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2-May-12 11:09am by Eugene Polyhaev (new) 
Fully functional groovy template scriptlets inside a docx document
yesterday by Garvit Arya (new) 
It is a personalized web Browser that can open a certain website directly.
yesterday by Samson Mebrahtu (new) 
Asterisk java integration using fast AGI.
2 days ago by SaahilPriya (new) 
Creates an XML File, and extends its Node if it already exists
2 days ago by Praba Prakash (new) 
Apache Hadoop for Big Data Analytics
4 days ago by NATKIT7 (new) 
One example of the need to have a set of nested loops in is combinotronics where you are trying to generate all possible combinations. If we want to have a variable number of elements generated then we need to look at having dynamically nested loops.
5 days ago by Giannakakis Kostas (new) 
Port your libgdx games to run in Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms
11-Apr-14 14:42pm by Mr Digs (new) 
A brief look at using Event Forwarding to separate your JavaScript from your HTML
11-Apr-14 1:49am by B. Clay "el Gonzo" Shannon (new) 
Easily create and hook up values to display in an Android Spinner
9-Apr-14 15:51pm by B. Clay "el Gonzo" Shannon (updated) 
How to View Every Change You've Ever Made to a File in Droidio With No Setup
7-Apr-14 16:01pm by B. Clay "el Gonzo" Shannon (new) 
Step-by-step instructions on how to view SQLite data from Android Studio and SQLite Data Browser

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by Edward J Correia
The Scribblify drawing app with its 10-point touch capability and...
by Brad_Hill
Upgrading to Windows 8.1 further refines the Windows 8 user experience....
by Dirk_Strauss
Securing Your .NET Applications – A Summary Review Of Visual Guard
by Keith Temple
How to take advantage of Intel® Developer Zone program resources to...
by Tim_Duncan
This article will discuss how the Krita developers added 2 in 1...

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Fri 18 Apr 2014
The Heartbleed bug crushed our faith in the secure web, but a world without the encryption software that Heartbleed exploited would be even worse....
Fri 18 Apr 2014
I think that the quality of Code Project is going down.
Fri 18 Apr 2014
So: </div> is an invalid self-closing tag and is viewed as a new tag
Fri 18 Apr 2014
Astronomers have discovered what they say is the most Earth-like planet yet detected — a distant, rocky world that’s similar in size to our own...
Fri 18 Apr 2014
So, which code-base should I be reading about to improve myself?

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by bhawin parkeria
I want to convert text into link I got this->I have a textarea in which user enter description.I have table having column (name) in which there are 4 names (jack , drake , joey , pacino).Now , if any word in the text the above 4 word , the text gets automatically changed to a ...
by GauravMon
Hi Friends,I have few files on Network location which i need overwrite to one SharePoint Document Library, this should be happen daily on specific time. I am new to SharePoint, so please provide me the details steps if possible.Thanks in Advance
by Member 10760612
Dear sir,I want to link up with below ip address with my own server because their server is too slow in day time for captcha entry work but i want to download captcha from this site and work in day time by my worker. but i dont know how i can fixed it. below i send you details :Domain:...
by Member 10760657
I have to get data from a COM-module, using the following function:HRESULT ADObj.GetArchiveFinInfoFromDB(BSTR PlaceCode, BSTR PCode, long Period, VARIANT DateFrom, VARIANT DateTo, BSTR * Result)Please, give an example of how to put a particular date into it.Here is VARIANT...
by Member 10760641
my code this and is getting error once i am build and publish , the code is give below <add path="Reserved.ReportViewerWebControl.axd" verb="*" type="Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.HttpHandler, Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms, Version=,...

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by Giannakakis Kostas  5.00/5 (3 votes)
Port your libgdx games to run in Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms
by Praba Prakash  5.00/5 (3 votes)
Apache Hadoop for Big Data Analytics
by Christopher Coey
An educator's look into Beacon Mountain.

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