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Survey Results

On what size displays do you typically read technical material?

Survey period: 19 Nov 2012 to 26 Nov 2012

When reading technical content, and not merely wasting time in the Lounge, are you on your smartphone, 10" tablet or do you stick to that 55" Plasma and HDMI cable setup you've got going?

Smartphone19311.75193 votes, 11.75%
8" (or smaller) tablet804.8780 votes, 4.87%
11" (or smaller) tablet1519.19151 votes, 9.19%
11" (or smaller) PC or laptop display332.0133 votes, 2.01%
13" (or smaller) PC or laptop display1016.15101 votes, 6.15%
15" - 17" PC or laptop display58535.61585 votes, 35.61%
19" - 23" display73644.80736 votes, 44.80%
greater than 23" display32819.96328 votes, 19.96%
Other (screen reader, Braille, HTML enabled feature phone etc)301.8330 votes, 1.83%
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralDepends Pin
Pro Idiot24-Nov-12 18:33
memberPro Idiot24-Nov-12 18:33 
GeneralThe bigest I have Pin
CodingLover22-Nov-12 23:03
memberCodingLover22-Nov-12 23:03 
QuestionWhat about 14" Pin
GeekforChrist21-Nov-12 3:43
memberGeekforChrist21-Nov-12 3:43 
GeneralPaper Pin
PIEBALDconsult20-Nov-12 14:22
memberPIEBALDconsult20-Nov-12 14:22 
GeneralRe: Paper Pin
Sanjay K. Gupta20-Nov-12 17:30
memberSanjay K. Gupta20-Nov-12 17:30 
GeneralRe: Paper Pin
Rob Grainger20-Nov-12 23:39
memberRob Grainger20-Nov-12 23:39 
GeneralFunny you mention that Pin
Ennis Ray Lynch, Jr.21-Nov-12 11:25
memberEnnis Ray Lynch, Jr.21-Nov-12 11:25 
GeneralDoes it matter? Pin
AlexCode20-Nov-12 8:38
memberAlexCode20-Nov-12 8:38 
I don't want to sound bad but really... does it matter?
Form factor matters a lot on web but putting it only for technical content... does it?!

It's technical material, it's not a novel that takes a considerable amount of time to read.
I have books but usually when I need to know about a subject I use the internet. It's easier to browse, you get more that one opinion on the same subject, ...
But it really never happened to me to think that it would be better if I was reading this on my PC or whatever.

This type of content is usually on a blog format that usually already adapts well enough to any form factor so I really never had this kind of trouble... maybe it's just me... D'Oh! | :doh:

GeneralRe: Does it matter? Pin
mdarefull20-Nov-12 14:48
membermdarefull20-Nov-12 14:48 
GeneralRe: Does it matter? Pin
David Goebet20-Nov-12 20:00
memberDavid Goebet20-Nov-12 20:00 
GeneralRe: Does it matter? Pin
AlexCode21-Nov-12 8:54
memberAlexCode21-Nov-12 8:54 
GeneralRe: Does it matter? Pin
Chris Maunder25-Nov-12 17:16
adminChris Maunder25-Nov-12 17:16 
GeneralRe: Does it matter? Pin
AlexCode25-Nov-12 20:47
memberAlexCode25-Nov-12 20:47 
Generalbooks readin Pin
ravithejag19-Nov-12 18:18
memberravithejag19-Nov-12 18:18 
GeneralRe: books readin Pin
Madhuri Patil21-Nov-12 18:18
memberMadhuri Patil21-Nov-12 18:18 
GeneralI want 2 options Pin
Mycroft Holmes19-Nov-12 11:56
memberMycroft Holmes19-Nov-12 11:56 
Generalbook reader Pin
sellinger19-Nov-12 8:26
membersellinger19-Nov-12 8:26 
GeneralNo 17.3 inch? Pin
ProgramFOX19-Nov-12 6:58
memberProgramFOX19-Nov-12 6:58 
GeneralIf I had to, then Pin
Nelek19-Nov-12 6:28
memberNelek19-Nov-12 6:28 
Generalso you guys think books are totally dead? Pin
Peter N Roth19-Nov-12 5:43
memberPeter N Roth19-Nov-12 5:43 
GeneralRe: so you guys think books are totally dead? Pin
Tim Corey19-Nov-12 6:12
memberTim Corey19-Nov-12 6:12 
GeneralRe: so you guys think books are totally dead? Pin
Nathan Holt19-Nov-12 15:06
memberNathan Holt19-Nov-12 15:06 
GeneralRe: so you guys think books are totally dead? Pin
devvvy19-Nov-12 18:04
memberdevvvy19-Nov-12 18:04 
GeneralIts not me Pin
Mathlab19-Nov-12 5:32
memberMathlab19-Nov-12 5:32 
GeneralDepends Pin
dimensionJumper19-Nov-12 4:36
memberdimensionJumper19-Nov-12 4:36 
GeneralRe: Depends Pin
Yves19-Nov-12 6:36
memberYves19-Nov-12 6:36 
GeneralScreen? Pin
djj5519-Nov-12 2:39
memberdjj5519-Nov-12 2:39 
GeneralRe: Screen? Pin
Addy Tas19-Nov-12 2:48
memberAddy Tas19-Nov-12 2:48 
GeneralRe: Screen? Pin
CDP180221-Nov-12 10:04
memberCDP180221-Nov-12 10:04 
General22 or 30" Pin
Dan Neely19-Nov-12 2:34
memberDan Neely19-Nov-12 2:34 
GeneralScreen size Pin
csharpbd19-Nov-12 1:28
membercsharpbd19-Nov-12 1:28 
GeneralDual Pin
R. Erasmus18-Nov-12 23:46
memberR. Erasmus18-Nov-12 23:46 
GeneralInappropriate... Pin
Naerling18-Nov-12 20:07
memberNaerling18-Nov-12 20:07 
GeneralWork Monitor Pin
John Isaiah Carmona18-Nov-12 19:46
memberJohn Isaiah Carmona18-Nov-12 19:46 
GeneralI Hate Pin
rk_prabakar18-Nov-12 19:10
memberrk_prabakar18-Nov-12 19:10 
GeneralRe: I Hate Pin
Sharath C V19-Nov-12 16:26
memberSharath C V19-Nov-12 16:26 
GeneralRe: I Hate Pin
rk_prabakar19-Nov-12 17:39
memberrk_prabakar19-Nov-12 17:39 
Generalbtw.. Pin
Sperneder Patrick18-Nov-12 19:00
memberSperneder Patrick18-Nov-12 19:00 
GeneralRe: btw.. Pin
Andy_L_J20-Nov-12 19:53
memberAndy_L_J20-Nov-12 19:53 
GeneralRe: btw.. Pin
Sperneder Patrick20-Nov-12 20:03
memberSperneder Patrick20-Nov-12 20:03 

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