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Does your Android App work on Amazon Fire devices?

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21-Apr-13 12:11pm by Chinmaya_Champatiray (updated) 
This is the third part of article on Dependency Injection. It explains how to develop a simple IoC container.
55 mins ago by JorgeLuisOrejel (new) 
This article deals with the implementation of polynomial division by the familiar algorithm of long integer division in the context of two applications.
1 hr ago by Leonid Ganeline (new) 
Originally posted on: have got an interesting request to compare and choose the right integration technology for one of my customer. By the end of the day the technologies were limited by NServiceBus and M
1 hr ago by Leonid Ganeline (new) 
Originally posted on: post is obsolete and kept only for sentimental reasons :)Please go to the v.2 of this article.The project code is on GitHub. Any distributed system requires serializing to transfer data th
1 hr ago by Leonid Ganeline (new) 
Originally posted on:[v.2.0.3] I've decided to keep live the first version of this post. It is interesting how tests evolve and how results change. V.1.0.10 see here. The v.2 was inspired by OniBait, thanks
2 hrs ago by gggustafson (updated) 
Revises the KnownColorsPalette Tool and the earlier article of the same name.
3 hrs ago by Eric Ouellet (updated) 
A WPF WrapPanel that can fill empty space on any lines with any control(s)
5 hrs ago by Jamie Munro (new) 
I was recently tasked with a situation where I needed to populate about 10 different "Settings" for every user in the current database.This example is specifically for CakePHP, however, it could easily be used elsewhere.  My goal was the following, I had an array that was key value paired as follows
5 hrs ago by JIANGWilliam (new) 
An open-source JAVA library to enable composing new XML document from scratch or based on templates, parsing XML to dictionary or JSON with easy and efficiency.
5 hrs ago by debashishPaul (new) 
Implementation of basic role based authorization in ASP.NET MVC5 with ASP.NET Identity 2.0
6 hrs ago by Gerd Wagner (updated) 
Learn how to develop front-end web apps with responsive (HTML5) constraint validation using plain JavaScript. Do not use any framework/library (like jQuery or Angular), which just create black-box dependencies and overhead, and prevent you from learning how to do it yourself.

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by Intel Corporation
Intel Edison Flashing Firmware on OS X - Wired
by Intel Corporation
This paper examines two methods for adding SSL support to Arduino...
by LEADTOOLS Support
LEADTOOLS includes a robust Check Scanning and Processing SDK within...
by Acision
In the following tutorial, find out how to create your first video chat...
by Intel Corporation
Using the Intel® IoT Analytics Website for Data Mining

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Fri 22 May 2015
As Java turns 20, Oracle looks to what keeps the programming language so vital
Fri 22 May 2015
The U.S. Commerce Department has proposed tighter export rules for computer security tools, a potentially controversial revision to an...
Fri 22 May 2015
'Suggested Tiles' to appear in beta next week; all users to see ads by default.
Fri 22 May 2015
"Five Eyes" intelligence agencies built tools to spot Google, Samsung app protocols.
Fri 22 May 2015
Looking at ‘hundreds of millions’ of these questions and their answers from Google users who tried to recover their accounts, the team concluded...

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Nekoomanesh
hii writing program in C# use Linq with 3 tier architecture.i have a table 2 field1 field ID(int) and 2 Image(varbinary)how retrieve image in datagridview from database with C# use LINQthanks
by RTK The Limited Edition
USE [tempdb] IF OBJECT_ID (N'#TempTable') IS NULL BEGIN BEGIN TRY CREATE TABLE #TempTable ( AuditUser varchar(36) not null default '', AuditIP varchar(39) not null default '', AuditNotes varchar(4000) not null default '', AuditClientUTC datetime not null default...
37 mins ago by Kenneth Haugland
Forum: Silverlight / WPF
by Member 10628309
I have a project that needs a complete list of elements of a list(Of String). I don't want to convert multiple strings into one long string but rather some kind of variable (maybe it is an Object?) that when called will insert all elements of a list(Of String). The following code works but I...
by fadi77_net
Dear allI have an application that saves the connection string in App.config xml file, and I want to save the application .exe file in the server and to make a shortcut on the client computer, but I don't know if I need to make a copy from App.config on the client computer or not?

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by Sacha Barber  4.98/5 (55 votes)
A look at how a CQRS app may work, with the added bonus of a demo app
by Akhil Mittal  4.91/5 (49 votes)
Enterprise level application architecture with Web API’s using Entity Framework, Generic Repository pattern and Unit of Work.
by César de Souza  4.98/5 (31 votes)
Explore your data using statistical distributions: explore, initialize, create, estimate and use statistical distributions from the Accord.NET Framework using an application based entirely on reflection.
by Ocean Airdrop  5.00/5 (30 votes)
Using HTML as UI Elements in a WinForms Application with Chrome / Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)
by DriveByCoder  4.61/5 (17 votes)
An introductory look at Microsoft's Unity.

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