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Survey Results

What is the worst thing about the portrayal of software development in movies?

Survey period: 31 Mar 2014 to 7 Apr 2014

I know you want to pick them all. Pick the *worst*.

The little beeping noises that all apps emit when data is rendered on the screen1355.93135 votes, 5.93%
The stereotype of the developer (age, gender, hygeine and dress sense)24010.54240 votes, 10.54%
Code dumps are either FORTRAN or HTML.562.4656 votes, 2.46%
All input is done via a Terminal window. Except when they use a stand-up 80" touch-screen.1396.10139 votes, 6.10%
All security systems can be cracked in under a minute. Usually by guessing a password.74032.48740 votes, 32.48%
Viruses and Trojans show skull-and-crossbones popups.1064.65106 votes, 4.65%
Every computer can interface with every other computer seamlessly.29212.82292 votes, 12.82%
All data can be enhanced. eg disguised voices made clear, grainy pictures made sharp48021.07480 votes, 21.07%
Other (post your suggestion in the comments section)903.9590 votes, 3.95%

GeneralComputer screens Pin
deskcheck17-Apr-14 5:47
memberdeskcheck17-Apr-14 5:47 
GeneralThe 3D programming interface Pin
Nicolas Dorier6-Apr-14 0:30
professionalNicolas Dorier6-Apr-14 0:30 
GeneralCSI Pin
ed welch4-Apr-14 6:57
membered welch4-Apr-14 6:57 
GeneralUhm... forgot one Pin
GreatOak4-Apr-14 5:11
memberGreatOak4-Apr-14 5:11 
GeneralIncomplete Pin
Dave Kreskowiak4-Apr-14 3:24
mvpDave Kreskowiak4-Apr-14 3:24 
GeneralTheir Code Always Runs On Very First Attempt (without Compilation warning or error).... Pin
Pratik Bhuva3-Apr-14 20:06
professionalPratik Bhuva3-Apr-14 20:06 
GeneralRe: Their Code Always Runs On Very First Attempt (without Compilation warning or error).... Pin
OriginalGriff4-Apr-14 4:00
protectorOriginalGriff4-Apr-14 4:00 
GeneralTalking Computers Pin
virang_213-Apr-14 17:38
membervirang_213-Apr-14 17:38 
GeneralBad command or filename Pin
CHill603-Apr-14 6:15
protectorCHill603-Apr-14 6:15 
GeneralAll of the above... Pin
Brisingr Aerowing3-Apr-14 5:12
professionalBrisingr Aerowing3-Apr-14 5:12 
General“I know this, it’s Unix” Pin
_awatts2-Apr-14 23:51
member_awatts2-Apr-14 23:51 
GeneralRe: “I know this, it’s Unix” Pin
chippingtonderrick7-Apr-14 0:09
memberchippingtonderrick7-Apr-14 0:09 
GeneralSuper Uber - Hackers are hot chicks Pin
n.podbielski2-Apr-14 23:11
membern.podbielski2-Apr-14 23:11 
GeneralRe: Super Uber - Hackers are hot chicks Pin
gil653-Apr-14 4:17
membergil653-Apr-14 4:17 
GeneralRe: Super Uber - Hackers are hot chicks Pin
Chris Losinger4-Apr-14 1:43
memberChris Losinger4-Apr-14 1:43 
GeneralRe: Super Uber - Hackers are hot chicks Pin
n.podbielski6-Apr-14 8:28
membern.podbielski6-Apr-14 8:28 
GeneralWhen each character of each word takes half a second to show up on screen like mainframes 40 yrs ago. Pin
Rene Pilon2-Apr-14 15:24
memberRene Pilon2-Apr-14 15:24 
GeneralWhat about Swordfish? Those wireframe cubes when hacking... Pin
Swab.Jat2-Apr-14 5:48
memberSwab.Jat2-Apr-14 5:48 
GeneralRe: What about Swordfish? Those wireframe cubes when hacking... Pin
jkirkerx2-Apr-14 10:45
memberjkirkerx2-Apr-14 10:45 
GeneralRe: What about Swordfish? Those wireframe cubes when hacking... Pin
Swab.Jat2-Apr-14 16:24
memberSwab.Jat2-Apr-14 16:24 
