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2-Oct-13 21:23pm by Anton Khritonenkov (updated) 
This article describes how to implement autocomplete for multiple SharePoitn 2010\2013 form fields using JavaScript.
2 hrs ago by Asad Bukhari (new) 
This article explains simple steps to define XML DOM against xml document. This way you can easily manipulate xml document as simple class objects.
2 hrs ago by Mehdi Gholam (updated) 
NoSql, JSON based, Document store database with compiled .net map functions and automatic hybrid bitmap indexing and LINQ query filters (now with standalone Server mode, Backup and Active Restore, Transactions, Server side queries, MonoDroid support, HQ-Branch Replication, working in Linux)
2 hrs ago by Gaston Verelst (new) 
This article describes how to set up the deployment from VSO to an MS Azure website.
5 hrs ago by IAndreev93 (new) 
Very Simply MySQL Viewer with Swing GUI written in NetBeans IDE using GUI Builder
5 hrs ago by Garry Pilkington (new) 
Part 1 – Securing Your Logins With ASP.Net MVC (This post) Part 2 – Securing Web.API Requests With JSON Web Tokens An archetectural patterns that is becoming more popular is using ASP.Net MVC with a Web.API layer servicing the web…Read more ›Related Posts:Windows 8.1 Has Been
8 hrs ago by Ben M Watson (new) 
I was recently debugging a problem that just didn’t make any sense at first. The code looked like this: class App {     public bool IsRunning {get; set;}     private Thread houseKeepingThread;         public void Start()     {         this.IsRunning = true; this.houseKeepingThread = new Thread(Threa
8 hrs ago by Keyhole Software (new) 
In this blog post, I examine Agile team member roles and explain what I see as behaviors, or “anti-patterns,” that are detrimental to the Agile process. It is my goal to avoid a negative tone and, instead, emphasize that these are behaviors that can be changed for the better of the team. However, we
8 hrs ago by Passion4Code (new) 
Introduction In this article , I would be discussing a very interesting topic called WebSecurity in MVC applicationa and how easy and simple it is to implement and understand. Let me share a small incident for which I came across this concept. Usually we create an MVC application and select a templa
10 hrs ago by Ranjan.D (updated) 
All about "Gilt" product analytic's by making use of Azure and Internet of things.
13 hrs ago by (new) 
A recipe on how to avoid producing legacy code by using a proper architecture and unit testing.
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Igal Tabachnik
Why you should use OzCode to debug your C# code in Visual Studio
by LEADTOOLS Support
In this whitepaper, we will explore the inner-workings of this...
by Rainer Stropek
MVP Rainer Stropek sets .NET developers a fun challenge. Here is a...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by LEADTOOLS Support
In this white paper we will show how to set up a master form template...

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Tue 3 Mar 2015
Now, a team of Google researchers has developed a method that sorts results by factual content rather than how well linked a page is.
Tue 3 Mar 2015
Enterprise Mode helps customers extend their investments in older Web apps through higher compatibility with the IE8 rendering engine in a more...
Tue 3 Mar 2015
It’s one of those enduring Zen koans of science that we’ve all grown up with: Light behaves as both a particle and a wave—at the same time.
Tue 3 Mar 2015
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could write code in PHP, and have it accelerated somehow to C-like speeds?
Tue 3 Mar 2015
Generators don't magically make asynchronous code synchronous. All they do is return an iterator which can be used to step through a function

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by sudevsu
Hello Experts,I have three drop downs and its something like cascading drop downs.ddl1 is selected and based on that ddl2 will bind and if ddl2 is selected ddl3 will bind. But binding is taking time because of huge data. Is there a way to show that my drop down in loading. Not Jquery...
I know it sounds stupid and not something related coding but I have no option left with meI was working on a winform project without any version control I use to take the backup once a week and put it on shared folderToday after 4 days coding I tried to copy paste my exe to a application...
by Roshan Karunarathna
Hello i am new to working with net beans!is there an easy way to add a background image to a J form and make our form in that shape( ex: i need to make my form looks like a radio interface)?. I have done these in VS but in net beans! have no idea.And any guide on right track would be a...
by neveen neveen
Hi,in this code I have queue (openlist) I sorting it according to h and the ni,nj this is a position ,I sorting it but I need when swapping the value btween to location I need the positions of the two value also changed I save the index ni in ii[i] = ;and index nj in jj[i] =...

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by Abhinaw Kumar  4.80/5 (34 votes)
Process of runtime type discovery is called reflection. Using reflection, we are able to obtain the metadata information, dynamically.
by pradeep shet  4.67/5 (24 votes)
Features included in c# 6.0 that can help us to have our code better and readable.
by DebugErr  4.98/5 (17 votes)
Retrieving the path to the new user folders like Downloads, Saved Games or Searches
by Max R McCarty  5.00/5 (16 votes)
How to prevent XSS in ASP.NET
by Vahe Karamian  4.89/5 (15 votes)
The third article in a series to discuss Unity 3D and how to get started with your own 3D projects.

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