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Industry News The Verge 10 Jul 2012 3,526
Software Inventory
A place to keep your stuff while you go out and code more stuff.
Industry News Joel on Software 10 Jul 2012 4,285
On Configuration
The next time you adjust a setting, think twice.
Developer News Sam Stephenson 10 Jul 2012 3,641
Easy 6502
It’s a dead language isn’t it? Well, yeah, but so’s Latin. And they still teach that. Q.E.D.
Developer News skilldrick 10 Jul 2012 3,110
From Java to Ruby – what I love, what I miss
Polyglot programmer pet peeves.
Developer News 8th color 10 Jul 2012 3,270
A history of my worst technical achievements
Better to have coded and lamented than never to have coded at all.
Developer News A geek with a hat 10 Jul 2012 7,488
When is Undefined Behavior OK?
Five ways it works... if you know what you're doing.
Developer News Embedded in Academia 10 Jul 2012 3,303
Do you run antivirus software?
Safe computing or scam?
Hot Threads The Code Project 10 Jul 2012 2,926
Dictionary misuse
What's the right way to write this code?
Hot Threads The Code Project 10 Jul 2012 2,108
Tips for building finely crafted web sites
My father used to remind me that any job worth doing is worth doing right. It's an important lesson whether you're painting a fence or rebuilding a carburetor... or building web sites. Jason Amunwa at Smashing Magazine offers some great Tips For A Finely Crafted Website. Yes, it takes more time, but you'll put your best effort out there for clients (or potential clients) and save the additional time and effort re-doing a poor job.
Tips and Tools Smashing Magazine 10 Jul 2012 452
Benchmarking user experience on your site
Most site designers think they know the best way to build a site to meet the client's needs. Experience and common sense usually get us close to the mark. But are you sure it works the way you planned? This is where A/B testing and other UX techniques come into play - something many designers have much less experience doing. David Travis of Userfocus shares his Beginners' Guide to Benchmarking User Experience, six tips that will reap better real-world evaluation of your design choices.
Tips and Tools Userfocus 10 Jul 2012 197
MVC is dead, it's time to MOVE on
The MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern has become a mainstay of web development, even creeping into use as a key design pattern for mobile apps. Now Conrad Irwin says MVC is dead, it's time to MOVE on. He thinks there's too much functionality being stuffed into Controllers and is suggesting a new pattern to address this: MOVE (Models, Operations, Views, and Events). Is this a new paradigm for building better web apps with modern tools?
Tips and Tools Conrad Irwin 10 Jul 2012 430
Lessons learned from a year with Backbone.js
The proliferation of web boilerplate, JavaScript frameworks and other tools has gone a long way to making web apps much more powerful while also embracing web standards and simplifying development of even the most innovative features. But it's not all plug and play. The folks at Makibie were looking for tools to streamline their work, and share their take on The good, the bad and the lessons learned: One year with Backbone. Overall their experience with Backbone was good, but they have great points about using pre-release software, building Single-Page Apps and more. Learn from their pain.
Tips and Tools Makibie Blog 10 Jul 2012 276
Customize your jQuery Mobile download
If you're using jQuery Mobile to build mobile-optimized sites, you know that keeping things small and simple for responsiveness over slow mobile networks can be as important as site functionality. For standard configurations your app can always grab jQuery Mobile from the CDN, but now you can automatically create a version of jQuery Mobile optimized for your specific needs via the jQuery Mobile Download Builder. Just select the branch you want to use, check the boxes for the features you want and the site creates a custom download for your project. It's still in alpha, so tread carefully, but it looks like a very handy resource.
Tips and Tools jQuery Mobile 10 Jul 2012 189
Mousetrap - Keyboard shortcuts in Javascript
Speaking of handy JavaScript frameworks, here's one that may change the face of the web - at least for keyboard shortcut nerds like me. Craig Campbell create Mousetrap, a library that makes it super easy to implement key commands for web apps. Ctrl+Cool!
Tips and Tools Mousetrap 10 Jul 2012 180
Web typography: ligatures and kerning in CSS
You may have noticed that we have a thing for web typography. Why? Most of the web is text, and whether someone spends the time to read your site or move onto the next thing may come down to how readable it is. Font choice and line length are important, but it's also the details that count. That's why Dudley Storey shares his tips to Make Your Web Pages More Legible With CSS3 Ligatures and Kerning Pairs. It's the difference between good and græt... er, great.
Tips and Tools 10 Jul 2012 198
A Very Short History of Data Science
All the data points that lead up to big data.
Industry News What's The Big Data? 9 Jul 2012 6,956
Computer that could outlive the universe a step closer
You have great powers, only some of which you have as yet discovered.
Industry News New Scientist 9 Jul 2012 5,789
Industry News Hal's (Im)Perfect Vision 9 Jul 2012 7,487
Industry News Businessweek 9 Jul 2012 4,774
So, That’s It For Thunderbird
Is the outlook brigher for Outlook?
Industry News TechCrunch 9 Jul 2012 7,802
Raspberry Pwn: A pentesting release for the Raspberry Pi
It may be small, but it packs a punch.
Developer News PwnieExpress Blog 9 Jul 2012 4,501
Preparing Yourself for Modern JavaScript Development
Small moves, Ellie, small moves.
Developer News CodeThinked 9 Jul 2012 5,668
Twitter is a Corporate API
Consume free APIs at your own risk.
Developer News Scripting News 9 Jul 2012 2,815

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