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Survey Results

Have you, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, written code intended for production?

Survey period: 9 Dec 2013 to 16 Dec 2013

Be honest.

I...I don't remember. Possibly.1008.93

GeneralRe: Happy and sad at the same time Pin
Nelek15-Dec-13 2:38
protectorNelek15-Dec-13 2:38 
GeneralNot a valid comparison at all Pin
enhzflep11-Dec-13 4:40
Memberenhzflep11-Dec-13 4:40 
GeneralRe: Happy and sad at the same time Pin
Chris Maunder15-Dec-13 14:57
cofounderChris Maunder15-Dec-13 14:57 
GeneralBah! Pin
chris5gd10-Dec-13 1:00
Memberchris5gd10-Dec-13 1:00 
GeneralRe: Bah! Pin
AllenRogerMarshall10-Dec-13 2:17
MemberAllenRogerMarshall10-Dec-13 2:17 
GeneralRe: Bah! Pin
chris5gd10-Dec-13 3:02
Memberchris5gd10-Dec-13 3:02 
GeneralReally.... Pin
SteveTheThread9-Dec-13 21:51
MemberSteveTheThread9-Dec-13 21:51 
GeneralRe: Really.... Pin
Andreas Gieriet9-Dec-13 23:14
professionalAndreas Gieriet9-Dec-13 23:14 
Why? The current ratio is one in four of working while on some kind of drug.
Look around in your company. Are there more under drugs in your environment?
For a permanent setup, this ratio would surprise me for professionals.
GeneralRe: Really.... Pin
AllenRogerMarshall10-Dec-13 2:17
MemberAllenRogerMarshall10-Dec-13 2:17 
GeneralRe: Really.... Pin
Eric Amell10-Dec-13 4:56
MemberEric Amell10-Dec-13 4:56 
GeneralRe: Really.... Pin
SteveTheThread10-Dec-13 5:29
MemberSteveTheThread10-Dec-13 5:29 
General... and it's still there Pin
DJ van Wyk9-Dec-13 20:06
professionalDJ van Wyk9-Dec-13 20:06 
GeneralI don't drink Pin
R. Erasmus9-Dec-13 19:30
MemberR. Erasmus9-Dec-13 19:30 
GeneralOften it becames good. Pin
WuRunZhe9-Dec-13 14:13
MemberWuRunZhe9-Dec-13 14:13 
GeneralRe: Often it becames good. Pin
cmger9-Dec-13 21:49
Membercmger9-Dec-13 21:49 
GeneralRe: Often it becames good. Pin
WuRunZhe10-Dec-13 14:52
MemberWuRunZhe10-Dec-13 14:52 
GeneralI plead the 5th.... Pin
MacSpudster9-Dec-13 13:21
professionalMacSpudster9-Dec-13 13:21 
GeneralNo chance but... Pin
Mark H29-Dec-13 12:23
MemberMark H29-Dec-13 12:23 
GeneralDrinking and coding? Not a good mix. Pin
Erik Burd9-Dec-13 10:18
professionalErik Burd9-Dec-13 10:18 
GeneralNo, but when I look back at some of the code I wrote... Pin
  Forogar  9-Dec-13 8:20
professional  Forogar  9-Dec-13 8:20 
GeneralOften! Whenever I Can, In Fact. Pin
Roger Wright9-Dec-13 8:10
professionalRoger Wright9-Dec-13 8:10 
Generalone option is missed Pin
Alaajabre9-Dec-13 5:32
MemberAlaajabre9-Dec-13 5:32 
GeneralCoding can be fun Pin
Mike Hankey9-Dec-13 3:08
professionalMike Hankey9-Dec-13 3:08 
Generalsame result as coding when tired Pin
ed welch9-Dec-13 2:46
Membered welch9-Dec-13 2:46 
GeneralRe: same result as coding when tired Pin
DJ van Wyk9-Dec-13 20:11
professionalDJ van Wyk9-Dec-13 20:11 

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