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Internet of Things Article Challenge

Help developers get started on the path to building real, actual Internet of Things applications for a chance to share in $6,500 of prizes! Contest has been extended to 7th Aug 2016.

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9-Jul-14 9:21am by mrwisdom (updated) 
Source code for how to create a RichTextBox column in a DataGridView
2hrs 15mins ago by Hein Pauwelyn (updated) 
How you could use icons in your application there are 2 possible ways: images and icon font (Font Awesome).
3hrs 10mins ago by dibley1973 (updated) 
The Stored Procedure Framework now supports a stored procedure with dynamic fields
7hrs 5mins ago by Gawande Pramod (new) 
Action Filters are attributes that can be applied either on a controller action method or on a controller. When applied at the controller level, they are applicable for all action methods within that controller.
9hrs 15mins ago by Zebedee Mason (new) 
Dive into Architecture using the Visual Studio Community 2015 extension (VSIX) DeepEnds.
14hrs ago by Atish Dipongkor (new) 
Handling HTTP requests like GET, POST, UPDATE, DELETE and file uploading using AngularJS in SharePoint 2013, 2016 and online.
14hrs ago by Wonde Tadesse (new) 
How to utilize QueueBackgroundWorkItem(QBWI) for web applications that run a background process in IIS environment.
14hrs ago by Pawel Sienko (new) 
This trick describes how to fix issue.
18hrs ago by Igor Krein (updated) 
A library of simple extension methods that could be useful for data generation tasks
19hrs ago by MarcusCole092076 (new) 
How to use Umbracos CMS
19hrs ago by PawelBujak (updated) 
How to avoid blocking long operations in GUI applications, that lead to hung state.

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Fri 29 Jul 2016
No, it's not only you—some user interfaces today intentionally want to confuse and enroll.
Fri 29 Jul 2016
A review of European privacy laws said that "the use of end-to-end encryption should also be encouraged."
Fri 29 Jul 2016
Aurelia is a JavaScript client framework for mobile, desktop and web leveraging simple conventions and empowering creativity.
Fri 29 Jul 2016
It's hard to believe that 20 years ago, Microsoft introduced the first OS for the masses, democratizing IT platforms and tools to help IT build...
Fri 29 Jul 2016
The problem with time is that it is (of course) different depending on your time zone and daylight savings time for your region.

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by Logan V
how to set ChequeRddDate is null if checked after?if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(txtChequeRddDate.Text)) { ChequeRddDate = objCommon.FormatDate(txtChequeRddDate.Text.Trim()); } else { DateTime? = null; ...
by kyrons
Hi everyone. I need help about my coding in copying data from one database table to another database table in ms access database. Here are my codes: Dim conn2 As OleDbConnection Dim cmd2 As OleDbCommand Dim SQLStr2 As String conn2 = New...
by Member 12632487
I want that when user select item from comobox the textbox show the value: e.g:4, 5EXAMPLE;when user select "A+" from comobox the textbox1 show "4" automatically.And i want to do this for many comobox so,please help me :(What I have tried:i have tried just like;float a =...
by Member 11383935
Im doing some online course, I'm trying to learn C # Smile | :) . It appears to me that i created infinite loop. Any hepl? class Program { /// /// Calculates the sum of the integers between start and end (including start and end) /// [TestMethod] ...
by Member 10874581
When i am runing my application i am geting error kindly solve my problem.What I have tried: ...

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by Super Lloyd  4.98/5 (29 votes)
Introduction to MVVM for absolute beginners
by CoderGirl42  4.98/5 (26 votes)
Finding true North using GPS and a compass with Raspberry Pi.
by Rasik Bihari Tiwari  4.72/5 (21 votes)
Let's understand the evolution from older multi-threading world to Task Parallel library (alias TPL). What are the use cases where you would want to leverage TPL instead of creating threads on your own. What are exact areas where TPL has real edge.
by Vincent Maverick Durano  4.88/5 (17 votes)
This post highlights the Dos and the Don’ts in general regarding ASP.NET.
by Christian Koberg  4.94/5 (14 votes)
The basics, snares, pitfalls and the bright side of C++ streaming standard.

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