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Survey Results

Which phone/device are you currently using primarily for your personal use?   [Edit]

Survey period: 27 Jun 2011 to 4 Jul 2011

Just because we can be always connected doesn't mean we have to be. Hang on - who am I kidding?

Android phone34729.61
Blackberry phone574.86
Palm OS / Web OS60.51
Symbian based device15813.48
Windows Mobile 6.5 and below968.19
Windows Phone 7857.25
None - I don't use a phone / smartphone14212.12
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

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General"Smart phones" Pin
LloydA1113-Jul-11 6:16
MemberLloydA1113-Jul-11 6:16 
GeneralMy work phone is a Blackberry Torch, on the other hand Pin
wizardzz30-Jun-11 8:06
Memberwizardzz30-Jun-11 8:06 
GeneralRe: My work phone is a Blackberry Torch, on the other hand Pin
Smithers-Jones1-Jul-11 5:19
MemberSmithers-Jones1-Jul-11 5:19 
GeneralWhat the question is really asking. Pin
Daniel Beggs28-Jun-11 3:13
MemberDaniel Beggs28-Jun-11 3:13 
GeneralRe: What the question is really asking. Pin
Nagy Vilmos30-Jun-11 4:09
professionalNagy Vilmos30-Jun-11 4:09 
GeneralDisappointing PinPopular
Wolfgang_Baron27-Jun-11 22:38
professionalWolfgang_Baron27-Jun-11 22:38 
GeneralRe: Disappointing Pin
PIEBALDconsult28-Jun-11 14:24
professionalPIEBALDconsult28-Jun-11 14:24 
GeneralRe: Disappointing Pin
Wolfgang_Baron4-Jul-11 22:12
professionalWolfgang_Baron4-Jul-11 22:12 
GeneralRe: Disappointing Pin
Wolfgang_Baron6-Jul-11 6:45
professionalWolfgang_Baron6-Jul-11 6:45 
GeneralThe Missing Link Pin
Ben Daq27-Jun-11 21:54
MemberBen Daq27-Jun-11 21:54 
GeneralRe: The Missing Link Pin
CDP180228-Jun-11 0:28
MemberCDP180228-Jun-11 0:28 
GeneralRe: The Missing Link Pin
Firo Atrum Ventus30-Jun-11 23:19
MemberFiro Atrum Ventus30-Jun-11 23:19 
GeneralRe: The Missing Link Pin
Lutosław28-Jun-11 10:56
MemberLutosław28-Jun-11 10:56 
GeneralBB! Pin
Joan M27-Jun-11 21:43
professionalJoan M27-Jun-11 21:43 
GeneralRe: BB! Pin
crocks25629-Jun-11 22:41
Membercrocks25629-Jun-11 22:41 
GeneralRe: BB! Pin
Joan M29-Jun-11 22:45
professionalJoan M29-Jun-11 22:45 
GeneralRe: BB! Pin
Jan Steyn30-Jun-11 4:59
MemberJan Steyn30-Jun-11 4:59 
GeneralRe: BB! Pin
Joan M30-Jun-11 20:13
professionalJoan M30-Jun-11 20:13 
GeneralBada Pin
RedSonja27-Jun-11 20:20
MemberRedSonja27-Jun-11 20:20 
GeneralRe: Bada Pin
Sander Rossel27-Jun-11 21:43
professionalSander Rossel27-Jun-11 21:43 
GeneralSurprising Pin
quinton196927-Jun-11 11:38
Memberquinton196927-Jun-11 11:38 
GeneralRe: Surprising Pin
Earl Truss27-Jun-11 13:18
MemberEarl Truss27-Jun-11 13:18 
GeneralRe: Surprising Pin
AORD27-Jun-11 13:49
MemberAORD27-Jun-11 13:49 
GeneralRe: Surprising Pin
John W Ingram27-Jun-11 15:06
MemberJohn W Ingram27-Jun-11 15:06 
GeneralRe: Surprising Pin
diilbert27-Jun-11 16:31
Memberdiilbert27-Jun-11 16:31 

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