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Survey Results

How many books on Software Development have you read in the last 12 months?

Survey period: 29 Jul 2013 to 5 Aug 2013

Hardcover, softcover, eBook - doesn't matter. Coding, designing, selling, debugging - they all count. All that matters is that it was related to the art and science of software development.

Over 24533.51
12 - 24734.84
6 - 111278.42
2- 554436.07

General6 - 11 Pin
SOHAM_GANDHI4-Feb-14 22:35
MemberSOHAM_GANDHI4-Feb-14 22:35 
GeneralThe last two programming books I read... Pin
Gary R. Wheeler4-Aug-13 1:52
MemberGary R. Wheeler4-Aug-13 1:52 
General"Fewer than I bought" Pin
Tasadit2-Aug-13 8:14
MemberTasadit2-Aug-13 8:14 
GeneralI never interely read a technical book... Pin
AlexCode2-Aug-13 2:44
professionalAlexCode2-Aug-13 2:44 
GeneralRe: I never interely read a technical book... Pin
Gary R. Wheeler4-Aug-13 1:56
MemberGary R. Wheeler4-Aug-13 1:56 
GeneralOver 24? Pin
Marius Bancila2-Aug-13 0:11
professionalMarius Bancila2-Aug-13 0:11 
GeneralNot so much books but... Pin
Waldermort1-Aug-13 1:08
MemberWaldermort1-Aug-13 1:08 
technical papers. For example, some of the projects I have undertaken in the last year involve tessellating and rendering polygons, finite state machines and string processing such as XML and locale specific encodings.

GeneralWatching more of videos, less reading.. Pin
Abey Thomas31-Jul-13 18:44
MemberAbey Thomas31-Jul-13 18:44 
GeneralI've started 2-5 in the last few months Pin
Peter Mulholland31-Jul-13 3:01
MemberPeter Mulholland31-Jul-13 3:01 
GeneralInternet Pin
Clifford Nelson30-Jul-13 12:08
MemberClifford Nelson30-Jul-13 12:08 
GeneralRe: Internet Pin
Andreas Gieriet30-Jul-13 21:18
professionalAndreas Gieriet30-Jul-13 21:18 
GeneralRe: Internet Pin
ledtech331-Jul-13 14:38
Memberledtech331-Jul-13 14:38 
GeneralRe: Internet Pin
kaste8831-Jul-13 22:12
Memberkaste8831-Jul-13 22:12 
GeneralRe: Internet Pin
Clifford Nelson1-Aug-13 7:09
MemberClifford Nelson1-Aug-13 7:09 
GeneralRe: Internet Pin
Gary R. Wheeler4-Aug-13 1:59
MemberGary R. Wheeler4-Aug-13 1:59 
GeneralRe: Internet Pin
Clifford Nelson4-Aug-13 10:54
MemberClifford Nelson4-Aug-13 10:54 
GeneralI like Physical Books than e-books. Pin
Pasan Eeriyagama30-Jul-13 1:26
MemberPasan Eeriyagama30-Jul-13 1:26 
GeneralRe: I like Physical Books than e-books. Pin
Radmehr Hassanizadeh4-Aug-13 6:21
MemberRadmehr Hassanizadeh4-Aug-13 6:21 
GeneralRe: I like Physical Books than e-books. Pin
Pasan Eeriyagama4-Aug-13 19:20
MemberPasan Eeriyagama4-Aug-13 19:20 
GeneralNot many books but..... Pin
Rui Jarimba29-Jul-13 22:20
professionalRui Jarimba29-Jul-13 22:20 
GeneralRe: Not many books but..... Pin
BillW3330-Jul-13 5:59
professionalBillW3330-Jul-13 5:59 
GeneralReframe question a bit!!! Pin
Mohammed Hameed29-Jul-13 19:56
professionalMohammed Hameed29-Jul-13 19:56 
GeneralRe: Reframe question a bit!!! Pin
Andreas Gieriet30-Jul-13 21:17
professionalAndreas Gieriet30-Jul-13 21:17 
GeneralRe: Reframe question a bit!!! Pin
Mohammed Hameed30-Jul-13 22:20
professionalMohammed Hameed30-Jul-13 22:20 
GeneralMost of that.. Pin
_Amy29-Jul-13 18:03
professional_Amy29-Jul-13 18:03 

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