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The Microsoft Duo will run Android. Will this tempt you to write Android apps?

Survey period: 7 Oct 2019 to 14 Oct 2019

At least we have a year to think this one through.

I already write Android apps13015.24
I'm already planning on writing Android apps687.97
Yes, this tempts me to write Android apps758.79
I'm not sure12314.42
Probably not30035.17
No, I definitely won't be writing Android apps.16218.99

Generalmissing option Pin
maze38-Oct-19 2:27
professionalmaze38-Oct-19 2:27 
GeneralCross-Platform Pin
Jacquers7-Oct-19 22:08
memberJacquers7-Oct-19 22:08 
GeneralRe: Cross-Platform Pin
TheGreatAndPowerfulOz9-Oct-19 13:21
memberTheGreatAndPowerfulOz9-Oct-19 13:21 
GeneralRe: Cross-Platform Pin
Jacquers10-Oct-19 2:28
memberJacquers10-Oct-19 2:28 
GeneralOther Pin
PIEBALDconsult7-Oct-19 14:22
protectorPIEBALDconsult7-Oct-19 14:22 
GeneralOnly with Xamarin, and very carefully Pin
LeahAtWork7-Oct-19 8:05
professionalLeahAtWork7-Oct-19 8:05 
GeneralRe: Only with Xamarin, and very carefully Pin
Mycroft Holmes7-Oct-19 13:46
memberMycroft Holmes7-Oct-19 13:46 
GeneralRe: Only with Xamarin, and very carefully Pin
Member 79891228-Oct-19 3:51
memberMember 79891228-Oct-19 3:51 
That doesn't mean that we should completely ignore this issue.

With Windows, you still have the option to essentially work offline, to easily wipe out cookies and browser history, to do all sorts of browsing on an old, clunky PC devoted to that and to nothing else, so that anyone tracking you there would not have access to you offline activities. (And, cleaning it of tracing stuff is far easier.) Lots of information can be obtained without loggin in or otherwise reveal your identity.

When I am not actively using the network, I turn off the network connection. I clean up cookies weekly or more frequently. I keep my browsing history clean. When I am not 100% sure of the reliability of a web resource, I access it from another PC, and when necessary, carry files to my main PC by a memory stick (avoiding binary files that might contain malware). If I "have to" log in to some not-100%-trustworthy site, after the job is done, I clean up cookies and web history and restart my browser.

Yes, I know: "But they still can..." Sure. They can have a keylogger installed. They can create a signature of my PCs hardware. They can have my ISP reveal my identity (in that case, I assume that "they" would be the police). They can...

But the risk (of both malware and information stealing) is significantly reduced, comparing to an Android device that has next to zero function when disconnected from the network. (Not quite: My alarm clock still works where there is no coverage. The camera as well - but I rather use a higher quality system camera. Obligatory Geek&Poke: Opposite worlds[^].)

Of course you can develop even Android software without being constantly exposed on the Internet. It is the use of the Android that is tightly network bound. Nevertheless: I can do the majority of my desktop PC tasks without exposing myself to spies. That I can't say about my Android phone.
GeneralNever say never, but... Pin
Sander Rossel7-Oct-19 0:27
professionalSander Rossel7-Oct-19 0:27 
GeneralIf... Pin
Nelek6-Oct-19 23:02
protectorNelek6-Oct-19 23:02 
GeneralMissing option PinPopular
Johnny J.6-Oct-19 21:37
professionalJohnny J.6-Oct-19 21:37 
GeneralRe: Missing option Pin
OriginalGriff6-Oct-19 22:37
protectorOriginalGriff6-Oct-19 22:37 
GeneralRe: Missing option Pin
Mycroft Holmes7-Oct-19 13:43
memberMycroft Holmes7-Oct-19 13:43 
GeneralRe: Missing option Pin
PeejayAdams9-Oct-19 0:48
memberPeejayAdams9-Oct-19 0:48 
GeneralRe: Missing option Pin
OriginalGriff9-Oct-19 0:57
protectorOriginalGriff9-Oct-19 0:57 
GeneralRe: Missing option Pin
PeejayAdams9-Oct-19 1:16
memberPeejayAdams9-Oct-19 1:16 
GeneralInteresting device... Pin
Mike Barthold6-Oct-19 20:14
professionalMike Barthold6-Oct-19 20:14 
GeneralRe: Interesting device... Pin
OriginalGriff6-Oct-19 22:39
protectorOriginalGriff6-Oct-19 22:39 
GeneralRe: Interesting device... Pin
Mike Barthold6-Oct-19 22:48
professionalMike Barthold6-Oct-19 22:48 
GeneralRe: Interesting device... Pin
OriginalGriff6-Oct-19 22:55
protectorOriginalGriff6-Oct-19 22:55 
GeneralRe: Interesting device... Pin
Mike Barthold6-Oct-19 23:16
professionalMike Barthold6-Oct-19 23:16 
GeneralRe: Interesting device... Pin
DJ van Wyk7-Oct-19 21:38
professionalDJ van Wyk7-Oct-19 21:38 
GeneralRe: Interesting device... Pin
Dan Neely8-Oct-19 3:25
memberDan Neely8-Oct-19 3:25 
GeneralRe: Interesting device... Pin
Mike Barthold8-Oct-19 3:44
professionalMike Barthold8-Oct-19 3:44 
GeneralRe: Interesting device... Pin
Dan Neely8-Oct-19 4:11
memberDan Neely8-Oct-19 4:11 

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