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Survey Results

Should those who develop Software do an MBA?

Survey period: 9 Sep 2013 to 16 Sep 2013

An interesting post in the Harvard Business Review asks if MBAs should learn to code. Let's turn it around. (Suggested by Manas Bhardwaj)

Yes for Business / Functional Analysts50235.83
Yes for Solutions Architects30221.56
Yes for Developers18112.92
Yes for Project Managers42130.05
Yes for Product / Business Unit Managers52337.33
No to all.56039.97
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

Generalnot at all Pin
SOHAM GANDHI3-Feb-14 6:39
memberSOHAM GANDHI3-Feb-14 6:39 
GeneralShould-those-who-develop-Software-do-an-MBA Pin
Khandwawala Hatim14-Oct-13 22:26
professionalKhandwawala Hatim14-Oct-13 22:26 
GeneralNo to all Pin
ridoy13-Sep-13 6:10
professionalridoy13-Sep-13 6:10 
Generali am always amazed by those who believe they need to be taught how to run business/projects Pin
devvvy12-Sep-13 19:49
memberdevvvy12-Sep-13 19:49 
GeneralNO Pin
Aarti Meswania11-Sep-13 22:31
memberAarti Meswania11-Sep-13 22:31 
GeneralRe: NO Pin
Forogar13-Sep-13 8:08
memberForogar13-Sep-13 8:08 
GeneralThose needs to do Business Administration Pin
rk_prabakar11-Sep-13 21:21
memberrk_prabakar11-Sep-13 21:21 
GeneralYes for Project Managers Pin
CPallini11-Sep-13 10:03
mvpCPallini11-Sep-13 10:03 
GeneralIt might help for interpreting management speak Pin
Peter Mulholland11-Sep-13 6:29
memberPeter Mulholland11-Sep-13 6:29 
GeneralLet’s turn it back (or not) Pin
drdigit10-Sep-13 12:55
memberdrdigit10-Sep-13 12:55 
AnswerCommodified Educations Pin
Sir Spazalot10-Sep-13 9:00
memberSir Spazalot10-Sep-13 9:00 
GeneralNo, but ... Pin
Member 908236510-Sep-13 4:17
memberMember 908236510-Sep-13 4:17 
GeneralIf You want to manage, not develop Pin
Member 1026466310-Sep-13 4:15
memberMember 1026466310-Sep-13 4:15 
GeneralIt depends Pin
ihoecken9-Sep-13 22:03
professionalihoecken9-Sep-13 22:03 
GeneralEducation is overrated... Pin
Naerling9-Sep-13 20:03
memberNaerling9-Sep-13 20:03 
Well, to some extent. Everyone should at least finish high school...
After that a smart brain, a good attitude and a bit of experience will get you further than any diploma could.
Unfortunately people who are hiring don't see it that way...
So far I've seen the best educated people write the worst code. It's sad really...
It's an OO world.
public class Naerling : Lazy<Person>{
    public void DoWork(){ throw new NotImplementedException(); }

