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Survey Results

If you're working from home, what do you miss most about the office?

Survey period: 18 May 2020 to 25 May 2020

Maybe that's an oxymoron.

Your coworkers. For better or worse30134.32
I miss nothing25228.73
An actual desk and actual office chair and actual work space17019.38
The understanding that you were "at work" and could actually get work done16018.24
The amusing and invigorating office gossip and jokes15417.56
The cafeteria or whatever local / office food provider at your work10511.97
Not having to Zoom to get work done758.55
I'm still at the office677.64
The relaxing morning and evening commute606.84
I'm not working from home (or not working)505.70
A reason to wear pants465.25
Other (please comment)414.68
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralReason to wear pants Pin
Anonymee22-May-20 21:00
professionalAnonymee22-May-20 21:00 
GeneralDual monitors, Colleagues, Boundary between work and life, Good chairs Pin
Vikram A Punathambekar22-May-20 3:56
Vikram A Punathambekar22-May-20 3:56 
GeneralOther: Limiting the hours I work to my typical work day (10 hrs) Pin
Ravi Bhavnani20-May-20 12:15
professionalRavi Bhavnani20-May-20 12:15 
General"Not having to Zoom to get work done" Pin
Jörgen Andersson20-May-20 3:14
professionalJörgen Andersson20-May-20 3:14 
GeneralThe walk to and from the train station Pin
Jörgen Andersson20-May-20 3:13
professionalJörgen Andersson20-May-20 3:13 
GeneralCommunication Pin
Samuel Wood19-May-20 22:45
professionalSamuel Wood19-May-20 22:45 
GeneralNot having to Zoom to get work done?? Pin
Anurag Gandhi19-May-20 21:36
professionalAnurag Gandhi19-May-20 21:36 
GeneralLess than Nothing Pin
  Forogar  19-May-20 10:12
professional  Forogar  19-May-20 10:12 
GeneralComment on vote of Other Pin
bVagadishnu19-May-20 6:19
bVagadishnu19-May-20 6:19 
GeneralRe: Comment on vote of Other Pin
etkid8419-May-20 8:03
etkid8419-May-20 8:03 
GeneralOther reason Pin
MikeTheFid19-May-20 4:57
MikeTheFid19-May-20 4:57 
GeneralRe: Other reason Pin
etkid8419-May-20 8:04
etkid8419-May-20 8:04 
GeneralMissing option - Not being interrupted by my wife.... Pin
Slow Eddie19-May-20 3:44
professionalSlow Eddie19-May-20 3:44 
GeneralRe: Missing option - Not being interrupted by my wife.... Pin
Leonardo Pessoa19-May-20 4:04
Leonardo Pessoa19-May-20 4:04 
GeneralRe: Missing option - Not being interrupted by my wife.... Pin
Slow Eddie20-May-20 3:35
professionalSlow Eddie20-May-20 3:35 
GeneralRe: Missing option - Not being interrupted by my wife.... Pin
Anonymee22-May-20 20:24
professionalAnonymee22-May-20 20:24 
GeneralMissing option Pin
loctrice19-May-20 3:38
professionalloctrice19-May-20 3:38 
GeneralNothing Pin
agolddog19-May-20 3:23
agolddog19-May-20 3:23 
Generalother Pin
theoldfool19-May-20 2:57
professionaltheoldfool19-May-20 2:57 
GeneralLunch, Coffee and Interaction Pin
Jan Steyn19-May-20 1:55
Jan Steyn19-May-20 1:55 
Generaldriving to work gave some concentration Pin
maze319-May-20 1:44
professionalmaze319-May-20 1:44 
GeneralOther: the exercise and variety that comes from the commute Pin
Nelviticus19-May-20 0:56
Nelviticus19-May-20 0:56 
GeneralThe walks to the office and back home Pin
kalberts18-May-20 22:44
kalberts18-May-20 22:44 
GeneralMiss Nothing Pin
_WinBase_18-May-20 22:17
_WinBase_18-May-20 22:17 
GeneralRe: Miss Nothing Pin
Member 792148319-May-20 10:30
Member 792148319-May-20 10:30 
Now, now, Don't wake the wage slaves up. They think it's special when they don't get their "Break" interrupted by "Work".

I love the expression "Suited and Booted".

I've been working remote for various clients in software for 10 plus years. ( it all happened after working at a company that had tables for desks, crap desktop computers, everybody in the same room including tech support and sales. After yet another week of putting in 12 hour days we got free Pizza,
that's it. but I'm over it now....... Kind of,,,,,,, Mostly.....,,,,,,, Smile | :) )

Now I have a "GREAT" team. We are all a big family although most of us have never met.
I LOVE my office setup with custom desk, lights, 5 computers "not including the Raspberry Pi's", and 4 monitors. I put in 8 to 9 hours a day and that is pretty much it.

If I had to say I missed anything it would be the white board discussions, but we now use Balsamic's and they are actually better because you have to organize your thoughts and the end results can be coded directly.... For the most part.

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