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19-Sep-13 14:21pm by gupta.avinash (updated) 
In this article I will discuss how to implement text to speech (TTS) engine in an Android application.
yesterday by Evgeny Gorbin (updated) 
Simple social network integration tutorial for android using modular library
2 days ago by Raza Habib (new) 
RadioGroup in Android Application.
3 days ago by Nirosh (updated) 
This tutorial is designed for .NET programmers who need to understand ‘Nido’ framework and its application.
3 days ago by Suvendu Shekhar Giri (new) 
CheckBoxes in Android Application.
22-Oct-14 9:48am by Ricardo Trujillo Rodríguez (new) 
How to integrate push notifications on your Drupal 7 site and your Titanium Apps
16-Oct-14 23:23pm by Joel Ivory Johnson, Taryn Blake (updated) 
This is a walkthrough creating a speedometer for the Samsung Galaxy Gear.
16-Oct-14 11:14am by Pavel Durov (new) 
Article about dynamic Sqlite database management on Android platform using Java class reflection.
16-Oct-14 11:12am by Pavel Durov (new) 
Uploading large files from Android to ASP.NET
12-Oct-14 18:37pm by Ranjan.D (updated) 
This article is all about how to make an Articles Request by using CodeProject API, then get the response and de-serialize the same and display the list of articles in a ListView element.
12-Oct-14 10:42am by Ranjan.D (updated) 
This article is dedicated in explaining various aspects of publishing app, releasing updates, versioning etc. Also some other topics includes the best practices for Analytic's, Marketing and Monetization.
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by Android on Intel
This paper will help you choose the right engine for your game so it...
by Geoff Arnold
What follows is a description of how senior programmer Richard...
by Accusoft, Joseph Argento
This whitepaper describes a proven method for conveniently compressing...
by LEADTOOLS Support
Why implementing Optical Character Recognition with Leadtools ODR SDKs...
by Sulamita Garcia
This sample code uses the Live USB image from the IoT Development Kit...

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Fri 31 Oct 2014
The rise of open source software and its impact on market share is undeniable, and I'm not saying we cannot sell open source.
Fri 31 Oct 2014
According to The Freelancer’s Union, one in three Americans (roughly 42 million) is an independent worker. And by 2020, many predict that...
Fri 31 Oct 2014
Google Stars, the long-rumored bookmarking service from Google, has now publicly launched, but with little fanfare.
Fri 31 Oct 2014
TIOBE’s latest ranking of programming languages suggests Dart is making progress at JavaScript’s expense, but other data show that’s not the case.
Fri 31 Oct 2014
"Yes, I hit the '4' key on my keyboard and what I really need to happen is have the '3' come up on the screen."

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by Member 10925486
Question(1) Find the valid subnets,first valid host ,last valid host, broadcast for subnets ? Can any buddy solve this problem in detail
by cadsolution
hi,below my code listbox draw item but not worked,please check and correct it.private void listBox1_DrawItem(object sender, DrawItemEventArgs e) { bool selected = ((e.State & DrawItemState.Selected) == DrawItemState.Selected); int index = e.Index; ...
by xuyunhai
char *ptr = "0.3312015";I want to get "0.3312015" and convert to double type,*ptr can only get the first char 0,how to write this program?thanks for answer.
by Member 10645523
import java.sql.*;class jdbc1{ public static void main(String args[])throws Exception { try { Class.forName("com.Mysql.jdbc.Driver").newInstance(); System.out.println("Connecting to database..."); Connection con = null; con =...
by yedhuvamshi
timeout not working in web.configi want to redirect the end-user to "Logout.aspx" when time out by 1 minutebut it's not is my code..<forms name=".ASPXAUTH" loginUrl="~/Logout.aspx?login=1" timeout="1" defaultUrl="FollowUps_Default.aspx" slidingExpiration="true"...

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by Ricardo Trujillo Rodríguez  4.86/5 (6 votes)
How to integrate push notifications on your Drupal 7 site and your Titanium Apps

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