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11-Oct-13 22:34pm by ASP.NET Community (new) 
Windows Workflow FoundationWindows Workflow Foundation is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled
17 mins ago by Dirk Bahle (new) 
A flexible framework to retrieve and store application settings upon start and shutdown.
2 hrs ago by John Underhill (updated) 
Twofish 512, Serpent 512, Rijndael 512, the HX Ciphers, Ring-LWE, NTRU, McEliece, Rainbow, GMSS, DTM-KEX
4 hrs ago by Thinira (new) 
In this article we will discuss how to setup angular 2.0 in visual studio and write a very basic “Todo” application.
9 hrs ago by Mr.PoorEnglish (new) 
Usage of Linq, anonymous Methods and Types help keep code briefly
11 hrs ago by syed shanu (new) 
In this article you will learn about MVC using ReactJS and WCF Rest for Beginners.
16 hrs ago by Igor Sorokin (new) 
In this article I would like to describe simple WPF application for showing System.Windows.SystemColors list.
18 hrs ago by PureNsanity (new) 
What a MONAD is and how they impact your C# code
18 hrs ago by Member 10974085 (new) 
VB.NET - A different approach to creating control arrays - Create controls at Design time, process them as a control array with shared event handlers
yesterday by Evil Iceblock (new) 
A completely custom-drawn Switch control for Windows Forms applications, using C# and GDI+
yesterday by Gerardo Recinto (new) 
A Tracer API, simply. :)
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Fri 4 Sep 2015
For those who don’t know, Microsoft is currently working on it’s first non-patch update for Windows 10, currently codenamed Threshold 2 and was...
Fri 4 Sep 2015
Sources of dissatisfaction among IT employees
Fri 4 Sep 2015
Porting MSBuild to .NET Core will take a while. As we do all development in the open on GitHub, you are welcome to join in and pick up an issue...
Fri 4 Sep 2015
As of November 2, 2015, we will introduce JetBrains Toolbox—a collection of our popular desktop tools (IDEs, utilities and extensions) available...
Fri 4 Sep 2015
Several researchers over at Telefonica Research, all the way from Barcelona, Spain have created an algorithm that can measure a person's boredom...

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19 mins ago by Enzo Zenrac
Forum: tip/trick "Using CleverBOT as Your Secretary on Facebook"
by tharif4me
Public Class Test_ClassPublic Sub ShowReport(ByVal objClsCrystalRptVw As Object, ByVal StrSql As String, ByVal ReportName As String) Try Dim rptda As New SqlDataAdapter Dim rptds As New DataSet Dim rptcmd As New SqlCommand ...
by shiftwik
What feature of C# is this? I realize it is initializing objectsWhat is this called in the C# specification? Employee JohnDoe = new Employee(){ firstname = "john"; lastname = "doe"; age = 200; h1visa = false;};but what is the reason for this vs the C++ way of...
by Srikanth954
I joined in a new company, They provided system to all the employees as i joined newly still i was not allocated for developer machine. I joined as a Dot net developer since i was free, for practice purpose i asked them to install visual studio express 2012for windows,visual studio express...
53 mins ago by Enzo Zenrac
Forum: tip/trick "Using CleverBOT as Your Secretary on Facebook"

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by Imran Abdul Ghani  5.00/5 (49 votes)
Article explains about SharePoint Calendars, Overlays and usage of multiple calendars within SharePoint.
by markmnl  4.69/5 (36 votes)
Error handling often brings down an otherwise good design, this article offers an approach to standardize and simplify your error handling particularly in SOLID applications.
by Alex Sanséau  5.00/5 (17 votes)
How to take screenshots of websites and emulate different devices and screen sizes in C#.
by Dmitriy Gakh  5.00/5 (13 votes)
Development on C# without care of resource consumption can lead to overloading the system. This article describes a case with large waste of memory and CPU time and how to avoid it.
by K. Naveen. Bhat  4.80/5 (12 votes)
The article shows how we can solve various technical problems easily with the help of delegates.

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