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11-Jul-14 9:21am by CatchExAs (updated) 
Using evolutionary techniques to deduce an optimal poker strategy
39 mins ago by Azim Zahir (new) 
This is a very simple but practical implementation of LINQ.
2 hrs ago by Arkadeep De (new) 
Bind an image slider without database in ASP.NET
2 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
Access modifiers (or access specifiers) are keywords in object-oriented languages that set the accessibility of classes, methods, and other members. Access modifiers are a specific part of programming language syntax used to facilitate the encapsulation of components.
2 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
Day 6: Understanding Enums in C#.My article of the series “Diving in OOP” will explain enum datatype in C#.
2 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
This part of the article series will focus more on run time polymorphism also called late binding.
2 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
Diving in OOP (Day 2):My article in the second part of the series will focus solely on inheritance concept in OOP
2 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
This article will cover almost every OOPS concept that a novice/beginner developer hunt for, and not only beginners, the article’s purpose is to be helpful to experience professionals also who need to sometimes brush-up their concepts or who prepare for interviews.
3 hrs ago by HenryCharles1997 (new) 
In the article, I'll show you how to build a simple URL shorten service with Redis and ASP.NET MVC
4 hrs ago by John Atten (updated) 
The ASP.NET Identity team released the Identity 2.0 framework RTM back in march. The new release contained significant additions to the functionality found in the original 1.0 release, and introduced some breaking changes as well. In a previous post, we took a high-level look at how Identity 2.0 w

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by donn-felker
Crashlytics is a free service offered by Twitter that collects your...
by Syncfusion
HDInsight is a Microsoft-provided distribution of Apache Hadoop. It is...
by donn-felker
In this article I’m going to discuss how this data can help you fix the...
by LEADTOOLS Support
LEADTOOLS includes comprehensive support for DICOM in each of its...
by Android on Intel
This paper will help you choose the right engine for your game so it...

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Tue 16 Sep 2014
If it all goes horribly wrong, i'm gonna need an exit plan.
Tue 16 Sep 2014
Two new research studies paint a bleak picture of mobile app privacy and security, putting the blame on developers in both cases.
Tue 16 Sep 2014
Salary cut draws employee ire; management calls it a 'co-investment in training'.
Tue 16 Sep 2014
Every professional C++ engineer sooner or later asks herself a question: “How do I write exception safe code?” The problem is far from trivial.
Tue 16 Sep 2014
Great if you're into the video style learning. Bootstrap is great, ASP.NET MVC is great. Why not jam them both together and web yourself up a bit?

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6 mins ago by Drakelor
Forum: C / C++ / MFC
14 mins ago by Member 10906386
Forum: ASP.NET
16 mins ago by kartoffel
Forum: article "Using AngularJs, ASP.NET MVC, Web API and EntityFramework to build NLayered Single Page Web Applications"
30 mins ago by Abhishek kumar121
Forum: C#
by Eli Arbel
Is there any way to get the files from this workspace? I didn't receive any email from CP saying they are shutting down Workspaces, and I don't have another copy of the code.Any...

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by Paulo Zemek  4.94/5 (42 votes)
A deep explanation on when to use interfaces and abstract classes.
by iSahilSharma  4.58/5 (40 votes)
This article is the first part of the series and explains the important key points of Abstract Class.
by Sandeep Singh Shekhawat  4.87/5 (33 votes)
This article introduces the Generic Repository pattern and Unit of Work in ASP.NET MVC applications.
by Paulo Zemek  4.96/5 (19 votes)
Learn how to create a math expression compiler and a special WPF markup extension capable of using it to generate bindings.
by jpreecedev  4.81/5 (13 votes)
5 useful tips to help get the most from AutoMapper

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