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Survey Results

Will you be buying a SmartWatch in the next 12 months?

Survey period: 2 Dec 2013 to 9 Dec 2013

...assuming the SmartWatch of your dreams is on the market in the next 12 months (and: Buy == acquire in whatever manner you see fit).

I already have one372.08

GeneralRe: Where's the "Heck no" option? Pin
macu3-Dec-13 21:26
Membermacu3-Dec-13 21:26 
GeneralHmmm... Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov2-Dec-13 12:51
MemberR. Giskard Reventlov2-Dec-13 12:51 
GeneralOnly if it replaces my phone 100% Pin
Robert J. Good2-Dec-13 9:56
professionalRobert J. Good2-Dec-13 9:56 
GeneralMessage Removed Pin
2-Dec-13 10:35
professionalN_tro_P2-Dec-13 10:35 
GeneralI hate watches Pin
LePoete2-Dec-13 9:32
MemberLePoete2-Dec-13 9:32 
GeneralRe: I hate watches Pin
Pratik Bhuva5-Dec-13 18:44
professionalPratik Bhuva5-Dec-13 18:44 
GeneralWant so bad Pin
dino.t.socrates2-Dec-13 8:50
Memberdino.t.socrates2-Dec-13 8:50 
GeneralRe: Want so bad Pin
Andreas Gieriet2-Dec-13 9:52
professionalAndreas Gieriet2-Dec-13 9:52 
What would you say if a guy like you overruns your kids with his car while grabbing his phone or while texting or while being distracted by a "smart-watch"?! I don't want to appear as a moralist, but such behaviour is criminal negligence. To consider (if sanity does not help): judges and insurance companies check the phone trafic when it comes to a liability case.
GeneralRe: Want so bad Pin
dino.t.socrates2-Dec-13 10:15
Memberdino.t.socrates2-Dec-13 10:15 
GeneralMessage Removed Pin
2-Dec-13 10:30
professionalN_tro_P2-Dec-13 10:30 
GeneralRe: Want so bad Pin
Andreas Gieriet2-Dec-13 11:26
professionalAndreas Gieriet2-Dec-13 11:26 
GeneralWhy do I need it? Pin
Tony Dunsworth2-Dec-13 8:09
MemberTony Dunsworth2-Dec-13 8:09 
GeneralI don't wear a watch Pin
Mike Hankey2-Dec-13 6:57
professionalMike Hankey2-Dec-13 6:57 
GeneralRe: I don't wear a watch Pin
Rajeev Jayaram4-Dec-13 1:07
MemberRajeev Jayaram4-Dec-13 1:07 
GeneralWhat problem does it fix? Pin
musicm1222-Dec-13 5:45
professionalmusicm1222-Dec-13 5:45 
GeneralRe: What problem does it fix? Pin
Silvabolt2-Dec-13 6:15
MemberSilvabolt2-Dec-13 6:15 
GeneralGak. Pin
mikepwilson2-Dec-13 5:15
Membermikepwilson2-Dec-13 5:15 
GeneralSmart? Pin
MarqW2-Dec-13 4:42
MemberMarqW2-Dec-13 4:42 
GeneralOption needed! Pin
Johnny J.2-Dec-13 4:25
professionalJohnny J.2-Dec-13 4:25 
GeneralRe: Option needed! Pin
Silvabolt2-Dec-13 6:18
MemberSilvabolt2-Dec-13 6:18 
GeneralRe: Option needed! Pin
Herbie Mountjoy3-Dec-13 5:22
professionalHerbie Mountjoy3-Dec-13 5:22 
GeneralThere was a time... Pin
Mehdi Gholam2-Dec-13 4:07
mvaMehdi Gholam2-Dec-13 4:07 
GeneralWith a smart-watch you "waste" one hand Pin
Andreas Gieriet2-Dec-13 2:25
professionalAndreas Gieriet2-Dec-13 2:25 
GeneralIS smart watch is smarter than me? Pin
♥…ЯҠ…♥2-Dec-13 1:44
professional♥…ЯҠ…♥2-Dec-13 1:44 
GeneralNeither WOW or Useful... So NO! Pin
AlexCode1-Dec-13 23:40
professionalAlexCode1-Dec-13 23:40 

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