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22-Jan-12 9:42am by Kanasz Robert (new) 
In this fourth part of the tutorial, I will show you how transfer objects and catch trace messages using SMO.
6 hrs ago by kasbaba (updated) 
This tip is to help anyone trying to split strings in SQL into Rows and Columns based on Row/Column Delimiters
6 hrs ago by Rocky R. Fernandes (updated) 
Install Rails 4 and MySQL Server on Windows 7/8
11 hrs ago by .dan.g., autoQA (updated) 
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting.
yesterday by congiuluc (new) 
In this article I explain step by step how to migrate users from ASP.NET Membership to ASP.NET Identity
yesterday by Phil Jeffrey (new) 
How to run a ClickOnce app as Administrator on Windows 8 when the app includes a SQL Compact database
yesterday by Mubin M. Shaikh (updated) 
Learn creation of OLAP Cube in SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) using Microsoft BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio) Environment and Data Warehouse
yesterday by Abhijit Ghosh (Subho) (new) 
Generalised filtering of search results using multiple checkbox lists. Each checkbox list may itself contain multiple selections.
yesterday by Syed Asif Iqbal (updated) 
Article will demonstrate how to develop generalize framework for creating Outlook style Auto Refresh Count of Menu Items
yesterday by Omar Al Zabir (updated) 
SQL Server Performance Dashboard (SSPD) is a small open source web app that shows you performance & problems of one or more SQL Server instances and their databases in near real time.
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by Android on Intel
This article provides a walk-through of Android application debugging...
by Tom Pantels
This paper describes two applications that demonstrate problems such as...
by Dr. Michael J. Gourlay
This article—the 17th in the series—describes how to identify a fluid...
In this tutorial how to create a simple game using the Cocos2d-x...
by John_Tyrrell
My Health Assistant is an app that helps individuals manage and track...

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Wed 23 Jul 2014
When you think of a Microsoft product, do you think of "cool" or "attractive?" Do these Microsoft products seem desirable? For some of you, your...
Wed 23 Jul 2014
One feature of Privacy Badger aims to stop tracking tied to clicking the Facebook 'like' on outside sites.
Wed 23 Jul 2014
Researchers at Aalborg University, MIT and Caltech have developed a new mathematically-based technique that can boost internet data speeds by up...
Wed 23 Jul 2014
C-style language inspired by JavaScript leverages C# and F# and enables building of DSLs.
Wed 23 Jul 2014
It feels a bit ironic to be discussing, in 2014, if C++ is a viable, or more importantly, a great choice for multi-device, multi-platform app...

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23 secs ago by Jassim Rahma
Forum: C#
by Member 10964364
I would like to have combo box, which would have for each row some text and 3 radio buttons. Rows count is dynamical. Thanks for every answer. Peter
by mdaban
i have these tables:table1: id,name,item_iditem: id,nameitembarcode: id,item_id,barcodein itembarcode table every item_id has many barcodei make the following sql:select a.*, as itemname,c.barcode from table1 a,item b,itembarcode c where a.id0 and
by Barcelonista Naser
Dear All.I am using ASP.NET MVC4 membership, I have created my custom views for Log In and Register. The problem i am facing now even if a user logged in into His/Her account he can go to log In page (View). I want to implement this feature that when Request is authenticated if user tries to...
by Muhammad Bilal Khan
i use jquery for calculation in grid all done well instead that when it is grand total turn jquery throw an error "Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function" at this line " $("[id*=txtTotal]").live("keyup", function () {", kindly give me suggestion.function CalculateTotal(select) {...

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by Omar Al Zabir  4.91/5 (11 votes)
SQL Server Performance Dashboard (SSPD) is a small open source web app that shows you performance & problems of one or more SQL Server instances and their databases in near real time.
by Jesús López Méndez  5.00/5 (9 votes)
This article introduces you to client side multi-column dynamic pivot, a cleaner, simpler and elegant alternative to the complex and convoluted dynamic server side pivot.
by Arindam Jha  5.00/5 (6 votes)
Understanding of complex jQuery Datatable tricks and Save it's state in SQL Server with a basic concepts of jQyuery template. Sample Application used .NET 4.5, Entityt Framework.
by Mihai MOGA  4.65/5 (5 votes)
Did you spot any bugs today? Than this tool might save some of your time
by Mubin M. Shaikh  5.00/5 (4 votes)
This Article will give you a good start for Creating SSRS Report First time with SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP Cube

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