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Survey Results

Do you find Windows 8 simple to use?

Survey period: 27 Aug 2012 to 3 Sep 2012

It's a loaded question, sure, but overall, do you find it an easy OS to use?

It's extremely simple and intuitive937.02
It's easy to use14210.72
It's not difficult to use1098.23
It's unintuitive and sometimes difficult to use22917.28
It's extremely difficult to use463.47
I have not used Windows 870653.28

GeneralIt sure is ugly for destop applications. Pin
John M. Drescher2-Sep-12 3:45
memberJohn M. Drescher2-Sep-12 3:45 
GeneralEasy to Use Pin
John R. Bandela31-Aug-12 19:00
memberJohn R. Bandela31-Aug-12 19:00 
GeneralGoing to install Pin
Swinkaran30-Aug-12 14:34
memberSwinkaran30-Aug-12 14:34 
GeneralTakes some getting used to Pin
ekolis30-Aug-12 11:02
memberekolis30-Aug-12 11:02 
I hated it at first, but once I figured out some of the mouse commands (seriously, Microsoft, there had BETTER be a tutorial in the RTM version like there was in the past few versions of Windows!), I actually started to like it - it boots up VERY quickly, and seems to be less of a CPU/memory hog than Win7. (Probably since Aero is gone!) And there are some nice features, such as the social hub and the insta-search from the start screen!

As for useful mouse commands:

* Move to lower left and click = bring up start screen

* Move to upper left, then move down = bring up task list

* Move to lower right, then move up (or upper right, then down) = bring up context menu

It is kind of weird, though, that a lot of the mouse commands don't actually require dragging, just MOVING the mouse... especially since with a touchscreen, you'd actually have to drag!

edit: also, WHY is it when I right click something on the start screen, the context menu items appear on the BOTTOM of the screen, where I have to mouse all the way down there to get to them?!
AnswerLike using a Mac Pin
Yvan Rodrigues29-Aug-12 5:19
memberYvan Rodrigues29-Aug-12 5:19 
GeneralWindows 8.1 Pin
Forogar29-Aug-12 4:33
memberForogar29-Aug-12 4:33 
GeneralSuch negativity.... Pin
seunarayan29-Aug-12 4:13
memberseunarayan29-Aug-12 4:13 
GeneralMicrosoft is crazy Pin
KarstenK28-Aug-12 23:21
memberKarstenK28-Aug-12 23:21 
GeneralToo Userfriendly Pin
Pasan Indeewara28-Aug-12 18:01
memberPasan Indeewara28-Aug-12 18:01 
GeneralMS is making a big mistake. Pin
Qwertie28-Aug-12 12:22
memberQwertie28-Aug-12 12:22 
GeneralRe: MS is making a big mistake. Pin
Rob Grainger28-Aug-12 23:09
memberRob Grainger28-Aug-12 23:09 
GeneralToo jarring to use Pin
cjb11028-Aug-12 3:19
membercjb11028-Aug-12 3:19 
GeneralOf course it's easy... Pin
Nagy Vilmos27-Aug-12 22:58
memberNagy Vilmos27-Aug-12 22:58 
GeneralI don't know what's true, but... Pin
Tom Clement27-Aug-12 8:31
mentorTom Clement27-Aug-12 8:31 
GeneralRe: I don't know what's true, but... Pin
Amol_B27-Aug-12 21:26
memberAmol_B27-Aug-12 21:26 
GeneralSmall learning curve then easy to use Pin
Jeremy Hutchinson27-Aug-12 4:31
memberJeremy Hutchinson27-Aug-12 4:31 
GeneralUnintuitive and easy to use Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic27-Aug-12 3:32
memberNemanja Trifunovic27-Aug-12 3:32 
GeneralRe: Unintuitive and easy to use Pin
Philip Stuyck31-Aug-12 7:14
memberPhilip Stuyck31-Aug-12 7:14 
GeneralConsidering the 60% .... Pin
Chris Meech27-Aug-12 3:03
memberChris Meech27-Aug-12 3:03 
GeneralRe: Considering the 60% .... Pin
Tim Corey27-Aug-12 3:13
memberTim Corey27-Aug-12 3:13 
GeneralRe: Considering the 60% .... Pin
ryanb3127-Aug-12 5:38
memberryanb3127-Aug-12 5:38 
GeneralRe: Considering the 60% .... Pin
Chris Meech27-Aug-12 6:21
memberChris Meech27-Aug-12 6:21 
GeneralRe: Considering the 60% .... Pin
ryanb3127-Aug-12 6:30
memberryanb3127-Aug-12 6:30 
GeneralRe: Considering the 60% .... Pin
Tbone198329-Aug-12 0:38
memberTbone198329-Aug-12 0:38 
GeneralFeels odd on a PC Pin
Dave Kerr26-Aug-12 22:35
mvpDave Kerr26-Aug-12 22:35 
GeneralMessage Removed Pin
27-Aug-12 3:56
memberCollin Jasnoch27-Aug-12 3:56 
GeneralRe: Feels odd on a PC Pin
Dave Kerr27-Aug-12 5:17
mvpDave Kerr27-Aug-12 5:17 
GeneralMessage Removed Pin
27-Aug-12 5:20
memberCollin Jasnoch27-Aug-12 5:20 
GeneralTry again in 6 months... :) Pin
AlexCode26-Aug-12 22:24
memberAlexCode26-Aug-12 22:24 
GeneralIts Nice but..... Pin
Amol_B26-Aug-12 22:13
memberAmol_B26-Aug-12 22:13 
GeneralDidn't use it yet Pin
Mohamed Mitwalli26-Aug-12 21:51
memberMohamed Mitwalli26-Aug-12 21:51 
GeneralRe: Didn't use it yet Pin
Dan Neely27-Aug-12 5:29
memberDan Neely27-Aug-12 5:29 
AnswerIt works, probably it is too soon to get a proper answer though Pin
Joan Murt26-Aug-12 21:27
memberJoan Murt26-Aug-12 21:27 
GeneralThe key for me... Pin
Liam O'Hagan26-Aug-12 20:12
memberLiam O'Hagan26-Aug-12 20:12 
GeneralRe: The key for me... Pin
Ashley van Gerven26-Aug-12 22:50
memberAshley van Gerven26-Aug-12 22:50 
GeneralToo early to get the big picture.... Pin
Lakamraju Raghuram26-Aug-12 19:37
memberLakamraju Raghuram26-Aug-12 19:37 
GeneralMy 2 cents... Pin
Mehdi Gholam26-Aug-12 19:33
mvpMehdi Gholam26-Aug-12 19:33 
GeneralRe: My 2 cents... Pin
Lakamraju Raghuram26-Aug-12 19:44
memberLakamraju Raghuram26-Aug-12 19:44 

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