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Which company has the most design "taste"?

Survey period: 30 Jul 2012 to 6 Aug 2012

Taste: the human ability to judge what is beautiful, good and proper. We focus on just a select few. Apple's clean lines? Microsoft's new Metro design? Google's creative logos? Who's looking the best these days?


GeneralRe: Another thought: Who cares? Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic30-Jul-12 4:00
MemberNemanja Trifunovic30-Jul-12 4:00 
GeneralRe: Another thought: Who cares? Pin
devvvy30-Jul-12 15:51
Memberdevvvy30-Jul-12 15:51 
GeneralRe: Another thought: Who cares? Pin
RJOberg30-Jul-12 8:32
professionalRJOberg30-Jul-12 8:32 
GeneralRe: Another thought: Who cares? Pin
devvvy30-Jul-12 15:49
Memberdevvvy30-Jul-12 15:49 
GeneralRe: Another thought: Who cares? Pin
CDP18021-Aug-12 1:47
MemberCDP18021-Aug-12 1:47 
GeneralRe: Another thought: Who cares? Pin
devvvy1-Aug-12 21:23
Memberdevvvy1-Aug-12 21:23 
GeneralRe: Another thought: Who cares? Pin
CDP18021-Aug-12 22:57
MemberCDP18021-Aug-12 22:57 
GeneralRe: Another thought: Who cares? Pin
CDP18021-Aug-12 1:32
MemberCDP18021-Aug-12 1:32 
RJOberg wrote:
Try removing all salt from your recipies, then say that spice isn't important.

Indeed? Salt is one of those things we use too much and using it more sparingly actually would be healthy. The primary function of eating still is to stay alive, not to enjoy the great taste. That's just a bonus.

RJOberg wrote:
That said, I pick for a specific purpose as well, and they need to do that
purpose and not drive me up a wall in doing so. It was like the first time I was
forced to use emacs while in school. "Wait, I have to hit what combination to
save? Ctrl+x then Ctrl+s? Or was it Ctrl+W then Ctrl+s? Or was it v? Why can't
it just have a menu and a 'Save' function?"
You want functionality and tools that fit well to your needs? Nothing against that. But I don't need all kinds of eye candy or devices with ornamental cases made of precious metals and decorated with diamonds. I don't intend to show off with them and actually rarely look at them at all. Instead I intend to use them and am far more interested in how far the insides of the cases will bring me.
At least artificial intelligence already is superior to natural stupidity

GeneralA thought... Pin
Ravi Bhavnani29-Jul-12 20:00
professionalRavi Bhavnani29-Jul-12 20:00 
GeneralRe: A thought... PinPopular
Dejan Petrovic29-Jul-12 20:23
MemberDejan Petrovic29-Jul-12 20:23 
GeneralRe: A thought... Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic30-Jul-12 4:01
MemberNemanja Trifunovic30-Jul-12 4:01 
GeneralRe: A thought... Pin
Ennis Ray Lynch, Jr.30-Jul-12 7:21
MemberEnnis Ray Lynch, Jr.30-Jul-12 7:21 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
30-Jul-12 16:16
Member_beauw_30-Jul-12 16:16 
GeneralRe: A thought... Pin
Ravi Bhavnani30-Jul-12 16:24
professionalRavi Bhavnani30-Jul-12 16:24 

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