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Survey Results

Are you a procrastinator?

Survey period: 12 May 2014 to 19 May 2014

We're a fairly driven bunch, us developers, but are we a creative excuses bunch?

I often procrastinate47123.98
No way - get it done. Now.814.12
I was about to answer this question but had something else I really needed to do first.30615.58

GeneralI was about to answer this question but... Pin
Nelek11-May-14 22:28
protectorNelek11-May-14 22:28 
GeneralAlways! Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter11-May-14 21:35
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter11-May-14 21:35 
GeneralMe? Procrastinate? Pin
OriginalGriff11-May-14 21:34
mveOriginalGriff11-May-14 21:34 
GeneralRe: Me? Procrastinate? Pin
Nelek11-May-14 22:29
protectorNelek11-May-14 22:29 
GeneralRe: Me? Procrastinate? Pin
OriginalGriff11-May-14 22:36
mveOriginalGriff11-May-14 22:36 
GeneralRe: Me? Procrastinate? Pin
Nelek11-May-14 22:52
protectorNelek11-May-14 22:52 
GeneralSelf-centred fear PinPopular
R. Erasmus11-May-14 21:17
MemberR. Erasmus11-May-14 21:17 
GeneralRe: Self-centred fear Pin
Andreas Gieriet11-May-14 23:43
professionalAndreas Gieriet11-May-14 23:43 
Well, talking about a "defect" is probably not the right term - it's rather an instinct (as research shows with animals). It's about Displacement Activity[^]. I observe that we humans have similar "instincts" that let us do other things than we "should", especially if under pressure...! The stay-focussed behavioral pattern is rather a human conditioning by culture... Wink | ;-) Some are better trained than others to behave against the instinct Smile | :)
Generalget it done, but ... Pin
V.11-May-14 20:11
professionalV.11-May-14 20:11 
QuestionI'm... Pin
Mehdi Gholam11-May-14 20:03
mvaMehdi Gholam11-May-14 20:03 
AnswerRe: I'm... Pin
  Forogar  12-May-14 5:48
professional  Forogar  12-May-14 5:48 
GeneralMe? Procrastinate? Pin
OriginalGriff11-May-14 19:57
mveOriginalGriff11-May-14 19:57 

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