GeneralRe: Education is overrated... Pin
CPallini11-Sep-13 10:06
mvpCPallini11-Sep-13 10:06 
GeneralIt depends... Pin
ravithejag9-Sep-13 19:28
memberravithejag9-Sep-13 19:28 
GeneralIt is a good idea Pin
Rahul Rajat Singh9-Sep-13 17:26
mvpRahul Rajat Singh9-Sep-13 17:26 
GeneralThoughts Pin
PIEBALDconsult9-Sep-13 16:18
professionalPIEBALDconsult9-Sep-13 16:18 
GeneralIf your answer is not "No to all." Pin
Anand Ranjan Pandey9-Sep-13 10:13
professionalAnand Ranjan Pandey9-Sep-13 10:13 
GeneralAn MBA is useful, depending on your role Pin
Erik Burd9-Sep-13 8:42
memberErik Burd9-Sep-13 8:42 
GeneralSuch a fallacy Pin
Tom Clement9-Sep-13 7:04
mentorTom Clement9-Sep-13 7:04 
GeneralRe: Such a fallacy Pin
Mycroft Holmes9-Sep-13 16:23
professionalMycroft Holmes9-Sep-13 16:23 
GeneralRe: Such a fallacy Pin
DonDriskell12-Sep-13 7:21
memberDonDriskell12-Sep-13 7:21 
GeneralWhy? Pin
Abhinav S9-Sep-13 6:42
mvpAbhinav S9-Sep-13 6:42 
GeneralMBA Pin
Clifford Nelson9-Sep-13 6:03
memberClifford Nelson9-Sep-13 6:03 
GeneralMost people... Pin
Marc Clifton9-Sep-13 5:37
protectorMarc Clifton9-Sep-13 5:37 
GeneralRe: Most people... Pin
Spliffa9-Sep-13 7:11
professionalSpliffa9-Sep-13 7:11 
GeneralRe: Most people... Pin
Jacek Gajek9-Sep-13 12:55
memberJacek Gajek9-Sep-13 12:55 
GeneralDevelopers should have an appreciation of the business aspects of their job Pin
Gary Wheeler9-Sep-13 5:22
memberGary Wheeler9-Sep-13 5:22 
GeneralRe: Developers should have an appreciation of the business aspects of their job Pin
AlexCode9-Sep-13 5:55
professionalAlexCode9-Sep-13 5:55 
QuestionShould they learn eXtreem snowboarding ?? Pin
Canny Brisk9-Sep-13 2:17
professionalCanny Brisk9-Sep-13 2:17 
Questionsuggestion Pin
dholakiya ankit9-Sep-13 2:15
professionaldholakiya ankit9-Sep-13 2:15 
AnswerRe: suggestion Pin
Nelek9-Sep-13 2:19
memberNelek9-Sep-13 2:19 
GeneralRe: suggestion Pin
dholakiya ankit9-Sep-13 2:22
professionaldholakiya ankit9-Sep-13 2:22 
GeneralRe: suggestion Pin
Nelek9-Sep-13 2:26
memberNelek9-Sep-13 2:26 
GeneralAll people studying MBA should study Software Engineering Pin
R. Erasmus9-Sep-13 1:22
memberR. Erasmus9-Sep-13 1:22 
GeneralRe: All people studying MBA should study Software Engineering Pin
Nelek9-Sep-13 2:28
memberNelek9-Sep-13 2:28 
GeneralRe: All people studying MBA should study Software Engineering Pin
Yves9-Sep-13 12:26
memberYves9-Sep-13 12:26 
GeneralRe: All people studying MBA should study Software Engineering Pin
IndifferentDisdain10-Sep-13 3:35
memberIndifferentDisdain10-Sep-13 3:35 
GeneralAlways depends on the future one want... Pin
Joan Murt9-Sep-13 1:08
memberJoan Murt9-Sep-13 1:08 
GeneralRe: Always depends on the future one want... Pin
AlexCode9-Sep-13 5:34
professionalAlexCode9-Sep-13 5:34 
GeneralCrazy. Pin
dimensionJumper9-Sep-13 1:03
memberdimensionJumper9-Sep-13 1:03 
GeneralRe: Crazy. Pin
RyanDev9-Sep-13 2:16
memberRyanDev9-Sep-13 2:16 
GeneralRe: Crazy. Pin
AlexCode9-Sep-13 3:47
professionalAlexCode9-Sep-13 3:47 
GeneralI'm an Engineer Pin
G3ZHX9-Sep-13 0:45
memberG3ZHX9-Sep-13 0:45 
GeneralRe: I'm an Engineer Pin
ChrisElston9-Sep-13 2:59
memberChrisElston9-Sep-13 2:59 
GeneralNo, no and thrice no Pin
Nagy Vilmos8-Sep-13 23:59
memberNagy Vilmos8-Sep-13 23:59 
GeneralDepends... Pin
sellinger8-Sep-13 23:50
membersellinger8-Sep-13 23:50 
GeneralWhat's an MBA? Pin
ChrisElston8-Sep-13 23:13
memberChrisElston8-Sep-13 23:13 

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