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6-Jun-14 12:02pm by Pete O'Hanlon (moved) 
An introduction into how to be the coolest dev in your block, writing wearable code
5hrs 15mins ago by Kamran_Shahid (new) 
Singleton pattern implementation in Android
4 days ago by Rou1997 (updated) 
Sending SMS Without Intent (Silently) & With Intent . . . Simply & Long (Multi-Part) Text Messages . . . Checking Sent SMS Status . . . Sending MMS With Intent . . .
5 days ago by Rou1997 (new) 
Photo | Audio | Video | Any File . . . From Camera/Microphone, From SD-Card Via Gallery, Or SD-Card Via File Manager . . .
21-Nov-15 16:10pm by TheCodeArtist (new) 
(a.k.a. The case of the disappearing charging-icon)
20-Nov-15 11:56am by Val Okafor (new) 
Beginning Android Development – Part 2/3
20-Nov-15 10:49am by Val Okafor (new) 
Android SQLite for beginners
20-Nov-15 10:37am by Val Okafor (new) 
Learn the fundamentals of Android development
19-Nov-15 23:36pm by Ngo Tuong Dan (new) 
Using JTDS - SQL Server and Sybase JDBC driver to access SQL Server from Android APP
19-Nov-15 5:20am by Val Okafor (new) 
This blog post is part two of my Android Drawing App tutorials. It is strongly encouraged that you finish part one of this tutorial before proceeding with this one.  At the end of part one of this tutorial, we were able to draw something with our Android drawing app  and we added a number of [&#8230
19-Nov-15 5:19am by Val Okafor (new) 
In this blog post, I will show you how to create Android drawing app. This blog post is part one of a two part tutorial series where I will show you how to create simple but delightful Android drawing app.  As the name indicates this drawing app will enable users to draw or sketch on […]The po
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The Most Interesting technologies to target using Visual Studio are...
Microsoft have made developing on non-Windows platforms much easier for a Visual Studio developer. Which of these tickle your fancy?
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Mon 30 Nov 2015
Why do you do this Microsoft? Why do you make me hate windows10?
Mon 30 Nov 2015
Mon 30 Nov 2015
Good code reads well, best code rhymes
Mon 30 Nov 2015
Free Pascal is a 32, 64 and 16 bit professional Pascal compiler.
Mon 30 Nov 2015
In exchange for not being sued, Jakub F. had to make a video slamming online piracy entitled “The Story of My Piracy.

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by Member 12152787
guys i need to check if a barcode number starts with 27. if it does, i need to have the first 6 digitsnof this barcode in a textbox and the rest digits in another textbox how can i do that in any help would be appreciatedhow can i use the split method to do that or regular expressions...
by Member 11792106
HiI am trying to use the TimelinePanel control with a collection of item and I am having troubles making it work (nothing is showing). I am trying 2 different approach.XAML: ...
by Member 2014650
In Excel 2010 it was possible to get a reference to the current Excel application without creating a new instance of Excel. E.g. the ScreenUpdating property could be reached by the following:bool boolScreenUpdating = Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ScreenUpdating;This is not possible in...
by Sohaib Javed
Hello, I have website and I want to allow user to upload a vce file and I will show that VCE file in my website.I want to read VCE file using c# without using any other software. I just want to use any dll that help me read VCE file. I'm new to it please guide me how can I do...
by Member 11122709
I want to pass the values of textbox and dropdownlist to the ModelPopup Extender ....

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Display values as a stacked-column

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