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Are we, as developers, getting better or worse at writing good code?

Survey period: 24 May 2021 to 31 May 2021

A very loaded question, sure, but try and think about when you first started writing code and the examples you read and the code you worked on, and compare it to what you see now.

In general I think we as a profession are definitely writing better code75839.42
I think developers these days are generally writing better code39120.33
I can't see much of a change from years past39520.54
I think the quality of code is going down1377.12
I think the quality of code is definitely getting worse824.26
Unanswerable: Code quality is in the eye of the beholder884.58
Wrong question: it's not about quality. it's about whether it does the job and how much it cost to write723.74

GeneralNaming things is hard and other nonsense Pin
Pete Lomax Member 1066450531-May-21 3:06
professionalPete Lomax Member 1066450531-May-21 3:06 
GeneralI think it depends on the type of person you ask Pin
honey the codewitch30-May-21 6:46
mvahoney the codewitch30-May-21 6:46 
Generala manichean pov ? Pin
BillWoodruff28-May-21 4:40
mveBillWoodruff28-May-21 4:40 
On the one hand there is the force of progress lifting the boat of programming practice thanks to modern computer languages, sophisticated IDE's and dev tools, formal methodologies for team development ...

On the other hand: the awkward elaborate dances to interface apps to the web, and browsers, and the thousand-and-one frameworks ... many aggregating other frameworks ... imho pull the boat back down.

The new "holy grail" of WORA (write once, run anywhere) multi-platform apps (same myth, new coat of shiny metaphors) remains as much a bloody graveyard of knights-errant slain by the dragons of pixels ... as ever.

Smile | :)
«One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.» Salvador Dali

GeneralImproved due to unit tests, tools (IDE, ReSharper) and books like Code Complete, Clean Code and Design Patterns Pin
Doug Domeny26-May-21 10:42
professionalDoug Domeny26-May-21 10:42 
GeneralNot only due to devs... there are a lot of factors Pin
Nelek26-May-21 3:52
protectorNelek26-May-21 3:52 
GeneralQuantity over quality Pin
Daniel Pfeffer25-May-21 11:58
professionalDaniel Pfeffer25-May-21 11:58 
GeneralDepends on the definition of better code Pin
SkysTheLimit25-May-21 7:14
MemberSkysTheLimit25-May-21 7:14 
GeneralRe: Depends on the definition of better code Pin
willichan25-May-21 9:09
professionalwillichan25-May-21 9:09 
GeneralRe: Depends on the definition of better code Pin
SkysTheLimit25-May-21 10:13
MemberSkysTheLimit25-May-21 10:13 
Generalmixed bag Pin
Matt McGuire25-May-21 5:35
professionalMatt McGuire25-May-21 5:35 
GeneralSo close... Pin
sam-silvercreek25-May-21 3:43
Membersam-silvercreek25-May-21 3:43 
GeneralFrom the user's standpoint Pin
Slow Eddie25-May-21 2:20
professionalSlow Eddie25-May-21 2:20 
GeneralConsider how many new devs every year Pin
maze325-May-21 0:12
professionalmaze325-May-21 0:12 
GeneralBoth, I guess? Pin
acomputerdog24-May-21 6:24
professionalacomputerdog24-May-21 6:24 
GeneralRe: Both, I guess? Pin
Mike Barthold24-May-21 19:03
professionalMike Barthold24-May-21 19:03 
GeneralBetter code, but not solving the problems Pin
Jalapeno Bob24-May-21 6:03
professionalJalapeno Bob24-May-21 6:03 
GeneralRe: Better code, but not solving the problems Pin
rjmoses25-May-21 6:25
professionalrjmoses25-May-21 6:25 
Generalwe get better over time Pin
MarcusCole683324-May-21 3:54
professionalMarcusCole683324-May-21 3:54 
GeneralThe Devil is running rampant... Pin
Marc Clifton24-May-21 2:18
mvaMarc Clifton24-May-21 2:18 
GeneralRe: The Devil is running rampant... Pin
Davide Zaccanti24-May-21 20:15
MemberDavide Zaccanti24-May-21 20:15 
GeneralRe: The Devil is running rampant... Pin
KateAshman25-May-21 4:55
MemberKateAshman25-May-21 4:55 
GeneralThings that are going awry Pin
W Balboos, GHB24-May-21 1:55
mveW Balboos, GHB24-May-21 1:55 
GeneralRe: Things that are going awry Pin
CyclingFoodmanPA24-May-21 2:23
MemberCyclingFoodmanPA24-May-21 2:23 
GeneralRe: Things that are going awry Pin
KateAshman25-May-21 5:08
MemberKateAshman25-May-21 5:08 
GeneralSome are playing Lego, some think they need to do nuclear physics... Pin
Mike Barthold24-May-21 1:03
professionalMike Barthold24-May-21 1:03 

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