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Do you ever add jokes in code comments?   [Edit]

Survey period: 26 Jul 2010 to 2 Aug 2010

Maybe you're a frustrated comedian, maybe you know your co-worker will get a kick and maybe you're just bored. Do you do it?

Yes, regularly545.70
Yes, occasionally19820.89
Yes, rarely27228.69

GeneralFrom a Uni project Pin
Ninja-the-Nerd2-Aug-10 15:44
memberNinja-the-Nerd2-Aug-10 15:44 
GeneralI always have to think about this great blog post... Pin
GameCrash2-Aug-10 11:53
memberGameCrash2-Aug-10 11:53 
GeneralI do it occaisionally.... Pin
Keith Barrow1-Aug-10 8:30
memberKeith Barrow1-Aug-10 8:30 
GeneralIs that the commented jokes help the other developers. Pin
Md. Marufuzzaman1-Aug-10 4:22
mvpMd. Marufuzzaman1-Aug-10 4:22 
Generalsure! Pin
Federico Sasso30-Jul-10 4:52
memberFederico Sasso30-Jul-10 4:52 
GeneralWhy bother? Pin
digital man29-Jul-10 22:27
memberdigital man29-Jul-10 22:27 
Generalplease help me about oracle with c#.. Pin
ahmedatas29-Jul-10 21:49
memberahmedatas29-Jul-10 21:49 
GeneralRe: please help me about oracle with c#.. Pin
Smart K829-Jul-10 22:15
memberSmart K829-Jul-10 22:15 
GeneralRe: please help me about oracle with c#.. Pin
ahmedatas18-Oct-11 5:53
memberahmedatas18-Oct-11 5:53 
GeneralUnfortunatelly pretty often Pin
Smart K829-Jul-10 20:57
memberSmart K829-Jul-10 20:57 
I use jokes in the comments (the workaround comments are generally very ironic), and in a reviewed code when commenting what's wrong with that particular piece. Because it's marked TODO, and to be soon fixed by a recipient. But I slip an occasional 'obviously' (as in 'this code does that.. obviously) or 'should be doing' variations.

The wisdom is to see things truthfully.

