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24-Oct-13 7:32am by Norbert Schlia (moved) 
How to use QNetworkAccessManager to download files synchronously from the web.
13 hrs ago by (new) 
Asynchronous, "crash safe" logging with dynamic logging sinks
yesterday by Espen Harlinn (updated) 
A fast, reference counted, copy-on-write string class
yesterday by Espen Harlinn (updated) 
Windows API, menus, c++ lambda expressions, std::enable_shared_from_this
yesterday by Espen Harlinn (updated) 
Using the Facade Pattern to simplify development with COM based APIs'
yesterday by Espen Harlinn (updated) 
Benchmark C++ std::vector vs raw arrays, move assignable/constructable & copy assignable/constructable
yesterday by Espen Harlinn (updated) 
Direct2D, DirectWrite, Windows API, C++, std::shared_ptr and more
yesterday by Evgeny Zavalkovsky (updated) 
Multi-reader lock that provides real readers' lock-free and wait-free concurency on multi core systems.
yesterday by Elmue (updated) 
With this project, C++ and .NET Windows programmers get a very versatile library to send and download emails via SMTP, POP3 and IMAP with TLS and SSL support.
yesterday by pi19404 (new) 
This article describes the method to cross compile C/C++ library for Android OS
yesterday by slaon77 (updated) 
Setting APM level for SATA hard drive
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Android on Intel
SEAndroid refers to Security Enhancements for Android, a security...
by SoftPerfect Research
Introduction in the File System Notification Kit (FSNK) product for...
by Android on Intel
This article will discuss different options available for presenting...
by Android on Intel
This case study discusses building map and geolocation features into an...
by Android on Intel
This guide is intended to help developers port existing ARM*-based NDK...

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Fri 22 Aug 2014
Cody Littley’s new hard drive can only hold a single kilobyte of data—about one millionth of what you can cram onto those finger-nail-sized...
Fri 22 Aug 2014
At Syncfusion, we recognize that the freedom enjoyed by hobbyists enables them to be great innovators. That is why we offer special Hobbyist...
Fri 22 Aug 2014
The vast majority of web users would not be willing to pay to browse the internet without advertisements.
Fri 22 Aug 2014
The Russian press agency ITAR-TASS is reporting something so surprising that I'm having a hard time believing it: Cosmonauts have found...
Fri 22 Aug 2014
Young programmers don't generally seek advice from aging coders. Fine -- but for once, sit down, shut up, and listen in.

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by Yamil Cabello
How create tables dynamically in ssrs? I need to create tables dynamically.They want to generate Tables 1 to nPlease Help Solution
by Bassem.Wadie
hello ,i want to enable user to update in my html page ,has the ability to add document nodes and then anyone access the website can see the modified version by the user . how i can do it ?for example i have label in main page " welcome to your site "i want to make users change...
by Grad1985
Hi,I am currently working on a project using the AForge Framework. I am trying implement an algorithm called the "three step search". It will be used for motion detection via a webcam.More info here: problem I have having is understanding how the...
by Member 10649328
i am new to c# programming and hope to get a simple awnser here() only if posible :)i am trying to get to following in my program form1:textbox1 ("value")textbox2 ("value")these are public into form2 ("Datagridview1") Product[0]and price[1]but if i use...
1 hr ago by Kevin Marois
Forum: Silverlight / WPF

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by Pritam007  4.84/5 (16 votes)
Simple description of Merge Sort
by Evgeny Zavalkovsky  4.90/5 (7 votes)
Multi-reader lock that provides real readers' lock-free and wait-free concurency on multi core systems.
by Mihai MOGA  5.00/5 (5 votes)
How to solve real-life problems using B-trees
by pi19404  4.75/5 (5 votes)
In this article we will look at Adaptive Skin Color Detection technique described in the paper "An Adaptive Real-time Skin Detector Based on Hue Thresholding"
by Stefan_Lang  5.00/5 (4 votes)
How to avoid overflow and still retain precision on large integer calculations

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