Gloria ...
jean Davy 1-Feb-11 6:58am View
Hey, you are a student ? And you want I do your exercise ! :mad:
Ok, I do it, this is THE C++ response:

struct std::less< CPoint >
{ // functor for operator<
bool operator()(const CPoint& _Left, const CPoint& _Right) const
{ // apply operator< to operands
if( _Left.x < _Right.x )
return true;
if( _Left.y < _Right.y )
return true;
return false ;


CPoint Pts[]={
CPoint( 1, 2),
CPoint( 3, 4),
CPoint( 3, 4)
std::set< CPoint > Set( Pts, Pts + _countof( Pts ) );
Easy to improve with angle before x,y...
jean Davy 14-Jan-11 11:52am View
New life !
Good luck...
jean Davy 5-Jan-11 5:45am View
Reason for my vote of 3
no more than that:
jean Davy 2-Jan-11 10:52am View
Reason for my vote of 3
Is that not what the boost any[^] does ?
At least may be better to leverage on this lib...
jean Davy 31-Dec-10 14:24pm View
And this is why template libraries are only made of header files ! Better in your exe you will have only "templated" code you use. Think of C++ templates as a way to generate C++ code.
jean Davy 30-Dec-10 16:55pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
May be a way to mix 2D GDI and 3D OpenGl !
jean Davy 20-Dec-10 9:11am View
Sorry Emilio, you are right, I read your question then your post too quickly, I apologize...
Learning curve, also agree, depends of motivation, more generally, it is the problem (or the interest, depends of every one) of programming languages, not only C++, sometime even more dangerous, C#, Java languages who hides "what is under" (to borrow your expression).
I stop here, too much to say, it's not the right place !
jean Davy 20-Dec-10 6:08am View
Yes Emilio, you are right, I just want to say that thread synchronisation is hard to code, too easy to introduce concurrency, memory overlap and so on, asio helps on this point, but it's needs a learning curve...
jean Davy 20-Dec-10 4:44am View
Emilio, evil is in the detail, arbster1 types *(buffer++) = '\0'; not (*buffer++) = '\0';
jean Davy 19-Dec-10 5:39am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Very good article, I was never really "ok" with the "why and how" of typename keyword...
May be it's more an article for intermediate than beginners.
jean Davy 16-Dec-10 4:07am View
Reason for my vote of 4
explained by practice

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