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Survey Results

Do you work on your private coding projects during office hours?

Survey period: 10 Feb 2020 to 17 Feb 2020

Asking for a friend.

Yes, constantly.504.48
Yes, occasionally when I have spare time18816.85
Rarely, but it's happened35932.17
No, never50745.43
Yes: we're specifically given time to work on our private side projects during office hours121.08

GeneralNo private projects Pin
kmoorevs10-Feb-20 5:30
Memberkmoorevs10-Feb-20 5:30 
GeneralCommute to work, remote to home Pin
Marc Clifton10-Feb-20 3:20
communityengineerMarc Clifton10-Feb-20 3:20 
GeneralRe: Commute to work, remote to home Pin
Dan Neely10-Feb-20 4:43
MemberDan Neely10-Feb-20 4:43 
GeneralRe: Commute to work, remote to home Pin
Marc Clifton11-Feb-20 4:41
communityengineerMarc Clifton11-Feb-20 4:41 
GeneralIn college days ... Pin
Amarnath S10-Feb-20 3:04
professionalAmarnath S10-Feb-20 3:04 
GeneralNo, and most likely not a good idea Pin
Slacker00710-Feb-20 2:59
professionalSlacker00710-Feb-20 2:59 
GeneralRe: No, and most likely not a good idea Pin
Leo5610-Feb-20 22:34
MemberLeo5610-Feb-20 22:34 
GeneralRe: No, and most likely not a good idea Pin
W Balboos11-Feb-20 8:04
mveW Balboos11-Feb-20 8:04 
It depends a lot upon what you do as "your own projects".

In my chemist days it was the same. I heard about predator/pray simulations and happened to have read a paper about ligand substitution on Molybdenum Hexacarobnyl.

So I went and amused myself with my first Monte-Carlo model.

My employer has the patent that resulted from it (and eventual experimental proof) "Induced Surface Ensembles on Transition Metal Surfaces".

I guess it depend upon how one plays.

On the other hand - it seems all the "clerks" (and above) have phone on there desk that, when not streaming videos is otherwise sucking up about half their time. In this case, it's not even productive for some third party. That's a problem that's real and pressing.

Ravings en masse^
"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." - Albert Einstein
"If you are searching for perfection in others, then you seek disappointment. If you seek perfection in yourself, then you will find failure." - Balboos HaGadol Mar 2010

GeneralRe: No, and most likely not a good idea Pin
Slacker00712-Feb-20 8:21
professionalSlacker00712-Feb-20 8:21 
GeneralRe: No, and most likely not a good idea Pin
W Balboos13-Feb-20 3:48
mveW Balboos13-Feb-20 3:48 
GeneralNope Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic10-Feb-20 2:55
MemberNemanja Trifunovic10-Feb-20 2:55 
GeneralYes - But It's Not That Simple Pin
W Balboos10-Feb-20 2:25
mveW Balboos10-Feb-20 2:25 

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