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Survey Results

Do you trust Voice-Activated Assistants enough to have them in your home or office?

Survey period: 8 Oct 2018 to 15 Oct 2018

Voice-Activated Assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are often privy to our deepest, darkest secrets. Are you comfortable that what they hear will be kept confidential? ("Them" means "whichever assistant you'd be tempted to use")

Yes I trust them444.33
Yes, mostly646.29
Mostly. I may use them only in non-sensitive scenarios13413.18
Not really25024.58
There's not a single Voice-Activated assistant I'd trust in my home or office42341.59
I don't know enough or haven't made up my mind yet.10210.03

GeneralNot allowed Pin
PSU Steve12-Oct-18 5:39
professionalPSU Steve12-Oct-18 5:39 
GeneralSigns of Madness Pin
PeejayAdams11-Oct-18 22:32
MemberPeejayAdams11-Oct-18 22:32 
GeneralCultural? Pin
megaadam10-Oct-18 23:30
professionalmegaadam10-Oct-18 23:30 
GeneralRe: Cultural? Pin
kalberts11-Oct-18 2:24
Memberkalberts11-Oct-18 2:24 
GeneralRe: Cultural? Pin
dan!sh 12-Oct-18 2:52
professional dan!sh 12-Oct-18 2:52 
GeneralTrust.. Pin
chimcham10-Oct-18 22:23
Memberchimcham10-Oct-18 22:23 
GeneralInteresting Pin
#realJSOP9-Oct-18 2:24
mva#realJSOP9-Oct-18 2:24 
GeneralRe: Interesting Pin
Mycroft Holmes13-Oct-18 12:25
professionalMycroft Holmes13-Oct-18 12:25 
GeneralTrust? Pin
BryanFazekas9-Oct-18 0:57
MemberBryanFazekas9-Oct-18 0:57 
GeneralRe: Trust? Pin
KarstenK9-Oct-18 5:25
mveKarstenK9-Oct-18 5:25 
GeneralRe: Trust? Pin
BryanFazekas9-Oct-18 5:49
MemberBryanFazekas9-Oct-18 5:49 
GeneralRe: Trust? Pin
Daniel Pfeffer9-Oct-18 6:02
professionalDaniel Pfeffer9-Oct-18 6:02 
GeneralRe: Trust? Pin
Steven12189-Oct-18 7:47
professionalSteven12189-Oct-18 7:47 
GeneralRe: Trust? Pin
kalberts11-Oct-18 3:04
Memberkalberts11-Oct-18 3:04 
I am trying to reduce the amount of electronic trails I leave behind me: I am not into social media where I have to identify myself uniquely to get an account. I mostly avoid all sorts of login sites. (CP is one of a handful of exceptions.) I pay in cash for most of my stuff I buy, when possible. I do not use club membership cards to get a 1% discount on my milk and bread. I haven't made myself dependent on my mobile phone. I buy books, music and movies for my own bookshelf so that I can read / listen / watch without anyone keeping track of when, for how long and how may times I go to that streaming site and take note of what I read.

But it is getting increasingly difficult. The books, music and movies that I care to buy are hard to find in physical shops, so I buy some of that in webstores. That resulted in Amazon classfying me as a homosexual (which certainly is not a big issue in Norway, but e.g. in parts of the US you wouldn't want that), proposing a long series of "You will certainly like this movie..." from the gay movies catalog.

No, it was not in my style, and I had no idea about why Amazon thought so. Then, maybe half a year after I had bought a pile of DVDs did I get around to play the last one - an Italian "artsy" B&W movie from the early 1960s, based on some old mythological tale. And it happened in that in the movie, some of the demigods were rather scantily clad. Not fully naked, but you could certainly enjoy the view their bodies, if that happens to be your style. I was sort of happy to see where Amazon got their ideas about my preferences.

Homosexuality is "more or less" fully accepted here, so if Amazon's ideas had leaked out here, it would not hurt me (as opposed to if it had happened in parts of the US). If someone were looking over my shoulder when I was searching Amazon, noting all those movies Amazon thought I would like, they might be curious about it, though, considering that I had a wife and a daughter, and I might have to explain this about the Italian art movie. This is several years ago, and Amazon no longer proposes those movies to me any more.

I guess that things like that will pop up anew: There is no way to make yourself completly untracable. In 2011, a Norwegian right-wing terrorist attacked a Labor party youth camp with a machine gun and killed 77 youth, after blowing down the Government building with a box car filled with explosives outside the building. This fellow had not been very active on the Internet. Nevertheless, police dug up more than ten thousand distinct pieces of evidence that they condsidered could be of interest for the court - from his childhood background to receipts from stores where he was living.

Today, I am certain that if police for one reason or the other goes after me, they could dig up much more information about me than they did for this Anders Behring Breivik fellow - I have been much more active in the digital world than he has. And I am not sure that it would benefit my case. If anyone else does the same, I am quite sure that it would not be of any benefit to me. I'd rather be without the "benefits" of exposing myself even more than I do. Even if it could give me an extra 1% discount on my milk and bread.
GeneralDepends Pin
Marco Bertschi8-Oct-18 18:26
professionalMarco Bertschi8-Oct-18 18:26 
Generalmostly except... Pin
Dennis E White8-Oct-18 13:35
professionalDennis E White8-Oct-18 13:35 
GeneralRe: mostly except... Pin
kalberts11-Oct-18 2:16
Memberkalberts11-Oct-18 2:16 
GeneralAlexa on a Noisy Street Pin
ronlease8-Oct-18 4:40
professionalronlease8-Oct-18 4:40 
GeneralRe: Alexa on a Noisy Street Pin
raddevus8-Oct-18 8:59
mvaraddevus8-Oct-18 8:59 
GeneralPut Simply Pin
W Balboos, GHB8-Oct-18 3:34
mveW Balboos, GHB8-Oct-18 3:34 
GeneralDon't trust em, but have one here anyway. Pin
Ron Anders8-Oct-18 3:27
MemberRon Anders8-Oct-18 3:27 
GeneralRe: Don't trust em, but have one here anyway. Pin
raddevus8-Oct-18 8:58
mvaraddevus8-Oct-18 8:58 
GeneralRe: Don't trust em, but have one here anyway. Pin
Vikram A Punathambekar14-Oct-18 7:14
MemberVikram A Punathambekar14-Oct-18 7:14 
GeneralMost people already have phone Pin
ZurdoDev8-Oct-18 1:55
professionalZurdoDev8-Oct-18 1:55 
GeneralMy microphone is broken... Pin
Carsten V2.08-Oct-18 1:45
MemberCarsten V2.08-Oct-18 1:45 

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