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7-Aug-14 9:59am by Anton Khritonenkov (updated) 
This article describes how to create HelpDesk on SharePoint 2013\Online.
2 hrs ago by Anurag Gandhi (updated) 
An html 2d game to describe some basic game development tips in html/css and javascript.
5 hrs ago by Menci Lucio (new) 
This is a control that lets you select an item from a list with a single gesture
5 hrs ago by Thang Believe (new) 
Using Excel to generate random domain names
6 hrs ago by Andre van Dun (new) 
Flexible SVG tile based dashboard in C#
8 hrs ago by Mike Meinz (new) 
Describes an algorithm to ignore spurious ultrasonic sensor readings.
8 hrs ago by Thorsten Bruning (new) 
How to combine a bunch of techniques to improve code readability.
9 hrs ago by Sandeep Singh Shekhawat (updated) 
How to show a warning message to the user prior to 15 minutes before the session time out, in other words if the user is in an idle state for more than 5 minutes then the user gets a message in the browser
13 hrs ago by Mayur V Lohite (new) 
SQL Injection is a very common attack in web applications. This article explains how SQL Injection occurs and how to prevent it.
14 hrs ago by Paulo Zemek (updated) 
There's a popular book that presents Data Structures tied to procedural code. Well, this article is all about using Data Structures in Object Oriented Programming.
14 hrs ago by Variya karan (new) 
Navigation in Windows 8 with data

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Showcase Product Showcase

by Android on Intel
In this article I will review several tools for automated functional...
by SoftPerfect Research
Introduction in the File System Notification Kit (FSNK) product for...
by Android on Intel
This guide is intended to help developers port existing ARM*-based NDK...
by SoftPerfect Research
Virtual Volume Software Development Kit (VV SDK) is a developer’s...
by Android on Intel
This case study discusses building map and geolocation features into an...

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Tue 2 Sep 2014
Fight for the Future and other net neutrality activist groups have set up the Battle for the Net coalition, which plans to launch an “Internet...
Tue 2 Sep 2014
Microsoft concluded support for Windows XP in April. Despite that fact, a large chunk of the global PC market still runs the operating system. And...
Tue 2 Sep 2014
It sure beats the usual method of testing responsive design (grab a corner of your browser, and wiggle it in and out to resize the window).
Tue 2 Sep 2014
Opsimath: one who learns, or begins to study, later in life.
Tue 2 Sep 2014
The "cool kids" have had this for a while, and it works quite well as a workflow. Now you can type your way to an ASP.NET website as well.

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7 mins ago by biicode
Forum: Collaboration / Beta Testing
by Member 11017651
I m in urgent requirement to convert the SGML file in XML using code.Cant use any converter packs. What all I need for this? please reply if any body have worked on this or have any idea. protected void btUpload_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string fullFilePath =...
by m-shraddha
var sSearchTerm = $('#').val(); //Get the search box value if (sSearchTerm.length == 0) //if nothing is entered then show all the rows. { $("# tr:has(td)").show(); return...
by Ankit 71
I have a gridview and in this i have a lots of data and check box corresspondense to that data.i want to download that data from gridview that i have selected with checkbox.if more then data is selected then it will convert in zip file then download.but the issue is that, the data is in...
by narasiman1
In run mode as follows FromDate Calendar1 In gridview as follows Schdate 28 Aug 14 I want to validate calendar selected date and Gridview Schdate must be same For example as follows From date 28 Aug 14(In calendar1) In gridview as follows ...

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by benmwatson  4.98/5 (47 votes)
Understand the performance tradeoffs when designing your classes, as well as what to watch out for when using the various language and CLR features in .NET
by Anurag Gandhi  5.00/5 (19 votes)
A Grid/Report control in MVC with pivot option
by Thorsten Bruning  4.84/5 (18 votes)
How to combine a bunch of techniques to improve code readability.
by Shemeer NS  4.91/5 (12 votes)
Simple WCF RESTful Service, WebGetAttribute and WebInvokeAttribute, UriTemplate and UriTemplateTable. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.
by Abhishek Jaiswall  4.79/5 (12 votes)
State Management in ASP.NET

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