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Survey Results

What's the most interesting development platform for you?

Survey period: 13 Jan 2014 to 20 Jan 2014

Frameworks and languages are one thing, but what about the target hardware? Time to get another quick strawpoll.

Traditional desktop applications1,00860.32
Tablets / convertibles49029.32
Wearables (watches, Glasses etc)1126.70
Web applications81648.83
Developer platforms such as Facebook and Salesforce apps,744.43
Consumer Electronics (TVs, fridges, headsets etc)985.86
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralI thought Embedded Systems Development meant - Pin
W Balboos, GHB16-Jan-14 2:52
mveW Balboos, GHB16-Jan-14 2:52 
I thought Embedded Systems Development meant - On A Queens size or King Size.

"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." - Albert Einstein
"As far as we know, our computer has never had an undetected error." - Weisert
"If you are searching for perfection in others, then you seek disappointment. If you are seek perfection in yourself, then you will find failure." - Balboos HaGadol Mar 2010

GeneralRe: I thought Embedded Systems Development meant - Pin
Dennis E White16-Jan-14 5:17
professionalDennis E White16-Jan-14 5:17 
GeneralConsumer electronics falls under the category of "Embedded" Pin
LloydA11114-Jan-14 3:01
MemberLloydA11114-Jan-14 3:01 
Generaltraditional desktop application development. ... PinPopular
RhishikeshLathe13-Jan-14 19:32
professionalRhishikeshLathe13-Jan-14 19:32 
GeneralIs that a curse? Pin
PIEBALDconsult13-Jan-14 11:54
professionalPIEBALDconsult13-Jan-14 11:54 
GeneralRe: Is that a curse? Pin
carlospc197014-Jan-14 3:12
professionalcarlospc197014-Jan-14 3:12 
GeneralRe: Is that a curse? Pin
OriginalGriff14-Jan-14 23:24
mveOriginalGriff14-Jan-14 23:24 
GeneralRe: Is that a curse? Pin
Rob Grainger15-Jan-14 22:43
MemberRob Grainger15-Jan-14 22:43 
GeneralRe: Is that a curse? Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki17-Jan-14 2:14
professionalBassam Abdul-Baki17-Jan-14 2:14 
GeneralRaspherry Pi /beaglebone black /Arduino .. Pin
AndersonChau13-Jan-14 7:05
MemberAndersonChau13-Jan-14 7:05 
GeneralRe: Raspherry Pi /beaglebone black /Arduino .. Pin
Dennis E White13-Jan-14 7:21
professionalDennis E White13-Jan-14 7:21 
GeneralRe: Raspherry Pi /beaglebone black /Arduino .. Pin
DaveX8613-Jan-14 12:59
MemberDaveX8613-Jan-14 12:59 
GeneralRe: Raspherry Pi /beaglebone black /Arduino .. Pin
hairy_hats13-Jan-14 22:28
Memberhairy_hats13-Jan-14 22:28 
GeneralRe: Raspherry Pi /beaglebone black /Arduino .. Pin
Gandalf_TheWhite16-Jan-14 18:46
professionalGandalf_TheWhite16-Jan-14 18:46 
GeneralRe: Raspherry Pi /beaglebone black /Arduino .. Pin
Marco Bertschi17-Jan-14 2:38
professionalMarco Bertschi17-Jan-14 2:38 
GeneralRe: Raspherry Pi /beaglebone black /Arduino .. Pin
Nicolas Dorier18-Jan-14 23:21
professionalNicolas Dorier18-Jan-14 23:21 
Generalintelligent underpants Pin
ed welch13-Jan-14 6:54
Membered welch13-Jan-14 6:54 
GeneralRe: intelligent underpants Pin
Vivi Chellappa14-Jan-14 15:50
professionalVivi Chellappa14-Jan-14 15:50 
Generalwonder if... Pin
Dennis E White13-Jan-14 5:02
professionalDennis E White13-Jan-14 5:02 
GeneralRe: wonder if... Pin
AndersonChau13-Jan-14 7:00
MemberAndersonChau13-Jan-14 7:00 
AnswerRe: wonder if... Pin
Dennis E White13-Jan-14 7:20
professionalDennis E White13-Jan-14 7:20 
GeneralRe: wonder if... Pin
Hamed Musavi17-Jan-14 5:58
MemberHamed Musavi17-Jan-14 5:58 
GeneralCListCtrl PinPopular
Nemanja Trifunovic13-Jan-14 4:46
MemberNemanja Trifunovic13-Jan-14 4:46 
QuestionError in title PinPopular
Ravi Bhavnani13-Jan-14 2:39
professionalRavi Bhavnani13-Jan-14 2:39 
AnswerRe: Error in title Pin
thatraja13-Jan-14 2:47
professionalthatraja13-Jan-14 2:47 

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