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Survey Results

Do you use regular expressions in your apps?

Survey period: 11 Jan 2021 to 18 Jan 2021

A massive time saving shortcut that provides code efficiency, or an efficient way to introduce errors. A tool is only as good as the hands that wield it.

Yes, often475.69
Yes, when appropriate40849.39
Yes, when I'm being lazy or it's just easier414.96
Yes, if there's no other option16219.61
No, never.10913.20
I have not, but maybe I will. Maybe...597.14

GeneralParser Generation Pin
Alois Kraus16-Jan-21 10:32
MemberAlois Kraus16-Jan-21 10:32 
GeneralTried to, but the project guru told me to remove it Pin
trønderen15-Jan-21 3:26
Membertrønderen15-Jan-21 3:26 
We have this application filtering files for a selection list presented to the user. The filter criteria is read from a JSON file delivered with the application. In theory, advanced users may edit the filter specification - if they know about it. We are the ones defining and interpreting the filter (a new application release might update it, but usually, it just moves on. The common user doesn't know.

I made the filter string a regex, to give ourselves more flexibility for future revision. I was ordered to remove it: What if advanced users discovered that the filter string was a regex, without having the proper competence to edit it, but tried to, anyway? That could creates some very costly support cases...

So I was ordered to remove the four code line lines matching a file name to a regex with a couple functions interpreting multiple filter strings, each specifying a series of AND criteria, each filter adding to the result set, e.g. an OR. That way, it was claimed, no advanced user, but incompetent with respect to regex, would cause complex support cases ...

Obviously, this was BS argumentation, serving no other purpose than enforcing the position of the guru: He could turn down those of inferior rank or position.

This was my first attempt to embed regex into a commercial product. It will probably be my last as well. I am not really a fan of regex. I'd rather code in APL, if you get my drift...
GeneralA little self-promotion of my RegexTester Pin
PIEBALDconsult13-Jan-21 3:59
professionalPIEBALDconsult13-Jan-21 3:59 
GeneralRe: A little self-promotion of my RegexTester Pin
Peter ls-l14-Jan-21 4:56
MemberPeter ls-l14-Jan-21 4:56 
GeneralRe: A little self-promotion of my RegexTester Pin
Patrice T17-Jan-21 17:38
mvePatrice T17-Jan-21 17:38 
GeneralWhen appropriate... Pin
Mike Hankey12-Jan-21 7:20
professionalMike Hankey12-Jan-21 7:20 
GeneralHaven't gotten that far ... Pin
RedDk12-Jan-21 7:20
MemberRedDk12-Jan-21 7:20 
GeneralWhen appropriate Pin
Peter_in_278012-Jan-21 1:35
professionalPeter_in_278012-Jan-21 1:35 
GeneralRe: When appropriate Pin
BryanFazekas12-Jan-21 3:37
MemberBryanFazekas12-Jan-21 3:37 
GeneralRe: When appropriate Pin
Rusty Bullet12-Jan-21 4:25
MemberRusty Bullet12-Jan-21 4:25 
GeneralNot much Pin
Nelek11-Jan-21 22:50
protectorNelek11-Jan-21 22:50 
GeneralIf it's readable... Pin
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan11-Jan-21 1:15
mveAfzaal Ahmad Zeeshan11-Jan-21 1:15 
GeneralRe: If it's readable... Pin
trønderen12-Jan-21 16:18
Membertrønderen12-Jan-21 16:18 
GeneralNot so far Pin
den2k8811-Jan-21 0:01
professionalden2k8811-Jan-21 0:01 
GeneralRe: Not so far Pin
honey the codewitch12-Jan-21 23:23
mvahoney the codewitch12-Jan-21 23:23 
GeneralRe: Not so far Pin
den2k8813-Jan-21 4:43
professionalden2k8813-Jan-21 4:43 
GeneralRe: Not so far Pin
honey the codewitch13-Jan-21 4:48
mvahoney the codewitch13-Jan-21 4:48 
GeneralRe: Not so far Pin
Nelek13-Jan-21 8:44
protectorNelek13-Jan-21 8:44 
GeneralWhen appropriate PinPopular
OriginalGriff10-Jan-21 23:40
mveOriginalGriff10-Jan-21 23:40 
GeneralRe: When appropriate Pin
Erik Burd11-Jan-21 9:14
professionalErik Burd11-Jan-21 9:14 
GeneralRe: When appropriate Pin
Member 1330167911-Jan-21 21:18
MemberMember 1330167911-Jan-21 21:18 
GeneralRe: When appropriate Pin
OriginalGriff11-Jan-21 21:46
mveOriginalGriff11-Jan-21 21:46 
GeneralYes, when appropriate Pin
Slacker00710-Jan-21 22:38
professionalSlacker00710-Jan-21 22:38 

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