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7-Feb-14 5:58am by Bwalsh490 (new) 
It describes how to develop a WP7 VoIP client application that communicates with a server through TCP/UDP protocol
yesterday by Isaac RF (new) 
ASO – App Store Optimization for Beginners
5 days ago by Tiancheng Hu (moved) 
New samples of using ThinkAlike to accomplish Android/Desktop cross-platform development, including helloworld, Web API access and widget UI.
19-Jul-15 12:45pm by Salar Hafezi (new) 
Type coercion in JavaScript and its Applications
15-Jul-15 1:07am by syed shanu (updated) 
In this article we will learn how to create a simple Name Puzzle game for Windows Mobile using Universal App development.
14-Jul-15 15:31pm by Sergey Nizhegorodtsev (new) 
The article shows how to implement open source Stocks Tracker API in Java projects. Individual stock quotes can be easily fetched from various free online sources with this library.
13-Jul-15 23:57pm by Val Okafor (new) 
CodeProject This post is part 3 of a three part Android development tutorial series where I provide a walk-through on how to create and publish your first Android app. There are three post in this series When users enter information about an event into our app, they expect that information to be the
13-Jul-15 22:23pm by Val Okafor (new) 
In app purchase is one of the main monetization options for Android apps. Android in app purchase combines what used to be the “free” version and “paid” version together. With in app purchase or IAP you no longer need to have  a free version of your app that users  try before
10-Jul-15 23:03pm by Anele 'Mash' Mbanga (new) 
Porting VB functions over to JavaScript and other useful functions
10-Jul-15 9:08am by Zamrony P. Juhara (new) 
Get started with OpenGL ES 2.0 shader programming on Android
9-Jul-15 9:31am by Zamrony P. Juhara (updated) 
Twitter statuses go mobile
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Windows 10 goes live this week. As a developer, is this good news or bad news?
Your app will run on phone, PCs,the XBox, but you'll have to learn new APIs, but you get new features, but now you have Yet Another Platform to test on... How does it balance out for you?
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Thu 30 Jul 2015
Blazingly fast performance, prevention of nearly all segfaults and low-level control and performance without sacrificing safety or abstractions –...
Thu 30 Jul 2015
We've heard a number of times in the past that Microsoft is aiming for a September/October timeframe for the launch of Windows 10 Mobile.
Thu 30 Jul 2015
Welcome to CoderGears coding best practices repository, where you can suggest rules, vote and comment them.
Thu 30 Jul 2015
For most of the 1990s, databases were the most boring tool in the shed.
Thu 30 Jul 2015
Windows 10 has a lot to live up to. Microsoft has made a lot of promises about it. And oddly enough, we’ve heard most of them before, with Windows 8.

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by Member 11842305
Hi All,Here is my problem:I have External Style Sheet in which I have "*" selector which defines as:*{ margin: 0em 4.2em 0em 0em; padding: 0em;}Now in my aspx page I have a tree view control. Because of the above selector my tree view is not showing properly....
by AmyAli
Dear All I want to include the search box in my website which will find the contents of my website locally. Please guide me how to add search functionality in my website.RegardsAmy
by smarino60
i' ve a serious trouble with a C++ DLL for implement a callback event and use this in C#. Those are the two native function :long FUNC_RegisterEventHandler(EventHandler handler, BYTE evmask, LONG param);void EventHandlerFunc(WORD event_id, LPVOID data, LONG param); My...
by stixoffire
I have a Database first EF model with simple POCO entities.I receive a new Product or collection of Products and want to do the following1: Add the new Products to the products table ( seems simple enough to do this in EF from what I read).2: Add the newly received Products to the...
by arunrajkhumar
Hi, need a help on this. is this possible ?[^]I just wanted to access a & b variable in a() function. is there is any trick or tricky closures or callback or deferred or work around to make it work without making a & b variables are global ? We can even...

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by Tiancheng Hu  5.00/5 (2 votes)
New samples of using ThinkAlike to accomplish Android/Desktop cross-platform development, including helloworld, Web API access and widget UI.
by Android on Intel
In this article I will explain what is DNN and how the Intel® SSSE3 instruction set helps to accelerate DNN calculation progress.
by Android on Intel
In this paper, we introduce some of the new features in ART, benchmark it against the previous Android Dalvik* runtime, and share five tips for developers that can further improve application performance.

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