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Survey Results

What format for the monthly competition would you prefer?

Survey period: 26 Aug 2013 to 2 Sep 2013

There's been a lot of debate so we wanted to open the floor to you for your say. Suggestions, variations and crazy wild ideas welcome. Just make it fair and fun.

Manual voting: You vote for each article category on home page29653.43
Automatic selection: the article with the highest ratings within a given time period win21638.99
Something else?427.58

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GeneralRe: Manual voting will always a good option Pin
CodingLover1-Sep-13 16:22
MemberCodingLover1-Sep-13 16:22 
GeneralManual voting always preferable Pin
ridoy27-Aug-13 19:58
professionalridoy27-Aug-13 19:58 
GeneralI'd prefer manual voting Pin
Wendelius27-Aug-13 19:05
mveWendelius27-Aug-13 19:05 
GeneralNot rating, but popularity Pin
Tom Clement27-Aug-13 7:36
professionalTom Clement27-Aug-13 7:36 
GeneralThis has been a real bugbear of mine for months. PinPopular
Keith Barrow27-Aug-13 4:16
professionalKeith Barrow27-Aug-13 4:16 
GeneralRe: This has been a real bugbear of mine for months. Pin
Pualee27-Aug-13 7:55
MemberPualee27-Aug-13 7:55 
GeneralRe: This has been a real bugbear of mine for months. Pin
Tim Corey28-Aug-13 5:20
professionalTim Corey28-Aug-13 5:20 
GeneralRe: This has been a real bugbear of mine for months. Pin
Chris Maunder19-Jan-14 11:42
cofounderChris Maunder19-Jan-14 11:42 
GeneralCombine the Two Pin
Nagy Vilmos27-Aug-13 2:55
professionalNagy Vilmos27-Aug-13 2:55 
GeneralDepends on how the metrics are handled... Pin
AlexCode26-Aug-13 20:33
professionalAlexCode26-Aug-13 20:33 
GeneralStick with manual voting please PinPopular
Sacha Barber26-Aug-13 20:15
MemberSacha Barber26-Aug-13 20:15 
GeneralRe: Stick with manual voting please Pin
ledtech327-Aug-13 4:54
Memberledtech327-Aug-13 4:54 
GeneralArticle Content Pin
ledtech326-Aug-13 11:34
Memberledtech326-Aug-13 11:34 
GeneralMany suggestions. Pin
Paulo Zemek26-Aug-13 9:16
MemberPaulo Zemek26-Aug-13 9:16 
GeneralRe: Many suggestions. Pin
Shao Voon Wong28-Aug-13 16:42
mvaShao Voon Wong28-Aug-13 16:42 
GeneralIs "Best" the same as "Most popular"? PinPopular
OriginalGriff26-Aug-13 8:24
mveOriginalGriff26-Aug-13 8:24 
GeneralRe: Is "Best" the same as "Most popular"? Pin
Giuseppe Tollini26-Aug-13 9:20
MemberGiuseppe Tollini26-Aug-13 9:20 
GeneralRe: Is "Best" the same as "Most popular"? Pin
Keith Barrow27-Aug-13 4:20
professionalKeith Barrow27-Aug-13 4:20 
GeneralNew Format Pin
John-ph26-Aug-13 7:53
MemberJohn-ph26-Aug-13 7:53 
GeneralI'm all for manual voting PinPopular
Nicholas Marty26-Aug-13 3:08
professionalNicholas Marty26-Aug-13 3:08 
GeneralRe: I'm all for manual voting Pin
Gregory Gadow26-Aug-13 4:36
MemberGregory Gadow26-Aug-13 4:36 
GeneralMixing Pin
Nelek26-Aug-13 2:47
protectorNelek26-Aug-13 2:47 
GeneralAuto selection + reminder Pin
Ravi Bhavnani26-Aug-13 2:06
professionalRavi Bhavnani26-Aug-13 2:06 
GeneralJust a suggestion... PinPopular
OriginalGriff26-Aug-13 1:36
mveOriginalGriff26-Aug-13 1:36 
GeneralArticle winner can be Based on Maximum Views and Downloads with in 1 Month from new article posted Pin
syed shanu25-Aug-13 23:01
professionalsyed shanu25-Aug-13 23:01 

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