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Survey Results

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?   [Edit]

Survey period: 23 Oct 2000 to 29 Oct 2000

None - I'm a bottled water kinda guy12716.34
Constant Intravenous drip303.86
Soda/Pop/Soft Drinks (by the can)476.05
Soda/Pop/Soft Drinks (by the bottle)455.79
Soda/Pop/Soft Drinks (by the crate)425.41

GeneralWe are 80% of water! Pin
Alex Blekhman29-Oct-00 2:29
memberAlex Blekhman29-Oct-00 2:29 
GeneralHmmmmmmmmm Pin
Member 645425-Oct-00 15:49
memberMember 645425-Oct-00 15:49 
GeneralTea is the way to go! Pin
Norm Powroz25-Oct-00 12:05
memberNorm Powroz25-Oct-00 12:05 
GeneralRe: Tea is the way to go! Pin
Chris Maunder26-Oct-00 3:00
adminChris Maunder26-Oct-00 3:00 
GeneralRe: Tea is the way to go! Pin
Jason De Arte26-Oct-00 14:26
memberJason De Arte26-Oct-00 14:26 
GeneralDrugs Pin
rec24-Oct-00 1:21
memberrec24-Oct-00 1:21 
GeneralRe: Drugs Pin
Chris Maunder24-Oct-00 3:35
adminChris Maunder24-Oct-00 3:35 
GeneralRe: Drugs Pin
Chris Meech24-Oct-00 4:42
memberChris Meech24-Oct-00 4:42 
GeneralBeware the Bad Pin
Leon Matthews24-Oct-00 0:35
memberLeon Matthews24-Oct-00 0:35 
GeneralRe: Beware the Bad Pin
Member 120896525-Oct-00 0:47
memberMember 120896525-Oct-00 0:47 
GeneralNeed some help Pin
Thomas Freudenberg23-Oct-00 6:48
memberThomas Freudenberg23-Oct-00 6:48 
GeneralI'm stunned. Pin
Chris Maunder23-Oct-00 6:02
adminChris Maunder23-Oct-00 6:02 
GeneralRe: I'm stunned. Pin
Chris Meech23-Oct-00 6:07
memberChris Meech23-Oct-00 6:07 
GeneralRe: I'm stunned. Pin
Nick Hodapp23-Oct-00 6:29
sitebuilderNick Hodapp23-Oct-00 6:29 
GeneralRe: I'm stunned. Pin
Roger Murray23-Oct-00 6:34
memberRoger Murray23-Oct-00 6:34 
GeneralRe: I'm stunned. Pin
Jim Wuerch23-Oct-00 7:22
memberJim Wuerch23-Oct-00 7:22 
GeneralShould I expand the poll? Pin
Chris Maunder23-Oct-00 7:25
adminChris Maunder23-Oct-00 7:25 
GeneralRe: Should I expand the poll? Pin
Paul Westcott23-Oct-00 7:36
memberPaul Westcott23-Oct-00 7:36 
GeneralRe: Should I expand the poll? Pin
Paul Wolfensberger23-Oct-00 15:02
memberPaul Wolfensberger23-Oct-00 15:02 
GeneralRe: Should I expand the poll? Pin
Alberto23-Oct-00 23:17
memberAlberto23-Oct-00 23:17 
GeneralRe: Should I expand the poll? Pin
Andy Metcalfe25-Oct-00 2:41
sussAndy Metcalfe25-Oct-00 2:41 
GeneralRe: Should I expand the poll? Pin
Chris Maunder25-Oct-00 9:19
adminChris Maunder25-Oct-00 9:19 
GeneralRe: I'm stunned. Pin
crispy23-Oct-00 8:55
membercrispy23-Oct-00 8:55 
GeneralRe: I'm stunned. Pin
Chris Maunder24-Oct-00 3:33
adminChris Maunder24-Oct-00 3:33 
GeneralRe: I'm stunned. Pin
Member 120896525-Oct-00 0:51
memberMember 120896525-Oct-00 0:51 

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