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What's more satisfying:

Survey period: 2 Aug 2021 to 9 Aug 2021

It's impossible to list all the ways we get our dopamine hits as coders, so here's a shortlist. Add your own as well.

Wrote a bucket load of code, It compiles first time, no errors.274.97
Wrote a bucket load of code,, it runs correctly first time you get a clean compile6912.71
Your big refactor passes all unit tests first time244.42
You've spent a week on an insolvable problem. And you solved it.21138.86
You implemented a crazy complicated algorithm and it does exactly what it's meant to7513.81
You complete the project . Stick a fork in it, it's done.234.24
Your users run your code for the first time. They love it10920.07
Other (please comment)122.21

Generalother Pin
AnotherKen7-Aug-21 7:30
professionalAnotherKen7-Aug-21 7:30 
GeneralOther: Various Pin
K Personett7-Aug-21 5:01
MemberK Personett7-Aug-21 5:01 
Generalcompleting a project Pin
Matt McGuire5-Aug-21 7:20
professionalMatt McGuire5-Aug-21 7:20 
GeneralOther - I write an article... Pin
Marc Clifton5-Aug-21 3:32
mvaMarc Clifton5-Aug-21 3:32 
GeneralYou know you're getting old when ... Pin
CHill605-Aug-21 2:21
mveCHill605-Aug-21 2:21 
GeneralRe: You know you're getting old when ... Pin
den2k885-Aug-21 22:38
professionalden2k885-Aug-21 22:38 
GeneralAll of the above Pin
kmoorevs4-Aug-21 15:14
Memberkmoorevs4-Aug-21 15:14 
I never get tired of the feeling of triumph when something complicated works right the first time or a difficult task is accomplished. (smarter IDE's these days certainly help) Laugh | :laugh:

Other addicting feel-good moments:
0: User recognition - Yesterday on a remote/phone call, the end users invited me to lunch...they are only 90 minutes away and on the coast...I'll likely be taking them up on this offer very soon! Smile | :)
1: Reaping the benefits of longevity - This relates mainly to 22+ years with the same company. The flagship product (lob desktop app) first released 20 years ago is still generating revenue. I've been the only developer here for the last 15 years, so 99% of the code is mine. I understand the code, the business logic, and the database structure and how it all interacts. I also understand the ramifications of making changes and how best to respond to change requests or bug fixes. Tried and true objects/designs form the foundation for future products. I'm lazy, but hopefully clever, so one of the primary goals is always reuse. Saving time means more time doing more interesting things.
2: Using my own software - Password App, FTP Client, assorted database utilities (upsize, downsize, copy, backup, restore, migrate, scripting), custom modules deployment toolchain, color picker, etc...basically anything I have built to make my job easier. If I need to change it, I've got the source code. A good example would be generating a database script file for a customer that saves hours of setup time. Another would be identifying a bug on a remote with an end user and be able to find and fix a bug, (if it's simple) compile, sign, seal, deliver, download, and update an executable/library in less than 5 minutes, all while holding a conversation about their kids/grandkids/spouses. Cool | :cool: Good tools will make you look good.
2a: Actually using the software we sell (dogfooding) - I provide frontline training/support for everything I write, usually these days using remote desktop. Knowing that I will actually have to use a screen/feature means that I design everything with the user (and a reduction in keystrokes) in mind. It's a win/win and also means that support features are built in.
3: Appreciating the 'magic' of what we do...make something out of nothing and charge people to test it! Laugh | :laugh:

I still enjoy doing the end-to-end development and would probably work every weekend (more productive w/fewer distractions) and take fewer vacations if it weren't up to my wife! Indeed, there are many weekends, dripping sweat while doing yard chores, that I look forward to Monday! Smile | :) That said, the thing I like most about this job is that every day it seems to get easier as every day builds on all the days before. Maybe my problem solving skills have improved, or maybe the available resources and knowledge base has improved, probably both, but I'm not 'stuck' as much as I used to be and I tend to get things right the first time more often than not.
"Go forth into the source" - Neal Morse
"Hope is contagious"

GeneralRemembering something I learnt yesterday Pin
Member 153130874-Aug-21 7:09
MemberMember 153130874-Aug-21 7:09 
GeneralUse of my code! Pin
Carlos Perez Chavez4-Aug-21 5:56
MemberCarlos Perez Chavez4-Aug-21 5:56 
GeneralAlmost never experience any of these things Pin
John Stewien4-Aug-21 5:02
MemberJohn Stewien4-Aug-21 5:02 
GeneralAutocomplete was not INSANE, and actually helpful for the last 5 minutes!!! Pin
Kirk 103898214-Aug-21 4:47
MemberKirk 103898214-Aug-21 4:47 
Generalother Pin
theoldfool4-Aug-21 4:35
professionaltheoldfool4-Aug-21 4:35 
GeneralWrote a bucket load of code, It compiles first time, no errors. Pin
MarcusCole68333-Aug-21 6:17
professionalMarcusCole68333-Aug-21 6:17 
GeneralI must be burned out Pin
Slacker0073-Aug-21 3:23
professionalSlacker0073-Aug-21 3:23 
GeneralRe: I must be burned out Pin
Slow Eddie4-Aug-21 2:57
professionalSlow Eddie4-Aug-21 2:57 
GeneralRe: I must be burned out Pin
agolddog4-Aug-21 4:42
Memberagolddog4-Aug-21 4:42 
GeneralSolving a problem after a week of trying. Pin
Ron Anders3-Aug-21 3:11
MemberRon Anders3-Aug-21 3:11 
GeneralRe: Solving a problem after a week of trying. Pin
Slow Eddie4-Aug-21 2:58
professionalSlow Eddie4-Aug-21 2:58 
GeneralHate to admit it... Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic3-Aug-21 2:46
MemberNemanja Trifunovic3-Aug-21 2:46 
GeneralOld code that STILL feels up-to-date Pin
Mike (Prof. Chuck)3-Aug-21 2:25
professionalMike (Prof. Chuck)3-Aug-21 2:25 
GeneralCan't vote for more than one? Pin
Greg Utas3-Aug-21 2:04
mveGreg Utas3-Aug-21 2:04 
GeneralRe: Can't vote for more than one? Pin
Nelek3-Aug-21 12:00
protectorNelek3-Aug-21 12:00 
GeneralOther ... Pin
Amarnath S3-Aug-21 0:06
professionalAmarnath S3-Aug-21 0:06 

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