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Let's Not Call It "Computer Science" If We Really Mean "Computer Programming"
All the theory in the world won't help if you don't learn how to code.
Developer News Software People Inspiring 1 Jun 2012 5,318
Invasion of the Tiny, Linux-Powered PCs
Mighty works from little kernels grow.
Developer News Linux Insider 1 Jun 2012 6,252
Post Your Insider News Competition
The heart of The Code Project is member contributions. Now you can contribute news, too.
Hot Threads The Code Project 1 Jun 2012 859
Choosing a version control system
What would you recommend for simple source control?
Hot Threads The Code Project 1 Jun 2012 3,640
Ahab! — a simple template for producing Kindle specific .mobi files
Retro-publishing: command-line tools for creating better e-books.
Industry News Craig Mod 31 May 2012 2,528
Industry News Co.Design 31 May 2012 6,188
Industry News TechHive 31 May 2012 3,172
MUD: Minimum Usable Design
80% of the effort goes into 20% of the worry about 50% of what's still to be done.
Industry News Smashing Magazine 31 May 2012 4,497
Industry News RT 31 May 2012 10,090
The Design of LLVM
This isn't your father's old compiler.
Developer News Dr Dobb's 31 May 2012 4,143
-2000 Lines Of Code
It's hard to measure progress by lines of code.
Developer News 31 May 2012 5,360
20 lines of code that will beat A/B testing every time
Statistics are hard for most people to understand, and that's why they avoid this technique.
Developer News Steve Hanov 31 May 2012 7,670
Shell scripting: Calculating Day of the Week
Bashing together a calendar.
Developer News Linux Journal 31 May 2012 3,124
10 reasons to use PHP
It just works.
Developer News ESchrade 31 May 2012 14,815
Understanding CPU performance measurements
Threads, heat and application performance.
Hot Threads The Code Project 31 May 2012 2,382
var tomorrow = ?
Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.
Hot Threads The Code Project 31 May 2012 2,145
Moving mobile app projects between developers
There are lots of situations where ownership of a mobile app might change: developing for a client, selling your app, transferring an open source project to new maintainers and so on. It's easy enough to transfer the code, but if you're using one of the mobile app marketplaces, what happens? Bobby Johnson shares here story Today I Learned: You Cannot Transfer Ownership of iOS Applications. Good lessons you should plan ahead for.
Tips and Tools I Am Not Myself 31 May 2012 542
Porting HTML5 games to Windows Phone
It looks like Adobe's move to open source the PhoneGap codebase - now known as Cordova - rather than killing it off as some expected, has instead pushed the project forward in interesting ways. Here's a great example via Channel 9: an HTML5 Platformer game PhoneGap'ed onto Windows Phone 7.1(5). This article focuses on an article by one of our own Code Project members, and also provides some handy additional resources.
Tips and Tools Channel 9 31 May 2012 394
From Windows Phone to Windows 8
Since "moving" mobile apps seems to be a theme today, take a look at this two-part case study from Telerik on Designing a Windows 8 Metro style app starting from an existing Windows Phone app. Moving an app from Metro to Metro seems like it would be easy, but there are design and implementation details you should take into account before digging in too deeply. The example is also a great-looking app.
Tips and Tools Telerik 31 May 2012 620
Porting apps to Windows 8 Metro
We've talked about porting Windows Phone and HTML5 apps, and here are more resources for moving your codebase to a new mobile platform. Jennifer Marsman has compiled a concise-but-handy list of MSDN articles on porting everything from iPad apps to XAML to JavaScript Metro for Windows 8. If you have questions, one of these articles is sure to offer answers.
Tips and Tools Jennifer Marsman 31 May 2012 395
Using Cordova as a component in iOS apps
It's pretty well known that Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) helps with cross-platform mobile app development for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and others. What's not as well known is that you can use Cordova as a UI component within your native app projects. Head over to GitHub and see the Cordova project's guidance for using CordovaLib in your iOS projects. There's good documentation and even some sample projects.
Tips and Tools GitHub 31 May 2012 504
Buddy - back-end as a service for your mobile apps
Most mobile apps these days rely on a back-end service in the cloud, and that's an extra development and maintenance responsibility for the app creator. Want to focus just on your app and avoid being sysadmin, too? Buddy is one of several new services that provide the back-end infrastructure for you. Buddy is offering free trials right now, so check it out.
Tips and Tools Buddy 31 May 2012 348
Metro design principles for developers
As you can imagine, I see a lot of articles about Metro, and one thing I deduce from all these articles is that the Metro concept is too broadly defined and therefore difficult for developers to distill into apps. Hence all the articles. Anders Poulsen had the same difficulty understanding the overly broad Metro design mandate and sat down to write about his epiphany: content, not chrome. See if you can put some of these ideas to work in your own apps.
Tips and Tools Jayway Team Blog 31 May 2012 967
Fear and Loathing and Windows 8
Why Windows 8 Scares Me -- and Should Scare You Too.
Industry News Mobile Opportunity 30 May 2012 8,278

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