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Do you do defensive programming?

Survey period: 14 May 2012 to 21 May 2012

"Defensive programming is ... intended to ensure the continuing function of a piece of software in spite of unforeseeable usage of said software". ie provide air-bags and ABS for your code. (suggested by the enigmatic V)

Yes, I use defensive programming always19316.67
I use defensive programming mostly51044.04
I use defensive programming rarely19817.10
No, I don't use defensive programming design595.09
I have no idea of what you speak.19817.10

AnswerWhat? Pin
Eddy Vluggen20-May-12 5:56
professionalEddy Vluggen20-May-12 5:56 
GeneralRarely, only if it makes my code crash faster Pin
Nicolas Dorier18-May-12 13:06
professionalNicolas Dorier18-May-12 13:06 
GeneralI do offensive programming PinPopular
Xiangyang Liu 刘向阳16-May-12 9:22
MemberXiangyang Liu 刘向阳16-May-12 9:22 
GeneralOh you mean future proofing Pin
Mycroft Holmes15-May-12 22:38
professionalMycroft Holmes15-May-12 22:38 
Generalno Pin
Michael Bergman15-May-12 14:29
MemberMichael Bergman15-May-12 14:29 
GeneralRe: no Pin
Pete O'Hanlon17-May-12 2:42
mvaPete O'Hanlon17-May-12 2:42 
GeneralRe: no Pin
Michael Bergman18-May-12 10:56
MemberMichael Bergman18-May-12 10:56 
GeneralGenerally, yes, but it isn't always necessary Pin
Gregory Gadow15-May-12 10:22
MemberGregory Gadow15-May-12 10:22 
GeneralShouldn't this be "Do you do sensible programming?" Pin
Eksith15-May-12 10:03
MemberEksith15-May-12 10:03 
GeneralKnow Thy Enemy Pin
W Balboos, GHB15-May-12 6:12
mveW Balboos, GHB15-May-12 6:12 
GeneralDebug.Assert Pin
Andy Missico15-May-12 4:41
MemberAndy Missico15-May-12 4:41 
GeneralRe: Debug.Assert Pin
Philippe Mori17-May-12 4:04
MemberPhilippe Mori17-May-12 4:04 
GeneralSane amount of Defensive Programming Pin
Jyothikarthik_N15-May-12 4:12
MemberJyothikarthik_N15-May-12 4:12 
GeneralRe: Sane amount of Defensive Programming Pin
Gregory Gadow15-May-12 10:22
MemberGregory Gadow15-May-12 10:22 
Jyothikarthik_N wrote:
Programming defensively for stupid users is just tiresome.

My world: welcome to it.
GeneralRe: Sane amount of Defensive Programming Pin
Vivi Chellappa18-May-12 21:22
professionalVivi Chellappa18-May-12 21:22 
GeneralSometimes Pin
HaBiX15-May-12 0:41
MemberHaBiX15-May-12 0:41 
GeneralWhat's defensive? Pin
RedSonja14-May-12 22:59
MemberRedSonja14-May-12 22:59 
Generaldefensive programming only for production code Pin
embix14-May-12 22:27
Memberembix14-May-12 22:27 
Generalwe do offensive programming (sounds better!) Pin
devvvy14-May-12 22:03
Memberdevvvy14-May-12 22:03 
GeneralRe: we do offensive programming (sounds better!) Pin
RedSonja14-May-12 22:52
MemberRedSonja14-May-12 22:52 
GeneralBuilt-in vs Ad hoc Pin
Peter N Roth14-May-12 15:12
MemberPeter N Roth14-May-12 15:12 
GeneralRe: Built-in vs Ad hoc Pin
Rob Grainger15-May-12 0:41
MemberRob Grainger15-May-12 0:41 
GeneralRe: Built-in vs Ad hoc Pin
Peter N Roth15-May-12 7:29
MemberPeter N Roth15-May-12 7:29 
GeneralMessage Removed Pin
15-May-12 9:02
professionalN_tro_P15-May-12 9:02 
Generalfensive Pin
TinyRamsamy14-May-12 13:13
MemberTinyRamsamy14-May-12 13:13 

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