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17-Mar-14 16:32pm by Ondrej_Uzovic (updated) 
Improve the performance of interprocess communication between Android and .NET using fast binary serialization (Protocol Buffers) instead of XML or JSON.
2 days ago by Andrey Chaschev (new) 
An introduction to the Wookie, a Java/Scala library to automate web browsing.
2 days ago by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan (new) 
What are the wearable devices and what is the role of Internet of Things in them and how do they interact to make things better and easy.
5 days ago by Hanbo (new) 
In this article, I will show you how to integrate Hibernate Search into a simple yet feature complete web application with the Spring MVC and Hibernate enabled.
5 days ago by Joel Ivory Johnson, Taryn Blake (updated) 
This is a walkthrough creating a speedometer for the Samsung Galaxy Gear.
16-Oct-14 16:45pm by Dr. Song Li (updated) 
This document presents two Maven example projects for mocking final and static methods using PowerMockito for Java unit testing.
16-Oct-14 11:14am by Pavel Durov (new) 
Article about dynamic Sqlite database management on Android platform using Java class reflection.
16-Oct-14 6:26am by arteysoft (new) 
Get rid of dependencies through the use of Functions
15-Oct-14 6:29am by Fabrizio Stellato (new) 
Generate entities, mapping and configuration files with Hibernate Ant Tools. Apply reverse engineering in a few seconds !
14-Oct-14 10:12am by uros_calakovic (updated) 
Use the LibGDX Java gaming framework and JRuby to create a simple 2D game for desktop
14-Oct-14 2:56am by Sipra Ray (new) 
Selenium to start with for automation Testing in a simple and diagramatic approach..
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Gael Holmes Hofemeier
Cyberlink and Intel utilized several tools to analyze and optimize the...
by Accusoft, Joseph Argento
This whitepaper describes a proven method for conveniently compressing...
by LEADTOOLS Support
Why implementing Optical Character Recognition with Leadtools ODR SDKs...
by matthias-hahn
Recently someone asked me on more documentation about Yocto builds. In...
by E-iceblue
E-iceblue Co., Ltd. is a vendor of .NET, Silverlight and WPF...

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Thu 23 Oct 2014
The Fabric platform is made of three modular kits that address some of the most common and pervasive challenges that all app developers face:...
Thu 23 Oct 2014
Apple is Swiftly gaining adherents for its new programming language.
Thu 23 Oct 2014
Top tier management level roles now require less programming and more administration. Are big IT companies the only ones offering senior...
Thu 23 Oct 2014
Progress Software has a wide portfolio of development, deployment, integration and management applications, such as the OpenEdge, Pacific and...
Thu 23 Oct 2014
Working remotely requires special discipline and unique habits. Learn them to really contribute to the project.

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by PhilMcGahan
How can I display the same view in other languages? The code below puts a textbox on the screen with a label in English. That’s nice, but limited. How do I display the same view in Spanish, German…?My .Net MVC model contains property attributes ‘Display’ and...
by a-dehghani
Thank you for your answers, sorry for some misunderstanding.I'm control engineer and have good experience with hardware as well. I did lots of control projects with DCS and PLC's. I want to improve my self in programming. I'm expert in MCU and know Assembly and C as well. But want to...
by Alexander24
I am solving leetcode problems and I can't figure out why my code is wrong. Here is the description of the problem:Given a linked list, swap every two adjacent nodes and return its head.For example,Given 1->2->3->4, you should return the list as 2->1->4->3.And here is my...
by Member 10631195
hello i have web service in my project.i edit the "EnableSession=true" property ,now i run a class in the webService and i wont in the class to use in "Context.Session"so i send to the constructor the WebService refrence now i try with this referense to use Context.Session and i get...

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by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan  4.56/5 (9 votes)
What are the wearable devices and what is the role of Internet of Things in them and how do they interact to make things better and easy.
by Pavel Durov  4.89/5 (8 votes)
This article is explaining how to implement a a basic game fundamentals on Android platform.
by Louie Bacaj  5.00/5 (8 votes)
Web API was introduced and was recently streamlined into Web API 2.0. This framework is heaven for C#/.NET services developers. It allows you to get a RESTful API in .NET up and running in less than an hour. As you'll see it's also just as easy to consume that API in another programming language.
by Ranjan.D  5.00/5 (6 votes)
This article is all about how to make an Articles Request by using CodeProject API, then get the response and de-serialize the same and display the list of articles in a ListView element.
by Joel Ivory Johnson, Taryn Blake  4.92/5 (5 votes)
This is a walkthrough creating a speedometer for the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

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