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Keyboard or mouse when coding?

Survey period: 6 Nov 2017 to 13 Nov 2017

Given a choice between using a mouse or a keyboard, what's the appropriate balance? ("Mouse" also includes trackpad, nubbin, rollerball or any other pointing device that's not a keyboard)

Keyboard only393.42
Mostly keyboard, a little mouse72663.63
An even mix33929.71
Mostly mouse, as little keyboard as possible353.07
Neither (please comment)20.18

GeneralI want to use the keyboard, but Pin
Dennis_E9-Nov-17 23:54
professionalDennis_E9-Nov-17 23:54 
GeneralRe: I want to use the keyboard, but Pin
den2k8810-Nov-17 4:32
professionalden2k8810-Nov-17 4:32 
GeneralRe: I want to use the keyboard, but Pin
DanM214-Nov-17 7:25
memberDanM214-Nov-17 7:25 
GeneralKeybooard IS faster - mouse helps Pin
den2k889-Nov-17 21:44
professionalden2k889-Nov-17 21:44 
GeneralMostly Keyboard a Little Mouse Pin
Tony Foo9-Nov-17 16:12
professionalTony Foo9-Nov-17 16:12 
GeneralNeither??? Pin
Bryian Tan8-Nov-17 13:09
professionalBryian Tan8-Nov-17 13:09 
GeneralRe: Neither??? Pin
Graeme_Grant9-Nov-17 2:18
professionalGraeme_Grant9-Nov-17 2:18 
GeneralRe: Neither??? Pin
MadMyche9-Nov-17 6:49
memberMadMyche9-Nov-17 6:49 
GeneralCTRL-KEY Pinky vs Mouse Shoulder Pin
10e7-Nov-17 6:24
member10e7-Nov-17 6:24 
GeneralMore mouse than I would like Pin
MarkTJohnson7-Nov-17 3:35
professionalMarkTJohnson7-Nov-17 3:35 
GeneralMouse? Pin
dandy726-Nov-17 7:07
memberdandy726-Nov-17 7:07 
GeneralRe: Mouse? Pin
DJ van Wyk6-Nov-17 19:50
professionalDJ van Wyk6-Nov-17 19:50 
GeneralRe: Mouse? Pin
iskSYS6-Nov-17 20:13
professionaliskSYS6-Nov-17 20:13 
GeneralRe: Mouse? Pin
dandy727-Nov-17 2:20
memberdandy727-Nov-17 2:20 
PraiseRe: Mouse? Pin
MadMyche9-Nov-17 7:00
memberMadMyche9-Nov-17 7:00 
GeneralRe: Mouse? Pin
dandy729-Nov-17 7:58
memberdandy729-Nov-17 7:58 
GeneralRe: Mouse? Pin
Jeremy Falcon10-Nov-17 5:33
professionalJeremy Falcon10-Nov-17 5:33 
GeneralRe: Mouse? Pin
dandy7210-Nov-17 8:15
memberdandy7210-Nov-17 8:15 
GeneralEven Mix Pin
kmoorevs6-Nov-17 6:22
memberkmoorevs6-Nov-17 6:22 
General. Pin
MacSpudster6-Nov-17 4:34
professionalMacSpudster6-Nov-17 4:34 
GeneralMostly keyboard. Pin
Ron Anders6-Nov-17 2:58
memberRon Anders6-Nov-17 2:58 
GeneralRe: Mostly keyboard. Pin
Davie212409-Nov-17 4:59
memberDavie212409-Nov-17 4:59 
GeneralWith CRS it's hard Pin
Mike Hankey6-Nov-17 1:14
professionalMike Hankey6-Nov-17 1:14 
GeneralRe: With CRS it's hard Pin
CodeWraith6-Nov-17 1:37
memberCodeWraith6-Nov-17 1:37 
GeneralRe: With CRS it's hard Pin
Mike Barthold6-Nov-17 1:55
professionalMike Barthold6-Nov-17 1:55 

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