GeneralDid it once or twice (but not for submitted HW or exam) Pin
Surgeoneer29-Jul-10 13:01
memberSurgeoneer29-Jul-10 13:01 
GeneralOne liners Pin
Ben Daq28-Jul-10 23:57
memberBen Daq28-Jul-10 23:57 
GeneralRe: One liners Pin
PIEBALDconsult29-Jul-10 4:43
mvpPIEBALDconsult29-Jul-10 4:43 
GeneralRe: One liners Pin
andre1234529-Jul-10 7:59
memberandre1234529-Jul-10 7:59 
GeneralNo Pin
Shi,Yudi28-Jul-10 20:58
memberShi,Yudi28-Jul-10 20:58 
GeneralRe: No Pin
luisnike1930-Jul-10 16:51
memberluisnike1930-Jul-10 16:51 
GeneralRe: No Pin
Shi,Yudi30-Jul-10 20:50
memberShi,Yudi30-Jul-10 20:50 
GeneralOnly in error messages... Pin
robertw01928-Jul-10 15:11
memberrobertw01928-Jul-10 15:11 
Generalonly during code reviews... Pin
M i s t e r L i s t e r28-Jul-10 11:04
memberM i s t e r L i s t e r28-Jul-10 11:04 
GeneralAn actual joke from my code... sort of Pin
Camilo Sánchez Herrera28-Jul-10 5:21
memberCamilo Sánchez Herrera28-Jul-10 5:21 
GeneralNo jokes Pin
Zack_from_georgia28-Jul-10 0:39
memberZack_from_georgia28-Jul-10 0:39 
JokeNaming Folders Pin
Jobless Creature28-Jul-10 0:34
memberJobless Creature28-Jul-10 0:34 
GeneralNo, but sometimes people joke about my code Pin
Member 333454627-Jul-10 21:20
memberMember 333454627-Jul-10 21:20 
GeneralHelps break the monotony Pin
Mike Hankey27-Jul-10 8:38
memberMike Hankey27-Jul-10 8:38 
Generalin an attempt to hide the embarrassment of using a 'GOTO' statement Pin
Patrick.Hartnett27-Jul-10 7:46
memberPatrick.Hartnett27-Jul-10 7:46 
GeneralNo jokes, but interesting comments Pin
SQL.NET27-Jul-10 7:38
memberSQL.NET27-Jul-10 7:38 
Generalnever jokes... but a good idea! Pin
Delaram Sh27-Jul-10 6:30
memberDelaram Sh27-Jul-10 6:30 
GeneralStorying frustrations on the code [modified] Pin
saanj27-Jul-10 4:31
membersaanj27-Jul-10 4:31 
Generaljokes in comment? Pin
Blubbo27-Jul-10 2:57
memberBlubbo27-Jul-10 2:57 
GeneralJokes Pin
Pinto126-Jul-10 23:05
memberPinto126-Jul-10 23:05 
GeneralRe: Jokes Pin
dmjm-h28-Jul-10 9:11
memberdmjm-h28-Jul-10 9:11 
GeneralRe: Jokes Pin
Pinto128-Jul-10 21:59
memberPinto128-Jul-10 21:59 
JokeThis lacks the "No, but I add jokes to the code" option Pin
Pater26-Jul-10 21:35
memberPater26-Jul-10 21:35 
GeneralSometimes Pin
RedSonja26-Jul-10 21:08
memberRedSonja26-Jul-10 21:08 
GeneralCertainly, all the time, but Pin
Mustafa Ismail Mustafa26-Jul-10 20:18
memberMustafa Ismail Mustafa26-Jul-10 20:18 
GeneralRe: Certainly, all the time, but Pin
Mike Hankey27-Jul-10 8:43
memberMike Hankey27-Jul-10 8:43 
GeneralRe: Certainly, all the time, but Pin
Mustafa Ismail Mustafa27-Jul-10 22:20
memberMustafa Ismail Mustafa27-Jul-10 22:20 
GeneralRe: Certainly, all the time, but Pin
Mike Hankey28-Jul-10 3:16
memberMike Hankey28-Jul-10 3:16 
GeneralI never used to but... Pin
Ankur\m/26-Jul-10 19:23
memberAnkur\m/26-Jul-10 19:23 
GeneralIt partly matters who will read your code.... Pin
El Corazon26-Jul-10 16:04
memberEl Corazon26-Jul-10 16:04 
GeneralHow about swearing Pin
Paul Coldrey26-Jul-10 15:07
groupPaul Coldrey26-Jul-10 15:07 
GeneralI used to, but... Pin
Geoff Field26-Jul-10 14:19
memberGeoff Field26-Jul-10 14:19 
GeneralIf the situation calls... Pin
studleylee26-Jul-10 12:12
memberstudleylee26-Jul-10 12:12 
JokeOld Office Mate Pin
thatraja26-Jul-10 8:24
memberthatraja26-Jul-10 8:24 
GeneralOnly Subtle Ones Pin
Dalek Dave25-Jul-10 23:01
memberDalek Dave25-Jul-10 23:01 
GeneralRe: Only Subtle Ones Pin
pwasser26-Jul-10 1:13
memberpwasser26-Jul-10 1:13 
JokeRe: Only Subtle Ones Pin
Yusuf26-Jul-10 8:14
memberYusuf26-Jul-10 8:14 
GeneralNot deliberately Pin
ıʇoʞɐlɐʞ ɥsɐʞɐɹd25-Jul-10 21:44
memberıʇoʞɐlɐʞ ɥsɐʞɐɹd25-Jul-10 21:44 
GeneralHidden jokes [modified] Pin
pwasser25-Jul-10 21:34
memberpwasser25-Jul-10 21:34 
GeneralRe: Hidden jokes Pin
Niklas Lindquist25-Jul-10 22:57
memberNiklas Lindquist25-Jul-10 22:57 

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