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Developer News Fast Company 16 Feb 2017 3,513
The obligation of a software developer
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law"
Developer News Stelios Voskos 16 Feb 2017 2,942
Habits that pay off for programmers
"Each year one vicious habit rooted out, in time might make the worst Man good throughout."
Developer News DaedTech 16 Feb 2017 4,723
Lambda Overdose
When all you have is a corkscrew, everything looks like a bottle of wine
Developer News Arne Mertz 16 Feb 2017 3,942
Hot Threads CodeProject 16 Feb 2017 1,145
Realm introduces comprehensive support for Xamarin to warm up to Microsoft developer community
Realm is now making it easy for Microsoft developers to use Realm to build highly-scalable, production-ready real-time apps.
Tips and Tools OnMSFT 16 Feb 2017 267
Building Android Apps with Entity Framework
Entity Framework is great, but was difficult to use in mobile development projects—until Entity Framework Core came along.
Tips and Tools Xamarin 16 Feb 2017 521
To Use Or Not To Use: Touch Gesture Controls For Mobile Interfaces
Many criticize gestural controls as being unintuitive and unnecessary. Despite this, widespread adoption is underway already, and the UI design world is burning the candle at both ends to develop solutions that are instinctively tactile. The challenges here are those of novelty.
Tips and Tools Smashing Magazine 16 Feb 2017 67
Apache Cordova Windows 5.0.0
This release introduces a major change in resource-file behavior (see the docs on how to get the previous behavior back for referenced files) and adds WinMD + C++ based DLL combination support for plugins.
Tips and Tools Cordova blog 16 Feb 2017 105
Patterns for Referencing Dependencies in Cross Platform Development
There are many ways to obtain a reference to a dependency in programming. You may have heard of patterns called Service Locator, Constructor Injection, Static Instances or even PubSub. All of these are valid patterns and have their uses, but there are also many incorrect ways to use them.
Tips and Tools Xamarin Help 16 Feb 2017 88
Google will soon delete apps with no privacy policies from Play Store
This week, Google warned developers whose apps collect sensitive user data, but do not include a privacy policy, that their apps are at risk of removal from the Play Store on March 15.
Tips and Tools TechRepublic 16 Feb 2017 102
Carnegie Mellon researchers want to fix app permissions once and for all
Mobile app permissions are a daunting problem: it’s difficult to know exactly what each app on your phone is doing, reading, or tracking when you’re not using the app.
Tips and Tools The Verge 16 Feb 2017 115
Winston Churchill on aliens: 1939 essay discovered
We shall find them in the fields and in the streets, we shall find them in the hills?
Science And Technology Space 16 Feb 2017 2,864
Science And Technology NPR 16 Feb 2017 2,463
Source: Apple will fight 'Right to Repair' legislation
Because you'll disturb the pixies inside the machine
Industry News Motherboard 15 Feb 2017 4,201
Industry News Engadget 15 Feb 2017 1,743
Microsoft delays February 2017 security updates due to "last minute issue"
Just in case you're wondering why your computer didn't reboot itself
Industry News Bleeping Computer 15 Feb 2017 1,671
IBM unleashes Watson on cybercriminals
It can beat them with trivia questions
Industry News IT Pro 15 Feb 2017 2,800
Industry News Infoworld 15 Feb 2017 1,744
Coding: In search of imperfection
Looking for bad code? Yeah, I think I can help you there.
Developer News Information Week 15 Feb 2017 2,043
Bruce Schneier: The US government is coming for YOUR code, techies
If they outlaw code, only outlaws will code?
Developer News The Register 15 Feb 2017 8,557
Developer News SD Times 15 Feb 2017 2,779
Seastar C++ framework looks to simplify coding
C++. Simplify. C++. Simplify. Nope, can't put those two thoughts into my head simultaneously.
Developer News Infoworld 15 Feb 2017 2,746
Will 2017 be the final year of the password?
:rolls eyes: Yeah. You get started on that.
Developer News Gigaom 15 Feb 2017 2,204

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