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8-Jan-13 8:54am by Phat (Phillip) H. VU (updated) 
Explorer Quick action pattern in Adroid and implement some simple demos.
yesterday by ashishkumar008 (new) 
Here, I am going to apply a good look and feel on EditText in Android. For this purpose, we can use image also but I'll use XML here.
17-Nov-14 10:58am by Michael Hodel (updated) 
Enigma Puzzle for Android – a game as difficult as the Rubik's cube
17-Nov-14 9:41am by Android on Intel (new) 
In this article we will take a look at Android* SQLite API and helper classes for database creation and maintenance.
16-Nov-14 12:09pm by Lucie Kruger (new) 
Geofences in Google App Development
13-Nov-14 22:40pm by Nirosh (updated) 
This tutorial is designed for .NET programmers who need to understand ‘Nido’ framework and its application.
13-Nov-14 21:42pm by A.Ebrahimi (new) 
Tools introduction for android developer who use SQlite in coding
13-Nov-14 10:10am by Daniel Vaughan (new) 
Learn how to combine T4 and a custom markup extension to share and consume image files between projects.
10-Nov-14 11:31am by F. ARO (new) 
Optical Character Recognition with Android
7-Nov-14 0:58am by JoeSox (updated) 
MyDroidTemplate Eclipse Project template and a Droid App for Interacting with CodeProject
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by LEADTOOLS Support
RTSP Server Made Easy with LEADTOOLS
by Mike_Pearce
This document shows you how to use the Arduino IDE along with the...
by matthias-hahn
Recently someone asked me on more documentation about Yocto builds. In...
by Nicolas_Vailliet
Our goal is to get familiar with simple sensors, wires and the board...
by Naveen Gv
This article presents the advantages of developing embedded digital...

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Thu 27 Nov 2014
Analyst firm predict Windows will overtake BlackBerry and Android to become second most popular OS for businesses by end of 2016
Thu 27 Nov 2014
The reality of “native” app development today is that virtually all apps include at least some HTML, if only for web views. There’s just no such...
Thu 27 Nov 2014
Free at the moment, but it looks like the information it gives might even be worth paying for.
Thu 27 Nov 2014
Did you know that mobile traffic (i.e. smartphones, etc.) accounts for about 30% of website page views today? That’s up 3x from a measly 10% just...
Thu 27 Nov 2014
I always find these, "This is how you do it here" type of infodumps useful when you're planning on moving to a new language.

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by didemerman
Hi, I am using matlab R2011b so I have't 'imfindcircles' function. My aim is to detect optic nerve and make it totaly white. How can I do that?Original image:[^]Binary image:[^]In the...
by Member 11236722
Hi all, I am a student and have to reproduce a the multi-monitor feature of Windows. i.e. To complete a course requirement i have to develop this software which divides the desktop into more than one working spaces and allows us to open more than one apps on the allotted x,y coordinates of...
2 hrs ago by Richard Andrew x64
Forum: C / C++ / MFC
by Member 10825774
In my windows 8.1 store app,I'm retrieving data from a JSON file to App's UI. Line breaks are working fine there but when I display that data on Share Charm line breaks don't work. What am I doing wrong?var recipe = "\r\nINGREDIENTS\r\n";recipe += String.Join("\r\n", Ingredients.Text); ...
by us05e
I have converted c# vs2005 sln to vs2010. when I add buttons to a converted winform it does not apear on the form when running the project. does anyone have an idea ?

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by Daniel Vaughan  5.00/5 (5 votes)
Learn how to combine T4 and a custom markup extension to share and consume image files between projects.
by Android on Intel  4.71/5 (4 votes)
In this article we will take a look at Android* SQLite API and helper classes for database creation and maintenance.
by Android on Intel  5.00/5 (2 votes)
This technical case study reviews the challenges that the developers faced when porting the latest version of SSX to the Intel® platform code named Bay Trail while remaining true to the original spirit of the game.
by Lucie Kruger  5.00/5 (2 votes)
Geofences in Google App Development
by Android on Intel  4.00/5 (1 vote)
In the conclusion of this two-part series, I detail the best 3D game engine and middleware solutions for Android* tablets, including free, open source, and proprietary options. I also note which have native support for x86 Intel® processors.

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