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Survey Results

Best Web Dev Article of May 2014

Survey period: 6 Jun 2014 to 20 Jun 2014

This is the voting form for the Best Web Dev Article of May 2014 competition. Below are a list of the top 10 articles submitted last month. Please choose the ones you consider your favourite. Remember - you can only vote once!

JSON and Microsoft technologies - Marla Sukesh4654.76
Introduction to ASP.NET Boilerplate - Halil ibrahim Kalkan1720.24
JQUERY, JSON and Angular Interview questions - Shivprasad koirala2428.57
Understanding Repository and Unit of Work Pattern and Implementing Generic Repository in ASP.NET MVC using Entity Framework - Rahul Rajat Singh1821.43
ASP.NET MVC - Quickstart - kannankeril1315.48
Date and Time formatting in JavaScript like .Net C# or VB.Net - Sunasara Imdadhusen1821.43
HTML5: Real-Time Push Notifications from .NET Application - Ondrej_Uzovic1619.05
Voting Control using MVC5 and Razor - Jon Nethercott910.71
Improving your ASP.NET web form application's performance - Chris A. Johnson1214.29
How To Convert Date Time to “X minutes ago” in jQuery - Nitesh Luharuka1214.29
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