GeneralShowing a Powerpoint preso with large fonts to show progress of an important task Pin
Shameel2-Apr-14 5:37
memberShameel2-Apr-14 5:37 
AnswerThe truth and myth about passwords Pin
Yvan Rodrigues2-Apr-14 4:29
professionalYvan Rodrigues2-Apr-14 4:29 
AnswerAll devices and systems are connected Pin
Yvan Rodrigues2-Apr-14 4:22
professionalYvan Rodrigues2-Apr-14 4:22 
AnswerPoll: Do you say aloud every line of code you write? Pin
Yvan Rodrigues2-Apr-14 4:05
professionalYvan Rodrigues2-Apr-14 4:05 
GeneralRe: Poll: Do you say aloud every line of code you write? Pin
kArViD0tnEt2-Apr-14 16:45
professionalkArViD0tnEt2-Apr-14 16:45 
AnswerI would love to see them type something to see if viewers try to copycat. Pin
Yvan Rodrigues2-Apr-14 4:03
professionalYvan Rodrigues2-Apr-14 4:03 
GeneralThe ladies` breasts and the salaries Pin
Herbisaurus2-Apr-14 3:13
memberHerbisaurus2-Apr-14 3:13 
GeneralRe: The ladies` breasts and the salaries Pin
kArViD0tnEt2-Apr-14 16:28
professionalkArViD0tnEt2-Apr-14 16:28 
General[OPTION] They never have any bugs Pin
Canny Brisk2-Apr-14 3:10
professionalCanny Brisk2-Apr-14 3:10 
GeneralOther answer Pin
2 Rocks2-Apr-14 0:00
member2 Rocks2-Apr-14 0:00 
GeneralFive Seconds of Finger Rattling Pin
nocturns21-Apr-14 12:06
membernocturns21-Apr-14 12:06 
GeneralRe: Five Seconds of Finger Rattling Pin
DaveX862-Apr-14 7:29
memberDaveX862-Apr-14 7:29 
General1200 baud modems go to infinite baud Pin
BrainiacV1-Apr-14 8:20
memberBrainiacV1-Apr-14 8:20 
GeneralInfinite resolution of security cameras Pin
Clifford Nelson1-Apr-14 8:10
memberClifford Nelson1-Apr-14 8:10 
GeneralJust happens to be what it needs to be Pin
PNutHed1-Apr-14 7:44
memberPNutHed1-Apr-14 7:44 
GeneralBeeping TI 99/4 Pin
BrainiacV1-Apr-14 7:17
memberBrainiacV1-Apr-14 7:17 
GeneralI also love how... Pin
twohowlingdogs1-Apr-14 7:06
membertwohowlingdogs1-Apr-14 7:06 
GeneralOther - text characters appearing one by one on the screen.. Pin
Brent Jenkins1-Apr-14 5:35
memberBrent Jenkins1-Apr-14 5:35 
GeneralOther - 200wpm typing across 4 keyboards and 10 monitors Pin
kmoorevs1-Apr-14 5:23
memberkmoorevs1-Apr-14 5:23 
GeneralRealism would make for some pretty bad TV Pin
StatementTerminator1-Apr-14 3:50
memberStatementTerminator1-Apr-14 3:50 
GeneralRe: Realism would make for some pretty bad TV Pin
Chris Richner1-Apr-14 3:56
memberChris Richner1-Apr-14 3:56 
GeneralRe: Realism would make for some pretty bad TV Pin
kArViD0tnEt1-Apr-14 15:30
professionalkArViD0tnEt1-Apr-14 15:30 
AnswerRe: Realism would make for some pretty bad TV Pin
Yvan Rodrigues2-Apr-14 4:07
professionalYvan Rodrigues2-Apr-14 4:07 
GeneralEnhance, Enhance Again! Pin
Jason Hutchinson1-Apr-14 2:51
professionalJason Hutchinson1-Apr-14 2:51 
GeneralRe: Enhance, Enhance Again! Pin
StatementTerminator1-Apr-14 4:41
memberStatementTerminator1-Apr-14 4:41 
GeneralImpossible IP addresses Pin
LePoete1-Apr-14 2:08
memberLePoete1-Apr-14 2:08 
Generalkeyboard maniacs Pin
xinodz1-Apr-14 1:43
memberxinodz1-Apr-14 1:43 
GeneralRe: keyboard maniacs Pin
kArViD0tnEt1-Apr-14 15:32
professionalkArViD0tnEt1-Apr-14 15:32 
GeneralOther - Write bug free code, first time Pin
Ri_31-Mar-14 23:31
memberRi_31-Mar-14 23:31 
GeneralThe Amount of Time to Develop Something Pin
AndrewJacksonZA31-Mar-14 23:24
memberAndrewJacksonZA31-Mar-14 23:24 

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