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GeneralRe: difference among performance ,load and stress testing Pin
swapnaambati19-Dec-06 23:58
Memberswapnaambati19-Dec-06 23:58 
AnswerRe: difference among performance ,load and stress testing Pin
snipsi26-Jan-07 7:31
Membersnipsi26-Jan-07 7:31 
QuestionDo I charge too much for design? Pin
Caldwell5988-Nov-06 7:07
MemberCaldwell5988-Nov-06 7:07 
AnswerRe: Do I charge too much for design? Pin
Paul Conrad8-Nov-06 11:23
subeditorPaul Conrad8-Nov-06 11:23 
GeneralRe: Do I charge too much for design? Pin
Caldwell5988-Nov-06 11:53
MemberCaldwell5988-Nov-06 11:53 
GeneralRe: Do I charge too much for design? Pin
Paul Conrad8-Nov-06 11:59
subeditorPaul Conrad8-Nov-06 11:59 
AnswerRe: Do I charge too much for design? Pin
mike montagne21-Mar-07 9:09
Membermike montagne21-Mar-07 9:09 
Questionsource code opensource? Pin
Luke Armstrong2-Nov-06 12:37
MemberLuke Armstrong2-Nov-06 12:37 

I am a web developer currently teaching myself ASP.NET 2.0 (in c#) with MySQL (rare combination, but still viable?). Getting ASP.NET & MySQL to work together at first was difficult, but now I understand the basics most code catered towards MS SQL can be altered to work with MySQL.

I mainly create bespoke content management systems for clients, so even though my knowledge is quite weak I am still putting it to regular use and constantly learning new things. I keep coming up against silly bugs/problems, or am having to write an awful lot of code (sometimes snippets twice) because I am not clued up on the best practices as I am essentially just making it up as I go along.

The tutorials and articles here are generally useful, but can sometimes be written crudely as they will only serve one purpose and no point in confusing someone by overcomplicating the methods. Alot of resources out there are catered towards 1.0 and 1.1 - when an awful lot changed in 2.0.

When I was learning PHP it was a great help to find opensource projects to delve into (even ones not classed as opensource still were of help because the code is always available). But with ASP.NET, practically everything is closed source (.dll's) and/or you have to pay a high price to see the source code.

Could anyone please recommend me any books worth getting, or offer any advice on how to find better online resources, or perhaps point me in the direction of some opensource projects I can look at - or towards some opensource groups I could collaborate with.

AnswerRe: source code opensource? Pin
mike montagne21-Mar-07 9:25
Membermike montagne21-Mar-07 9:25 
QuestionCode work needed! Pin
Alleyes26-Oct-06 5:33
MemberAlleyes26-Oct-06 5:33 
AnswerRe: Code work needed! Pin
dharani30-Oct-06 23:11
Memberdharani30-Oct-06 23:11 
AnswerRe: Code work needed! Pin
b43r_3oo31-Nov-06 20:33
Memberb43r_3oo31-Nov-06 20:33 
AnswerRe: Code work needed! Pin
Arthur Manena13-Nov-06 19:30
MemberArthur Manena13-Nov-06 19:30 
NewsSEEK300 Coding Competition 2006 Pin
MunchkinLord22-Oct-06 16:24
MemberMunchkinLord22-Oct-06 16:24 
QuestionWhat is the version of NUnitASP that supports ASP.NET 2.0 Pin
Phanindra Kumar16-Aug-06 20:55
MemberPhanindra Kumar16-Aug-06 20:55 
QuestionDUnit, NUnit Pin
divyaswati3-Aug-06 1:26
Memberdivyaswati3-Aug-06 1:26 
AnswerRe: DUnit, NUnit Pin
toxcct24-Sep-06 23:01
Membertoxcct24-Sep-06 23:01 
GeneralRe: DUnit, NUnit Pin
mr_lasseter3-Oct-06 13:55
Membermr_lasseter3-Oct-06 13:55 
GeneralRe: DUnit, NUnit Pin
toxcct3-Oct-06 21:31
Membertoxcct3-Oct-06 21:31 
Questiontesting Pin
divyaswati2-Aug-06 23:27
Memberdivyaswati2-Aug-06 23:27 
AnswerRe: testing Pin
ramuvk10-Aug-06 0:20
Memberramuvk10-Aug-06 0:20 
AnswerRe: testing Pin
Fatbuddha 123-Apr-07 0:41
MemberFatbuddha 123-Apr-07 0:41 
Questiontest plan Pin
divyaswati2-Aug-06 23:26
Memberdivyaswati2-Aug-06 23:26 
QuestionBeta testing for an article Pin
Monty224-Jul-06 22:12
MemberMonty224-Jul-06 22:12 
QuestionCode Coverage Testing for .NET CF application Pin
analytiks12-Jul-06 2:44
Memberanalytiks12-Jul-06 2:44 

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