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24-Jan-16 15:18pm by Duncan Edwards Jones (updated) 
A class to add to your application to generate nicely formatted prints from a DataGrid.
37 mins ago by wolfoerster (new) 
Exploring the rich dynamic behavior of a simple physical system that shows deterministic chaos
5hrs 5mins ago by Rasik Bihari Tiwari (updated) 
Let's get into few nitty gritties involved with integer data type and what can go wrong behind the scenes when its arithmetic limits are exceeded
5hrs 15mins ago by Shao Voon Wong (updated) 
Read/write CSV in few lines of code!
7hrs 20mins ago by Sergey Kizyan (updated) 
This is 7th article from my series about C# and it is about Reflection
7hrs 20mins ago by Sergey Kizyan (updated) 
6th lecture from my series. This lecture is about attributes.
7hrs 20mins ago by Sergey Kizyan (updated) 
This is 5th lecture of the set I'm giving. It is related to delegates and events
9hrs 10mins ago by Florian Rappl (updated) 
In the first part we introduce the basic concepts of C# along with object oriented programming and the .NET-Framework.
13hrs ago by rhyous (updated) 
The oft forgotten middle trim
13hrs ago by Arthur V. Ratz (updated) 
The following article demonstrates the implementation of a smart cross-platform textdiff lexicographical analyzer utility which can be used to find and locate the differences between two files.
23hrs ago by Johncsfh (updated) 
This is a simple cross-platform wrap library for boost::asio.
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News Latest News

Fri 6 May 2016
Microsoft is reminding everyone today that the free promotion for Windows 10 upgrades is finishing soon.
Fri 6 May 2016
Details are still being finalized, but on July 29th the Get Windows 10 app that facilitates the easy upgrade to Windows 10 will be disabled and...
Thu 5 May 2016
TIME Magazine named Apple's iPhone the most influential gadget of all time in a list published Tuesday, which included a variety of tech products...
Thu 5 May 2016
SQLite version 3.11.2 is shipping with the Windows 10 Anniversary edition as part of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and is recommended for...
Thu 5 May 2016
New quantum computing project is available to play with online.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by B. Clay Shannon
This happens somewhat frequently in Visual Studio, and the current permutation is, "cannot resolve symbol 'SQL Server'" on this line:Dim sqlDAL As New SQLServer()Hovering over the unresolved symbol sometimes affords a "resolve" context menu item, but not always (and not this time).It...
by Uwakpeter
Hello everyone;I am having issues displaying multiple data tables on a dataset in rdlc, i have added individual data tables to different data sources in the report data datasets option, i am having dataset1,dataset2,....dataset5 in the report Data DataSet section, i also use this...
18 mins ago by Nasir Abbas
Forum: Database
by Ali Bahaj
I am developing a flashLight app and I faced a problem in notification which is : When I press the notification text I want to turn of flash and close the whole app , How can I modified the notification method to do that ??please help and thanks in advance .this is my notification method...
by Member 11783985
have a Text file with several different C:\ locations i need, the idea is to use the streamreader to read the text file, load each line into an array and then be able to use that specific array per line in the Sub routines to code.the idea, is that if in the future the location of the C:\...

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by Igor Ladnik  4.91/5 (29 votes)
ASP.NET Web API, SignalR and AngularJS / Angular 2 work together
by Passion4Code  4.98/5 (23 votes)
Here are some tools which will make a web developer's life easier
by itsdkg  4.63/5 (21 votes)
A demonstration of how to use C++11/C++14 lambdas / Closures
by Arthur Minduca  4.89/5 (20 votes)
How to chose the right data structure for a collection of elements
by Arthur V. Ratz  4.98/5 (17 votes)
The following article demonstrates the implementation of a smart cross-platform textdiff lexicographical analyzer utility which can be used to find and locate the differences between two files.

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