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4-Sep-13 12:30pm by SubratMishra (new) 
One's Health Diary
38 mins ago by John Atten (updated) 
In recent posts, I've covered a lot of ground using ASP.NET Identity 2.0 in the context of an MVC application. Since it's RTM in March of this year, Identity 2.0 has offered a substantial expansion of the Authentication/Authorization . toolset available to MVC applications. Similarly, Identity 2.0
1 hr ago by KarstenK (new) 
How to start up with OpenGL on iOS.
5 hrs ago by syed shanu (updated) 
Windows Form Design at Run Time.Panel has been used as a Form where user can Add ,Move controls.user can Add,text,items,colors and etc using Property Window.Bind Data to DatagridView,ListView,ComboBox from DataTable,XML File and From SQL Server Data Base
7 hrs ago by LenJ67 (new) 
Using PowerShell and EWS to write/update public folder contacts.
8 hrs ago by Maninder Singh Puhi (new) 
A basic tutorial to build and consume RESTful services using ASP.Net Web API 2 and Entity Framework Code First approach.
10 hrs ago by Ranjan.D (updated) 
This article is all about how to deal with CodeProject OAuth Token. Also we will be developing a sample application to get the OAuth Token and understand the basics of using CodeProject API to make HTTPS Request to access various resource.
11 hrs ago by B. Clay Shannon (updated) 
Save time checking up on new content on your favorite websites by downloading, and setting up an RSS newsreader
17 hrs ago by arkaysahu (new) 
Easy way to show JavaScript Alert Message having Arabic Text

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by Paul Lindberg
This case study illustrates how, working with Intel engineers, Tencent...
by Member 11030029
Developer Serhiy Posokhin and his wife Antonina Posokhina, a designer...
by Android on Intel
This guide is intended to help developers port existing ARM*-based NDK...
by Android on Intel
This article will discuss different options available for presenting...
by Android on Intel
Mobile applications can behave differently between emulator and device...

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Tue 30 Sep 2014
Elixir language, now at version 1.0, leverages Erlang VM to produce short, fast, and maintainable code for the Web and infrastructures.
Tue 30 Sep 2014
Maybe it's time for Apple to start realising that it's software smells just like everyone else's.
Tue 30 Sep 2014
Ever need to type in countries? No, me neither. However, popping a quick shape of ... say, 'British Columbia' on a page could come in handy...
Tue 30 Sep 2014
A comparison of the three most popular MV? frameworks
Tue 30 Sep 2014
Did you know that IBM has kindly created a spec for representing JSON as XML? Nice, compact, text-only JSON... as XML. Go home IBM, you're drunk.

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by thangaraj kathiravan
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[avoidduplicate] @username varchar(20), @pword nvarchar(20), @empname varchar(20), @email nvarchar(50), @designation varchar(20), @reportto varchar(20), @Result varchar(50) output as if exists(Select...
by Arunkumar Murugesan
Hi All,I have listbox items. Whenever we double clicked the items, the content should open with new window. We can open multiple windows. It seems works well. But the problem is same content will replicate to all the windows. For example i have double click to open the five different listbox...
by arif hussain
I have problem to displaying image zoom effect on hover.The problem is that when i mouse hover my image show out of website boundary because its large image.How i can show image on mouse hover with auto positioning.It should be inside the website boundary.I have image here to better...
by Kumarbs
Hi all,I'm a newbie to the angular. I am in a search to the angular form validation using json schema. But i haven't find any thing.Anyone can help me?

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by Sandeep sunku  4.89/5 (43 votes)
This article showcases on explaining the Threading concepts available in .Net
by Shivprasad koirala  4.95/5 (32 votes)
In this article we have explained why MVC and we will be comparing MVC with webforms.
by iSahilSharma  4.88/5 (25 votes)
This article is the second part of the series “Abstract Class & Interface: Two Villains of Every Interview” and explains the important key points of Interface.
by Suraj Sahoo Mindfiresolutions  4.83/5 (23 votes)
Lets get into the concepts of Dependency Injection and How can that be handy in MVC applications
by Pavel Torgashov  4.94/5 (18 votes)
Fast and flexible replacing of standard WinForm’s controls: ListBox, CheckedListBox and TreeView.

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