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5-Nov-14 8:44am by Yohannes Pamungkas (new) 
How to embed LibCurl to create a download manager.
1hr ago by Snesh Prajapati (new) 
This is second part of the article series with a demo WPF application using Prism and MVVM. In this part we will enhance the demo by adding common infrastructures and five modules.
3hrs 10mins ago by Karl Shifflett (new) 
For a thousand reasons, I wanted to entitle this post, “The Bleeding Edge is Bloody.” If you are not familiar with Electron, ES6, Aurelia, or MongoDB, this post may not make much sense to you.  However, you can read the post, and head over to the github repro and browse the code.  You’ll see that [&
3hrs 20mins ago by Mauricio David (updated) 
A simple, fast and free embedded .NET NoSQL Document Store in a single data file. Inspired on MongoDB, supports collections, POCO classes, Bson Documents, indexes, stream data, ACID transactions and LINQ expressions.
8hrs 15mins ago by Modesty Zhang (new) 
Instead of DOM event handlers, Reactive Extensions offers an expressive and concise way to handle asynchronous events and data stream. This article presents an example of utilizing RxJS for autonomous states updates in ReactJS component.
10hrs ago by dibley1973 (new) 
Calling a Basic Stored Procedure using the StoredProcedureFrameworkNow that my strongly typed stored procedure framework has reached a stable version that is being considered as a ReleaseCandidate, I can now spend some time publishing how to call stored procedures using the framework.
14 hrs ago by matthewproctor (new) 
IntroductionSometimes it's handy to be able to easily extract a list of email addresses from your Outlook PST or OST file. The 'old fashioned' way of doing this is to export the mailbox to a CSV file, and only include email addresses as a field.But with large mailboxes, this can be time consuming a
14 hrs ago by Patrick P. Frey (moved) 
This tutorial based on a docker image will guide through the development of a search engine service based on Strus and its Python Bindings within the Tornado web-framework.
14 hrs ago by Hanbo (new) 
In this article, I like to show the reader step by step to create a RESTFul web service using Jersey 2.x.
21 hrs ago by Christian Vos (new) 
How to use Microsoft Unity Interception as a solution for cross cutting concerns in a .NET application

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Fri 27 Nov 2015
Today, I’m pleased to be able to announce the immediate availability of Raspberry Pi Zero, made in Wales and priced at just $5. Zero is a...
Fri 27 Nov 2015
So what is the current consensus on A/V software?
Fri 27 Nov 2015
So I downgraded my Windows 7 laptop to Win 10. It was basically point & click. Very simple.
Fri 27 Nov 2015
Microsoft is adding a new opt-in defense for enterprises to block adware, which is often sneakily wrapped into free downloads.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by juste_3al_faza
After I use my code when Ranorex is installed is works fine, but after uninstalled it, I have a library of Ranorex payed version, but I don't install it on my PC, just I need the library. there an exception showed with this line of codeForm form =...
by Member 12172394
In my project I can't use the linked list implementation from java.util, so i'm implementing my own linked list. Besides, my software need to be constructed with the MVC architeture, so my question is: in this type of project pattern where I should instantiate the linked list class that I...
by Member 12172365
I have chosen this way of doing it so i can just drop a hand full of images in to a folder and that's it, no editing and no re-sizing to do, Simple!I have tried many ways but nothing works, my latest attempt is next = $(".image-container").find("img[src=" + Img + "]").next('img').attr('src');...
by prashant singh
class myclass{ public static void main(String args[]){ char array[][]=new char[3][3]; array[][]={{'1','2','3'},{'4','5','6'},{'7','8','9'}}; }}
by Member 12172345
Hello guys I am new in programming so, I need help in this program. The following output must be shown.544333222211111

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by Daniel Miller  4.97/5 (46 votes)
This article describes the C# implementation for a high-performance role-based access control list.
by Nick Polyak  4.88/5 (22 votes)
Lookless controls vs User Controls. Lookless controls usage patterns
by Bertus van Zyl  4.60/5 (20 votes)
A tutorial about generics in C#, aimed at beginners.
by saleemy2ks  4.81/5 (20 votes)
This Article discusses on Memory allocation in .Net and how JIT compiler optimizes non-volatile code. It also talk about Value Type, Reference type, Stack, Heap, Boxing, Unboxing, Ref, Out and Volatile.
by Amir Dashti  4.73/5 (20 votes)
Simply understand what happens when you use async/await keywords, what are the benefits and how to prevent deadlocks

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