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Survey Results

Best C# article of August 2012

Survey period: 5 Sep 2012 to 19 Sep 2012

This is the voting form for the Best C# article of August 2012 competition. Below are a list of the top 10 articles submitted last month. Please choose the ones you consider your favourite. Remember - you can only vote once!

Haar-feature Object Detection in C# - César de Souza10040.65
Inline MSIL in C#/VB.NET and Generic Pointers - roylawliet3715.04
MySqlBackup.NET - MySQL Backup Solution for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET - adriancs2710.98
WinFormsX Part 1 of n - Florian Rappl4217.07
C# Native Interop: Methods and Performance - Debdatta Basu3915.85
Design Patterns 2 of 3 - Structural Design Patterns - Kanasz Robert8835.77
Implementing WCF Service Behaviors - Vinod Viswanath4016.26
Demystify http.sys with HttpSysManager - Nicolas Dorier2610.57
A Beginner's Tutorial - Type Casting and Type Conversion in C# - Rahul Rajat Singh4518.29
Using NRefactory for analyzing C# code - Daniel Grunwald3313.41
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