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8-May-13 18:02pm by Shai Raiten (updated) 
Building Windows 8 Metro applications using Bing Maps control.
4 mins ago by Miljan Radovic (new) 
Simple, open-source, fully customizable SQL Server scheduler
5 mins ago by Vince Chan (updated) 
A Google Chrome Extension that makes code project articles more readable.
7 mins ago by S Ravi-Kumar-2012 (new) 
In many mobile applications it’s a requirement to store data locally and for that purpose we use databases with the applications. The type of database [...]
13 mins ago by Alex Chirokov (new) 
Adding interpolation functions to the Excel using C# and Excel-DNA
5hrs 20mins ago by Robin Rizvi (updated) 
Javascript MVW Framework
8hrs 5mins ago by Member 12485502 (new) 
The time ElementThe time element represents a date/time. It can be in a large number of formatsso 2016 represents a the year 20162016-02 represents a February 201608:05 represents 5 past 8 in the morning.2016-04-16T18:34:08.240 represents 16th of A
9hrs 5mins ago by Majdi Sobain (updated) 
This Article is about 2D games programming simpicity using RingAllegro Library.
11hrs 15mins ago by vulf (new) 
Dictionary with keys and indexes
13hrs ago by itsdkg (updated) 
A demonstration of how to use C++11/C++14 lambdas / Closures
20hrs ago by Southmountain (new) 
A discussion on how to configure folder structures for C# application with SQLite databases and ADO.NET assemblies with targeting to any CPU, no matter 32-bit or 64-bit. Part 1 is theoretic consideration for project folder structures. Part 2 will give a demo to approve this concept.
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Mon 2 May 2016
As Yahoo makes moves for a possible sale or major overhaul, eyes are on CEO Marissa Mayer and whether she’ll stay or go.
Mon 2 May 2016
Intel is refocusing on 'products that deliver higher returns.'
Mon 2 May 2016
In an illuminating Twitter conversation, Apple's Phil Schiller says you should never pluralize Apple product names.
Mon 2 May 2016
The statistics for April reveal that, at long last, Windows 7 is no longer installed on the majority of computers, slipping to a 48.79 percent...
Mon 2 May 2016
PowerApps allows employees to build business-focused apps without knowing how to program

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by 007kurosaki
Hi, I would like to know what techniques are there to determine if a port is connected to a device and not to a serial port emulator . Is it possible to check the timing of the data arrivals and determine if it from the device or not .. ??What I have tried:I couldn't try anything else...
by maddyganesh
Hi,Need Horizontal menu like in Apple istore..1) The last icon in the row should display half of the icon this should even work when scrolls happen2) Need multiple horizontal menu in one pageExample -[^]Kindly give me the solution for...
In my xml file i have two columns Inq_Sec_Level Upd_Sec_Level both having number datatype and default value is 0 (i.e) Value="0"While reading this xml and saving this value in...
by Diether Silverious
This is the scenario.I'm creating a desktop application with VB.NET (Windows Forms), and using SQL Server 2008 r2 for its database.I have two computers(PC1 and PC2) and I want to connect PC2 to PC1 . PC 1 has the microsoft sql server database. What i do is i just copied .exe application in the...
by daveofgv
Hi All -I have a very simple question, but hard to understand for me. I am trying to create a database application in C# (Winforms).I have a database in Visual Studio. In the DataSet I created relationships. Now, in my Data Source when I expand a table I see another table inside it, and I...

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by Florian Rappl  4.98/5 (50 votes)
In the first part we introduce the basic concepts of C# along with object oriented programming and the .NET-Framework.
by Florian Rappl  4.98/5 (34 votes)
The last part discusses attributes, iterators, and some more advanced topics.
by Florian Rappl  4.97/5 (32 votes)
In the second part we learn about generics, Lambda expressions, Extension methods and GUI programming.
by Florian Rappl  4.96/5 (32 votes)
The third part discusses events, asynchronous and dynamic types, the TPL, and reflection.
by Igor Ladnik  4.97/5 (23 votes)
ASP.NET Web API, SignalR and AngularJS / Angular 2 work together

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