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24-Sep-15 23:07pm by syed shanu (new) 
In this Article we will see how to create a simple App for AGENT Smartwatch.
1hr ago by Zijian (updated) 
Real world WCF project structure, Authentication and Authorization
7hrs 15mins ago by Paulo Henrique S.S. (updated) 
Getting started with MongoDB 3.2 and C# driver 2.0
8hrs 10mins ago by Eric Ouellet (updated) 
A very fast Convex Hull algorithm and its implementation
10hrs 20mins ago by Lenny Cheng (new) 
We examine four ways to create forms in ASP.NET MVC 5: weakly typed synchronous forms, strongly typed synchronous forms, strongly typed asynchronous forms, and using jQuery AJAX to post form data.
23 hrs ago by SubhamoyBurman (new) 
Understand the basics of how iOS applications are constructed and how Xamarin helps you to do so in C#
yesterday by john_1726 (new) 
Exploring Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control (IoC) with Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)
yesterday by Jean-Pierre Bachmann (updated) 
yesterday by lakhdarr (new) 
Different ways to export a grid contents to different file formats csv, excel, pdf using ASP MVC
yesterday by DotNetSteve (updated) 
A gentle introduction for DI and IOC in the first program most of us have written - Hello World
yesterday by SubhamoyBurman (new) 
This is how an idiot like me explains what is Abstract Factory pattern and how it could be used

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News Latest News

Fri 12 Feb 2016
Scientists just announced the detection of gravitational waves, a discovery that stands to change the way we understand our universe in...
Fri 12 Feb 2016
Warp back to 1992 with Ross Perot, Saddam Hussein, hundreds of shareware nag notices.
Fri 12 Feb 2016
Women's contributions to open source are more likely to be accepted than men's.
Fri 12 Feb 2016
Seriously though: do you know any social butterflies that have found a satisfying niche in the software industry?
Fri 12 Feb 2016

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Gurudatt 8032986
I am working on a form based application in C# using Visual Studio 2015 that will recognize voice commands and speak accordingly. For example, if I say "Weather" it will speak out current weather of my location. If I say "News" it will read out news. Now I want to implement a "Stop" voice...
by Barcelonista Naser
Hey folks,As the question it self says all about it but to be more specific i would like to implement Elevate Zoom jQuery plugin in my mvc application but had no luck yet. Either its because i am new to jQuery and JavaScript or it's not better documented. Any step by step tutorial or...
by irfanansari
how to code and formula in crystal report to get opening balance and closing balance ?I Am try to make school software where a report are there are some expense and some income amount like a credit and debit as bellowopening balanceopening balance credit debit balance opening balance...
by Member 12131277
Today when i am doing some changes in window form application in c#, during this time light is gone suddenly and system shutdown, when i restart my computer then compile my program , i am facing following errors Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State ...
by Dishank Bansal
We have to write a code to get a reverse of an array using recursive function to which only we pass length of array as argument.And length of array, reading of elements, printing of reverse will be done through MAIN function.Following is the iterative algorithm. how to convert it into a...

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by Jakub Szymanowski  4.99/5 (56 votes)
The article presents idea and implementation of fundamental algorithms in image processing.
by syed shanu  5.00/5 (15 votes)
In this article we will see how to create and manage a User Role based menu using ASP.NET MVC, WEB API and AngularJS.
by Lộc Nguyễn  4.92/5 (10 votes)
Example of Chinook digital media store database
by Pavel Evgenjevich Timoshenko  4.97/5 (10 votes)
In this article I would like to discuss about “nameof” operator supported by C# 6. It allows to map strings to named code elements.
by Android on Intel  2.81/5 (11 votes)
This article gives you an overview of the key programming languages used in Android development.

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