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Survey Results

When you're in the zone what do you prefer?

Survey period: 8 Apr 2019 to 15 Apr 2019

I can point to one study that shows music is the best and one that shows music is worst. But back to the real world...

Absolute silence16217.59
Quiet in the office25327.47
Moderate ambient noise (cafe, office, street noise)14615.85
Loud ambient noise70.76
Quiet music19421.06
Moderately loud music13114.22
Load music283.04

GeneralSome Exotic noise? Pin
Bryian Tan13-Apr-19 13:34
mveBryian Tan13-Apr-19 13:34 
Generalquestion syntax issue: Getting into the Zone or Already in the Zone? Pin
maze311-Apr-19 23:14
professionalmaze311-Apr-19 23:14 
GeneralWorking from a home office Pin
Mycroft Holmes10-Apr-19 13:11
memberMycroft Holmes10-Apr-19 13:11 
GeneralRe: Working from a home office Pin
charlieg11-Apr-19 5:57
membercharlieg11-Apr-19 5:57 
GeneralIn the zone Pin
James Lonero10-Apr-19 11:05
memberJames Lonero10-Apr-19 11:05 
GeneralQuiet office + quiet jazz music Pin
Jacek Gajek10-Apr-19 4:52
memberJacek Gajek10-Apr-19 4:52 
GeneralListen to This Over and Over Pin
Xequence10-Apr-19 2:32
memberXequence10-Apr-19 2:32 
GeneralAnything but "distinguishable" conversations Pin
F Margueirat9-Apr-19 6:22
memberF Margueirat9-Apr-19 6:22 
GeneralRe: Anything but "distinguishable" conversations Pin
CodeWraith9-Apr-19 20:58
memberCodeWraith9-Apr-19 20:58 
GeneralRe: Anything but "distinguishable" conversations Pin
F Margueirat10-Apr-19 3:52
memberF Margueirat10-Apr-19 3:52 
QuestionShare your playlists(Music) Pin
thatraja9-Apr-19 4:24
protectorthatraja9-Apr-19 4:24 
AnswerRe: Share your playlists(Music) Pin
Ravi Bhavnani9-Apr-19 5:34
professionalRavi Bhavnani9-Apr-19 5:34 
AnswerRe: Share your playlists(Music) Pin
Vincent Maverick Durano9-Apr-19 10:07
mveVincent Maverick Durano9-Apr-19 10:07 
GeneralA mix? Pin
Jon McKee8-Apr-19 18:47
professionalJon McKee8-Apr-19 18:47 
GeneralNot so often anymore Pin
kmoorevs8-Apr-19 8:44
memberkmoorevs8-Apr-19 8:44 
GeneralModerate ambient noise (cafe, office, street noise)... Pin
0x01AA8-Apr-19 8:42
professional0x01AA8-Apr-19 8:42 
GeneralHeadphones and music playing loud (what's load?) Pin
Dennis E White8-Apr-19 5:34
professionalDennis E White8-Apr-19 5:34 
GeneralRe: Headphones and music playing loud (what's load?) Pin
BryanFazekas9-Apr-19 1:27
memberBryanFazekas9-Apr-19 1:27 
GeneralAM Talk Radio Pin
MarkTX8-Apr-19 5:25
memberMarkTX8-Apr-19 5:25 
GeneralRe: AM Talk Radio Pin
MarkTJohnson9-Apr-19 3:59
professionalMarkTJohnson9-Apr-19 3:59 
GeneralSilence would be great, but... Pin
Andreas Mertens8-Apr-19 5:15
professionalAndreas Mertens8-Apr-19 5:15 
GeneralWher-TF is 'other' ? Pin
W Balboos8-Apr-19 1:44
mveW Balboos8-Apr-19 1:44 
GeneralRe: Wher-TF is 'other' ? Pin
John R. Shaw8-Apr-19 5:18
memberJohn R. Shaw8-Apr-19 5:18 
GeneralNo voices Pin
Nelek8-Apr-19 0:52
protectorNelek8-Apr-19 0:52 
GeneralRe: No voices Pin
Member 79891228-Apr-19 23:32
memberMember 79891228-Apr-19 23:32 

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