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Survey Results

If you reject have rejected tools or products recommended by your team lead or manager, what were the reasons?

Survey period: 26 Nov 2018 to 3 Dec 2018

It'd be far easier if they just handed you the credit card in the first place.

It didn’t actually solve any problems we had, nor provide any benefits24737.60
It was pushed on us without anyone asking us what we actually wanted17426.48
It was too complicated or time consuming to implement17827.09
It was slow, buggy, a resource hog or just plain sucked18327.85
There were better alternatives available25739.12
The API was terrible9714.76
The documentation was awful (or possibly non-existent)12619.18
The marketing material used to explain the product put us off284.26
I don’t like the company who makes the product263.96
I don’t get to, or never have, rejected tools or products14321.77
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralAll the time Pin
Mycroft Holmes27-Nov-18 22:43
professionalMycroft Holmes27-Nov-18 22:43 
GeneralTcl/TK Pin
Member 798912227-Nov-18 0:06
MemberMember 798912227-Nov-18 0:06 
GeneralOpen source code was in French Pin
Member 798912226-Nov-18 23:51
MemberMember 798912226-Nov-18 23:51 
According to the description (in Englihs) of this open source code library, it was just what we were after - but the nature of our project required us to make extensions/modifications to it. So we got hold of it, only to realize that it was well commented all over the code, and the naming of variables, functions and such seemed to be reasonably descriptive, guessing from the lenght of the names.

Or so we guessed. None of the project members could read French, and everything but the reserved keywords were in French. When you wnat to modify something, you want to know what you've got. We didn't have a clue, not at the code level. So we had to find another library, probably not as good as the French one, but in a form that we could make use of.
GeneralRe: Open source code was in French Pin
#realJSOP27-Nov-18 7:25
mva#realJSOP27-Nov-18 7:25 
GeneralRe: Open source code was in French Pin
  Forogar  27-Nov-18 10:53
professional  Forogar  27-Nov-18 10:53 
GeneralWhat? Pin
ScottM126-Nov-18 23:12
MemberScottM126-Nov-18 23:12 
GeneralRe: What? Pin
Gary Wheeler27-Nov-18 2:47
MemberGary Wheeler27-Nov-18 2:47 
GeneralRe: What? Pin
Stylianos Polychroniadis30-Nov-18 11:13
MemberStylianos Polychroniadis30-Nov-18 11:13 
GeneralRe: What? Pin
Gary Wheeler3-Dec-18 3:01
MemberGary Wheeler3-Dec-18 3:01 

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