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Help developers get started on the path to building real, actual Internet of Things applications for a chance to share in $6,500 of prizes! Contest ends 31st July 2016.

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6-Aug-13 8:34am by Michiel du Toit (updated) 
Explaining and demonstrating the use of the APPLY keyword for SQL Server
1hr 10mins ago by Anton Angelov (new) 
Build a Hybrid Test Automation Framework. Learn how to create an extendable element find logic without changing the core test automation framework. The post Create Hybrid Test Framework – Advanced Element Find Extensions appeared first on Automate The Planet.
2hrs 5mins ago by Padmanaabhah (new) 
Walkthrough exercise of MOQ
3hrs 10mins ago by Bastian Eicher (new) 
Building NuGet packages that target multiple .NET Framework versions.Read more ›
3hrs 20mins ago by Rou1997 (updated) 
Using Apache POI - Stand-alone Java Excel Library, and NPOI - Port Of POI For Microsoft.NET . . . Reading, Writing, And Displaying Excel Sheets . . .
4hrs 10mins ago by Bastian Eicher (updated) 
How library versioning and dependency management works in the .NET world
5hrs ago by Jose A Pascoa (new) 
Desktop Duplication API in Delphi
5hrs 5mins ago by Dahal Mahesh (new) 
Migrate cold data from your table to Microsoft Azure for cost effective and efficient storage of data, without any code level changes.
5hrs 15mins ago by TheCodeKing (new) 
The following article describes some of the high-level approaches and challenges with implementing BlueGreen deployment on Azure.
5hrs 20mins ago by SagSD (new) 
Adding dropdown item using bootstrap modal window and Ajax in ASP.NET webform and postioning the modal window
6hrs 20mins ago by Nachiappan Kumarappan (new) 
Explains Inversion of Control
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Mon 25 Jul 2016
Our goal as a society should not be to create a generation of pre-teen coders.
Mon 25 Jul 2016
When it comes to performance tests, I don't care about "fair", I only care about one thing
Mon 25 Jul 2016
Since the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) became law in 1998, it has been a federal crime to copy a DVD or do anything else that subverts...
Mon 25 Jul 2016
According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos has moved into the third-place spot on the list of the world's richest people, unseating Berkshire Hathaway...
Mon 25 Jul 2016
In this post, I’m going to show you a few of the features of WSL that I personally find very interesting, as well as point you to some resources...

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by Member 9983063
Hello Guys Nowadays am facing a issue and now am unable to resolve it bcz i have tried many ways to solve this problem but i was failed so now i want to get your help so please give me the better answer of this issueThis issue is when i delete single coloumn value from database it's delete...
by Member 9983063
Hello Guys ! i have a issue i hope you help me i want to display dataset value in textbox here am using codeplease check it private void timer2_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e) { string connStr = @"Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data...
2hrs 5mins ago by Member 12651139
Forum: ASP.NET
by Priyanshu Patel
I was asked to do the following 6 steps but I am running into errors. It would be really great if someone can help me along with this.Given the below interface and abstract class, create the non-abstract class Chef as follows:1. Chef should inherit from the Person class and implement the...
by Member 12650471
please reply to this query as soon as possible.As i had designed the layout of 8051 microcontroller on rough sketch and its the coding please help me in providing a better layout of the given 8051 microcontroller and steps regarding how to code for its designing in verilog...

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by CoderGirl42  4.98/5 (25 votes)
Finding true North using GPS and a compass with Raspberry Pi.
by Super Lloyd  4.98/5 (25 votes)
Introduction to MVVM for absolute beginners
by dcmuggins  3.74/5 (26 votes)
Bubble Sort is great...and terrible at the same time.
by Mahsa Hassankashi  4.88/5 (15 votes)
This article illustrates how to use Node.js by WCF which is written in C# and using node.js as real time communication technology with the aid of C# code to connect MS Sql Server.
by Rasik Bihari Tiwari  3.76/5 (16 votes)
Let's understand the evolution from older multi-threading world to Task Parallel library (alias TPL). What are the use cases where you would want to leverage TPL instead of creating threads on your own. What are exact areas where TPL has real edge.

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