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7-Jun-12 17:18pm by Rey Bango (moved) 
In this article we’re going to work with a MSNBC plug-in-free experience for rich media. It breaks down to two things: styles and scripts.
6-Aug-14 9:56am by Sei Flavius (new) 
Using auto-layout to position two buttons that span the entire width of the underlying view
2-Aug-14 16:27pm by K Stock (new) 
Article #2: How to install the multi-mobile-platform MoSync development environment
24-Jul-14 4:36am by Stuart Wheelwright (new) 
An introduction to MarkdownLog - an open source .NET library designed to produce Markdown formatted log files
15-Jul-14 10:20am by Leslie Godwin (new) 
The UISwitch's UIControlEventValueChanged event is pretty useless if you'd like to get a notification only when the switch value actually changes.
14-Jul-14 1:15am by Amogh Natu (new) 
This tip shows how to parse JSON response received from a web service into an NSDictionary object.
15-Jun-14 10:43am by Marco Bertschi (updated) 
A short guide on how you can style and customize the appearance of you QML controls in a CSS-like way
13-Jun-14 7:59am by MikeGledhill (new) 
How to add an fade-in message to your iPhone app in 5 minutes
10-Jun-14 15:55pm by Santosh Sharma (go2santosh) (new) 
Finally iOS developers get a new programming language as advanced as C# and Java
9-Jun-14 9:58am by PeteBarber (new) 
As a way to learn Swift I decided to have a play with Sprite Kit. One of the first things I did was to create a subclass of SKSpriteNode. This has a very handy initializer:init(imageNamed name: string) (in Swift)-(instanceType)initWithImageNamed:(NString*)name (in Objective-C)I then derived from thi
29-May-14 10:11am by gstolarov (updated) 
Build Flappy Bird with jQuery and 100 lines of Javascript
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Showcase Product Showcase

by donn-felker
Crashlytics is a free service offered by Twitter that collects your...
by Android on Intel
This case study discusses building map and geolocation features into an...
by SoftPerfect Research
Introduction in the File System Notification Kit (FSNK) product for...
by LEADTOOLS Support
LEAD Technologies is always finding new ways to turn complex...
by Android on Intel
In this article I will review several tools for automated functional...

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Tue 2 Sep 2014
Shawn Wildermuth asks those SPA folk to get off his lawn.
Tue 2 Sep 2014
If you're still using an ancient browser, it seems like Google is deliberately serving you an older version of the Google homepage from 2011 in...
Tue 2 Sep 2014
OCW makes the materials used in the teaching of MIT's subjects available on the Web.
Tue 2 Sep 2014
When presented with the idea of Mirah (a language based on the JVM languages but also borrowing heavily from Ruby) it would seem we are being...
Tue 2 Sep 2014
"For thirty-seven years," reads the opening passage in the book, "the gatherings and conventions of our IBM workers have expressed in happy songs...

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44 mins ago by Drakelor
Forum: C / C++ / MFC
45 mins ago by jkirkerx
Forum: Visual Basic
by pradeep shet
I am Pradeep Shet. I have published one article on knockout. The images were missing, so I updated the image path and published it again 2 days back. But it is still in approval phase. So can you please check it and approve it. Below is the path of...
by Mohan Subramani
Hello Guys,Am trying to update the MSI database via a transforms (MST) file. using below code.[code] WindowsInstaller.Installer inst = (WindowsInstaller.Installer)new Installer(); Database instDb = inst.OpenDatabase(MSIFile.FullName,...
by Member 10020245
The following code is an attempt to use WMI to get the computer temperature.It fails with an "access denied" exception upon the searcher.Get() procedure.I have attempted to set the security for the WMI service using the Computer Management.But this doesn't seem to affect the exception.I...

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by donn-felker
In this article I’m going to discuss how this data can help you fix the most critical crashes with minimal effort and create happy users and customers for your business. I’ll also talk about how I use Crashlytics in an application that is very large in scale.

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