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Survey Results

How much do you trust each of these companies with your personal data?

Survey period: 30 Sep 2019 to 7 Oct 2019

Your bank details, health details, "personal" photos. If 1 = "I have zero trust", and 5 means "I trust them completely", how do you rate the big guys?

OptionResponses Avg  

GeneralMicorsoft rules Pin
Mohibur Rashid2-Oct-19 11:30
professionalMohibur Rashid2-Oct-19 11:30 
GeneralRe: Micorsoft rules Pin
PeejayAdams4-Oct-19 2:52
MemberPeejayAdams4-Oct-19 2:52 
GeneralRe: Micorsoft rules Pin
oleg634-Oct-19 4:39
professionaloleg634-Oct-19 4:39 
GeneralRe: Micorsoft rules Pin
Mohibur Rashid6-Oct-19 16:34
professionalMohibur Rashid6-Oct-19 16:34 
GeneralDavid Gerrold's definition of "trust" Pin
Daniel Pfeffer1-Oct-19 20:32
professionalDaniel Pfeffer1-Oct-19 20:32 
GeneralLinked in is MS Pin
Dan Neely1-Oct-19 3:11
MemberDan Neely1-Oct-19 3:11 
GeneralRe: Linked in is MS Pin
Chris Maunder1-Oct-19 11:39
cofounderChris Maunder1-Oct-19 11:39 
GeneralDepends how you're defining trust Pin
agolddog1-Oct-19 2:51
Memberagolddog1-Oct-19 2:51 
GeneralRe: Depends how you're defining trust Pin
TheGreatAndPowerfulOz2-Oct-19 5:03
MemberTheGreatAndPowerfulOz2-Oct-19 5:03 
GeneralOnly Google... Pin
Mike (Prof. Chuck)1-Oct-19 2:27
professionalMike (Prof. Chuck)1-Oct-19 2:27 
GeneralThe total score for all six companies... Pin
CodeWraith30-Sep-19 23:02
MemberCodeWraith30-Sep-19 23:02 
GeneralSlight Flaw Pin
PeejayAdams30-Sep-19 22:23
MemberPeejayAdams30-Sep-19 22:23 
It shouldn't be compulsory to vote on each option.

I've never used Apple because I don't like their proprietary BS and I've never used LinkedIn because I think it's (insert four letter word starting with "w" of choice) so I've never really considered the security of either.
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. - Mark Twain

GeneralRe: Slight Flaw Pin
CodeWraith30-Sep-19 23:06
MemberCodeWraith30-Sep-19 23:06 
GeneralRe: Slight Flaw Pin
PeejayAdams30-Sep-19 23:17
MemberPeejayAdams30-Sep-19 23:17 
GeneralRe: Slight Flaw Pin
ZurdoDev1-Oct-19 1:03
professionalZurdoDev1-Oct-19 1:03 
GeneralTrust? Pin
Herman<T>.Instance30-Sep-19 21:42
MemberHerman<T>.Instance30-Sep-19 21:42 
GeneralRe: Trust? Pin
CodeWraith30-Sep-19 23:07
MemberCodeWraith30-Sep-19 23:07 
GeneralRe: Trust? Pin
Herman<T>.Instance30-Sep-19 23:18
MemberHerman<T>.Instance30-Sep-19 23:18 
GeneralRe: Trust? Pin
CodeWraith1-Oct-19 0:12
MemberCodeWraith1-Oct-19 0:12 
GeneralApple? Trust? Pin
  Forogar  30-Sep-19 5:24
professional  Forogar  30-Sep-19 5:24 
GeneralRe: Apple? Trust? Pin
Sharath C V30-Sep-19 19:01
professionalSharath C V30-Sep-19 19:01 
Generalmy thoughts Pin
Slacker00730-Sep-19 1:23
professionalSlacker00730-Sep-19 1:23 
GeneralRe: my thoughts Pin
MadMyche30-Sep-19 4:28
professionalMadMyche30-Sep-19 4:28 
GeneralRe: my thoughts Pin
Slacker00730-Sep-19 4:52
professionalSlacker00730-Sep-19 4:52 
GeneralRe: my thoughts Pin
MadMyche30-Sep-19 8:33
professionalMadMyche30-Sep-19 8:33 

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