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10-Sep-13 11:05am by Pablo Aliskevicius (updated) 
A mix-in class to change the appearance of a dialog, by handling WM_CTLCOLOR* messages, with five lines of code.
1 hr ago by Ryan S White (updated) 
CppHeader2CS: A compile-time tool for converting C/C++ header constants, enums, and structures to C#.
6 hrs ago by Michael Gazonda (new) 
A Fundamental Lock-Free Building Block - The Lock-Free Stack
7 hrs ago by Mihai MOGA (new) 
Learn the basics of Microsoft CryptoAPI Library
9 hrs ago by .dan.g., autoQA (updated) 
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting.
11 hrs ago by Rakesh Waghulde (new) 
This will show the simple and useful way to implement Banker's algorithm in managing & scheduling projects,their resources & to give effective solution.
2 days ago by John Underhill (Steppenwolfe) (updated) 
CSRG random generator in C# and the NIST STS Library (Huge update!)
3 days ago by Mohammad_Hamad (updated) 
Using the Function Pointer inside C struct
3 days ago by Nish Sivakumar (updated) 
The article goes through sevean language and IDE features in the VS 14 CTP 2 that are specific to C++ development
3 days ago by Asif Bahrainwala (updated) 
Detect memory leaks

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by SoftPerfect Research
Virtual Volume Software Development Kit (VV SDK) is a developer’s...
by Android on Intel
I want to tell you about a wonderful tool to automatically test the UI...
by Android on Intel
This paper introduces NFC-based technology and usage modes in the...
by donn-felker
Crashlytics is a free service offered by Twitter that collects your...
by Aspose
Conditional formatting helps highlight data in a spreadsheet, making it...

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Mon 28 Jul 2014
This is largely common sense already, but I still frequently run into people who don't know how dangerous this is or how to properly store user...
Mon 28 Jul 2014
The issue that invited such comments from Torvalds is to do with the compiler apparently spilled a constant and incorrect stack red-zoning on...
Mon 28 Jul 2014
I've suffered multiple times, and I'm curious to learn how others dealt with it.
Mon 28 Jul 2014
Speaking of skills I had once learned, I find myself coding in C++ again for the Beaglebone Black. While it's a nostalgic experience, I...
Mon 28 Jul 2014
Repositories, Adapters, MVC with all it cousins, SOLID, RTFM… As a (PHP) developer, those words are thrown at you from every corner of the web....

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by sajjad bararjanian
I need to find a way to close parent form in wpf.this code is work for C# private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { Form2 frm2 = new Form2(); frm2.FormClosed += new FormClosedEventHandler(frm2_FormClosed); ...
by DeadlyNoodle
hello, could anyone tell me what i did wrong and how to fix this, here is the code.This should be bookmarks bar in metrotoolbar (dotnetbar). If this code is completely wrong could you provide me working code?my settings is set to System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollectionam using...
by ayaka_o11
hope you to help me coz this is my prelim exam. Thanks!
by CTurcotte
Hi,I have been searching around without finding a fix so here I go.I have a Windows with a center that contain a UserControl that will fill the general area of my application.I have a TabControl with multiple TabItem. In each TabItem I have to show different controls including...
by Sanju Rao
On click of any Image I need to upload the new file selected. But I get error in my script var file1 = $(this).file[0];My View : @using (@Html.BeginForm("uploadProductImage", "SellereLogin", FormMethod.Post, new { enctype = "multipart/form-data" })){ <table...

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by Nish Sivakumar  4.97/5 (20 votes)
The article goes through sevean language and IDE features in the VS 14 CTP 2 that are specific to C++ development
by webmaster442  4.94/5 (14 votes)
A mini howto on using bass.dll & wrapper.
by Mohammad Reza Ramezani  4.61/5 (13 votes)
I created a dll to find all online IP addresses. A simple method along with a sample project. No need to waste your time anymore!
by Dan Hu  4.92/5 (12 votes)
Automatic Dump collection and Analysis
by Meena Chockalingam  4.59/5 (9 votes)
Understanding LIST_ENTRY lists and CONTAINING_RECORD macro which are used in Windows Kernel

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