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Survey Results

Do you fix co-workers' bugs?

Survey period: 10 Mar 2014 to 17 Mar 2014

Someone else's bug can either be a relief or a serious impediment to your day.

No. You broke it you fix it.593.40
No, fixing it won't help them learn311.78
Not unless I'm told to1126.45
Sometimes - Depends on my mood905.18
Sometimes - depends whose bug it is704.03
Yes if the bug is stopping my own progress29717.10
Yes if the bug is stopping someone else's progress1468.41

GeneralRe: Missing option Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic10-Mar-14 2:28
MemberNemanja Trifunovic10-Mar-14 2:28 
GeneralRe: Missing option Pin
OriginalGriff10-Mar-14 3:31
mveOriginalGriff10-Mar-14 3:31 
GeneralRe: Missing option Pin
SortaCore11-Mar-14 0:20
MemberSortaCore11-Mar-14 0:20 
GeneralNot really Pin
RugbyLeague9-Mar-14 23:44
MemberRugbyLeague9-Mar-14 23:44 
GeneralIn all seriousness, I wouldn't fix it without discussing it first. Pin
OriginalGriff9-Mar-14 22:49
mveOriginalGriff9-Mar-14 22:49 
GeneralIt all depends on how much bacon I will receive for doing that... Pin
Joan M9-Mar-14 22:45
professionalJoan M9-Mar-14 22:45 
GeneralAlways ask before fixing Pin
Aiscrim9-Mar-14 22:43
MemberAiscrim9-Mar-14 22:43 
GeneralRe: Always ask before fixing Pin
Andreas Gieriet9-Mar-14 23:37
professionalAndreas Gieriet9-Mar-14 23:37 
My upvote - I fully agree! In a team you should talk first and not silently fix someone else's code. If possible, the "owner" fixes, but if circumstances mandate/allow, anyone should be allowed to fix or even to rewrite.
GeneralNot without orders... Pin
OriginalGriff9-Mar-14 21:57
mveOriginalGriff9-Mar-14 21:57 
GeneralRe: Not without orders... Pin
Karen Mitchelle9-Mar-14 22:43
professionalKaren Mitchelle9-Mar-14 22:43 
GeneralRe: Not without orders... Pin
OriginalGriff9-Mar-14 22:45
mveOriginalGriff9-Mar-14 22:45 
GeneralSometimes Pin
thatraja9-Mar-14 21:38
professionalthatraja9-Mar-14 21:38 
GeneralNO unless... Pin
Karen Mitchelle9-Mar-14 20:49
professionalKaren Mitchelle9-Mar-14 20:49 
GeneralYes and No Pin
Gandalf_TheWhite9-Mar-14 20:33
professionalGandalf_TheWhite9-Mar-14 20:33 
GeneralMany Times - As a team Pin
Hemant Singh Rautela9-Mar-14 20:31
professionalHemant Singh Rautela9-Mar-14 20:31 

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