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Help developers get started on the path to building real, actual Internet of Things applications for a chance to share in $6,500 of prizes! Contest ends 31st July 2016.

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31-Jul-14 11:32am by newton.saber (new) 
Learn the JavaScript Module Pattern and See How/Why AngularJS Implements The Pattern
1hr 5mins ago by Mehdi Gholam (updated) 
A binary JSON serializer based on fastJSON (support for MonoDroid)
1hr 20mins ago by Mehdi Gholam (updated) 
Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer (with Silverlight4 and MonoDroid support)
4hrs 10mins ago by Abhay@Accenture (new) 
Performance tuning using SqlBulkCopy
5hrs 20mins ago by Andrei Ion Rînea (new) 
Part 1 – Description of the problem Part 2 – simple history replacement Part 3 – additional history items – this article As we’ve seen in the previous parts, we can alter the history of the current page navigation by …Read more »
5hrs 20mins ago by CoderGirl42 (updated) 
Finding true North using GPS and a compass with Raspberry Pi.
6hrs ago by EngineerSpock (new) 
You can open any C# tutorial and you’ll find some information about abstract classes and interfaces. Most likely, you’ll not find any information about what is the difference between abstract class and interface.
6hrs ago by SeniorDevelopment (updated) 
How-To for Web API in ASP.NET Core
6hrs 10mins ago by Sacha Barber (new) 
I have been idle for a while, which kind of irks me. Thing is I have not really been that idle, it’s just that I have not been doing that much in the .NET space of late. That is not to say I do not like .NET anymore, it’s just that I am spreading my […]
6hrs 10mins ago by Grasshopper.iics (new) 
From Unboxing to prototype, a complete Node.js Intel Edison product development guide with a real time cloud biometric project
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Fri 22 Jul 2016
Watch One Year of the Earth From a Million Miles Away
Fri 22 Jul 2016
Once upon a time FOSS was about Freedom.
Fri 22 Jul 2016
What about a headasplode (*) operator?
Fri 22 Jul 2016
Serverless architecture is as important to businesses as electricity was to the Industrial Revolution.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by MrProgrammer_78
Hi guys,I am created Assembly and import it into SQL Server,and create the database object procedure which implement the managed code,but when i try to use that procedure which return ExecuteScalar(), nothing is returnedWhat I have tried:when i try to use that procedure which...
by Member 12153456
Hey! I really need some help.I have a function for generating combinations. Here it is public static IEnumerable> GetKCombs(IEnumerable list, int length) where T : IComparable { if (length == 1) return list.Select(t => new T[] { t }); ...
by bhavya-hyd
Hello I have to write a C++ program to save user settingUse is not admin rights and can not save in install folderWhat is correct place to save dataWhat I have tried:I try to save to temp folder but data get deleeted random timesHow to stop deleting data?
18 mins ago by Django_Untaken
Forum: Windows 10, 8, and RT
by Hadi Basiri
Hi.I'm trying to make a TextBox with two button on the right side.How do i do?thank you.What I have tried:protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e) { var btn = new Button(); btn.Size = new Size(25, textBox1.ClientSize.Height + 2); btn.Location = new...

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by Super Lloyd  4.98/5 (22 votes)
Introduction to MVVM for absolute beginners
by CoderGirl42  4.98/5 (18 votes)
Finding true North using GPS and a compass with Raspberry Pi.
by dcmuggins  3.69/5 (24 votes)
Bubble Sort is great...and terrible at the same time.
by Mahsa Hassankashi  4.85/5 (14 votes)
This article illustrates how to use Node.js by WCF which is written in C# and using node.js as real time communication technology with the aid of C# code to connect MS Sql Server.
by Rasik Bihari Tiwari  3.73/5 (15 votes)
Let's understand the evolution from older multi-threading world to Task Parallel library (alias TPL). What are the use cases where you would want to leverage TPL instead of creating threads on your own. What are exact areas where TPL has real edge.

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